Beauty Box 5: My First Mystery Box!

About Beauty Box 5: Beauty Box 5 is a fun subscription box that sends you 5 deluxe samples and full size products every month in a cute teal box for $12.00 per month, or as low as $8.25 with a longer subscription term.

The boxes are curated, with a little variation to colors or flavors you receive such as with nail polish or lip balm. They do not currently tailor to your beauty profile, but are setting up to do so in the future, and their Instagram gives out great previews of what you can see in your box before it ships out by the 9th of the month. Their typical box is full of pretty, practical, and highly usable beauty products that add some extra fun to your beauty routine. Grab the box here!

(Use HALFOFF code for $6.00 off – 1/2 first box price – w/quarterly for $8.00/box.)

When you place your order, you have the option if you’re super impatient (like me) to purchase an additional box: “The Mystery Box” for $10.00.

New Subscriber Impressions: Awesome. There’s a cool variety of products that seem relatively universal, and a good mix between drug store and high end products. I love that all but one item in my box was full size and I’m already excited for my next boxes from them. I’ll be looking forward to this every month.

I didn’t actually receive tracking information for this box when it was shipped, so I contacted their customer service and they were quick to respond and very helpful, sending me tracking information that showed it was out for delivery that day.

Onto the box!

$10 Mystery Box

bellapierre cheek & lip stain swatch

bellapierre cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain in Pink
I’ve been wanting a blush in one of my boxes, since I have no recollection of ever owning one. If I did? It’s lost in my memory forever. This one’s pretty nice, it’s a bright peachy pink (looks more blueish pink in the tin) that applies well with a fingertip and blends into the cheekbone to give it a pretty sheen, a nice break from my ghost white complexion and shock of freckles. I’m not as much of a fan of it as a lip stain, but it’s not bad there either. Seems quite expensive for a little tub, and I was very shocked to learn the value of this product is $20! But I’m guessing it would last just about forever, so maybe that’s why.
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $20.00
My Value: $7.00
Would I buy it? I don’t know that I’ll ever need to after receiving this in full size.
Beauty Box 5 Price: $20.00

Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Creme
SAMPLE = 0.5 oz tube
Creamy, moisturizing, non-greasy, accurate to scent, just not a scent I’d choose. I’ve been using it as a hand cream only due to the lotions I’ve amassed already in this short time subscribing to boxes and my little Bath & Body Works haul over the holidays (as well as a little gift set of more Bath & Body Works given for Christmas, yay!)
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $1.18
My Value: $1.00
Would I buy it? I’m a little too picky about my lotions to love this.
Beauty Box 5 Price: $19.00


Nanacoco Lip Gloss in First Kiss
Gorgeous pigmented pink color, applies evenly, smells great, and who can argue with a full size lipgloss as a sample, BUT, it feels a little sticky on my lips and like I’d be eating my hair if it wasn’t in a ponytail. Good over a lipstick, the gloss wears off as you’d expect a lip gloss to, so the lipstick leave color beneath for you to reapply the gloss. Not bad, not impressive.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $3.99
My Value: $3.00
Would I buy it? Too many options to settle on this one, but I’m glad I received it, and will use it from time to time.
Beauty Box 5 Price: $3.99

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Velvet Rope
It’s a red nail polish, there’s not much more to say than that. Two coats will take away any streaks and give an even color. It seems relatively chip proof for a few days without a top coat and then it flakes off pretty easy once you abuse it. It’s a good go to red polish for bolder days and will probably frequently show up on me during February and December.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $3.99
My Value: $2.50
Would I buy it? Neutral. It’s an OK drugstore brand.
Beauty Box 5 Price: $3.99

Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool
ITTY BITTY SPATULA. It’s so cute though. But I keep thinking of tiny jousters using this to pop their opponent off of an itty bitty horse. Maybe I have an overactive imagination. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, since I tossed out all my old makeup, but this will be very nice for me when I slice open tubes to get out the last of a mask or other cream, or lipsticks, foundation bottles, concealer sticks and other things that are just SO damn awkward to use up.
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $5.49
My Value: $2.50 (If I went through more makeup, I’d validate this at the $5.49 retail price)
Would I buy it? If I need another one, possibly.
Beauty Box 5 Price: $5.49

Box Summary

Total Sample Value: $34.65
Total Personal Value: $16.00
= Box Value: $16.00
Opinion: Really fun box. I love the cheek & lip tint (I just can’t imagine paying $20.00 for a single product), and I’m very happy with the variety I got in the box, plus that shade of teal is probably one of my favorite colors so it’s going to be exciting every time I get it in the mail. Excited that this was an option for not waiting for my real January box, and that one has already shipped!

Sign-up for Beauty Box 5, or check out the other Beauty Box 5 boxes I’ve received.

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12 thoughts on “Beauty Box 5: My First Mystery Box!

  1. You can find Velvet Rope at Big Lots for 1.50( I just bought it). I have a double set of those makeup scoops. Mine are called spatty daddy and I got them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I use them all the time, I use them for hand cream, facials creams, serums, etc. I recently used it to clean out a twist up tube sample for concealer( Benefit). They work great

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