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Julep Maven {January 2016} + Tote Deal!

About Julep: Julep is a $24.99 subscription box ($19.99/month if you purchase 3 months at a time). It (typically) comes with two full size nail polishes in some very beautiful and unique colors and textures, and one full size product. Each month they will suggest a ‘curated’ box for your style type, and you will have the option to edit, or entirely swap out your box. This means you can customize the product you would like, and potentially get 3 full sized products, or 3 nail polishes (they did seem to limit my options when I tested swapping out one of the nail polishes with a product). This box is rather unique in that you can also choose to ‘skip a month’ if you log into your account between the 20th and 24th of the month and do not like your choices. Or you can send the box to a friend.

New Subscriber Impressions: I was very skeptical about this box, I’m not super big on nail polishes, but I decided since Julep is positioned as a more prestige and high quality brand, that it was worth trying it for the $3.00 shipping fee on a free first box.

They did include a little treat, which was nice.

Currently Available

Currently they have 3 “Tote-ally” awesome mystery boxes available at $24.99 each, containing over $120.00 in value in one box.

Bombshell (Adapted) Box:

This is what one coat of color will give you.

Nail Polish in Shay
This is a really pretty shimmery teal/blue. One layer goes on smoothly and without streaks, and leaves just a little sheerness to see the nail below. Two layers covers the nail completely, and (without a top coat) it has about the same chipping resistance as the average nail polish I’ve tried. Pretty color, happy they picked it out for me by default. Very good match.
Rating: 4.5
Product Value: $14.00
My Value: $3.00
Would I buy it? I’m happy with this color.


This is what one coat of coverage will give you.

Nail Polish in Joss
This is kind of a shimmery purple with metallic grey tones in the bottle, and then you put it on, and it reverses, it comes  out much more of a metallic grey with sun-highlights of purple. It was also the default nail polish in my box this month, and had it been accurate to the color in the bottle and in their drip preview, I’d be wonderfully happy. It’s still a pretty color, but it’s not the purple tone that I was looking forward to. It’s far more muted. It goes on without streaks, 1-2 coats (2 to be safe because I couldn’t tell). It did chip very easily for me, or maybe I just use those fingers more often and I’m super hard on nail polish? Unlike Shay, this did Not have an ‘on the nail’ photo for the product, maybe that’s where I went wrong. If you’re looking for a metallic purple I’d recommend this instead, as it’s what I wish I switched it out for.
Rating: 3.5
Product Value: $14.00
My Value: $2.00
Would I buy it? No. It’s not accurate to the bottle color. There’s another similar one that swatches do show come out purple.

Light on Your Lips in Soiree
This is the product I swapped out, because I desperately wanted a dark lipstick. It’s described as an ox-blood color and it does show photos on the lips on different skin tones. However I’m not sure how many layers of the lipstick they put on those models, because it feels very VERY sheer to me. It is layerable, you can get a pretty maroon with purple undertones. It would maybe apply better with a lip brush, I didn’t use one. It did not crease or smear on my lips, but also did not last through eating.
Rating: 3
Product Value: $22.00
My Value: $4.00
Would I buy it? There’s a lot of lipsticks out there. I’m not in love with it enough to spend $22.00 on it.

Added Value

If you are a “Maven” (aka: Julep Maven Box subscriber), you get a discount in their store, and you can also choose ‘add-ons’ with your box each month for an additional (but mostly discounted) price.

You can also earn ‘Jules’ both for friend referrals (privately sent only, or you can be removed from the program) and for receiving your boxes.

I also received a $10.00 off general code for my next purchase of $20.00 or more, but only in the Secret Store, which is available for current subscribers only, and only for limited days each month.

Julep January Bombshell Box Evaluation

Total Box Value: $50.00
Total Personal Value: $9.00
+ Juleps Earned: 100 (2000 points = 1 box = $1.25)
+ $10 off $20 secret store purchase: won’t use
= Box Value: $20.25 for a continued subscriber, $9.00 box.
Opinion: For getting this box discounted, I’m very happy with it. I do wish I’d switched out Joss for another metallic purple or other shade that I would have been more satisfied by. I’d recommend this box for anyone that is a NOTD type of person, or is a little more indulgent in their nail polish purchases looking for unique colors that in my experience are harder to find in stores.

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