Beauty Box 5 Unboxing {April 2016}

So you know what happened? I got to the end of the month, started doing my battle of the boxes, and oh, wait, BB5 won’t link. Why? Because I didn’t review it yet. *sigh* So here we go!

About Beauty Box 5: Beauty Box 5 is a fun subscription box that sends you 5 deluxe samples and full size products every month in a cute teal box for $12.00 per month, or as low as $8.25 with a longer subscription term.

The boxes are curated, with a little variation to colors or flavors you receive such as with nail polish or lip balm. They do not currently tailor to your beauty profile, but are setting up to do so in the future, and their Instagram gives out great previews of what you can see in your box before it ships out by the 9th of the month. Their typical box is full of pretty, practical, and highly usable beauty products that add some extra fun to your beauty routine. Grab the box here!

(Use HALFOFF code for $6.00 off – 1/2 first box price – w/quarterly for $8.00/box.)

When you place your order, you have the option if you’re super impatient (like me) to purchase an additional box: “The Mystery Box” for $10.00.

The theme of this month’s box is Hydration Vacation.

What’s In The Box?

Beauty Box 5 April 2016

Soapbox Sea Minerals Body Wash
SAMPLE = 2 oz
I haven’t tried this yet, even having it for weeks. I’m trying to work my way through several other body wash samples so this might be passed on into the downstairs bathroom so that I can try it but I’m not committed to ANOTHER open sample.
Rating: TBD
Sample Value: $0.59
My Value: $1.00
Will I buy it? I have no idea.
Full Size Price: $5.99 for 20 oz

Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigment in CakePop
I’ve been excited to try something from Jelly Pong Pong for a while… but I was more hoping for a mascara. I’m so beyond tired of lip+cheek products. I have enough blushes in colors I like so as excited as I am to try something from Jelly Pong Pong… this is still sealed. I’d rather pass it to someone that will enjoy it.
Rating: N/A
Sample Value: $19.95
My Value: $5.99
Will I buy it? No. But more from the brand please!
Full Size Price: $19.95

MaskerAide All Eyes On Me Hydrating Eye Gels
SAMPLE = 1 ct duo
I’m saving this right now and haven’t used it, so I can’t really review it other than to say it’s there, and the packaging is cute. It sells in CAD so my values are based on the current USD conversion rate. I haven’t had  much luck in eye gels, so I think I’ll be passing this on.
Rating: N/A
Sample Value: $4.87
My Value: $1.75
Will I buy it? No.
Full Size Price: $19.48 for 4 ct of duos.

Chella Moisturizing Lip Pencil in Passionate Pink
I’ve received this from Ipsy in the exact same color so honestly I’m not even opening this. It’s a very smooth lip crayon type pencil, and if you don’t mind reapplying and consider it part of your routine, this is perfect. I have a few things in this color that last a little longer so I won’t be keeping this.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $18.00
My Value: $3.29
Will I buy it? No, but I think Chella is a good brand.
Full Size Price: $18.00

Global Beauty Care Green Tea Makeup Remover Wipes
These are pretty nice. Probably the highlight of the box even though I now have I think 8 packs of makeup remover wipes? They are very gentle and very effective and if you press them over even waterproof mascara for around 30-90 seconds, they’ll remove it without harsh scrubbing.
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $3.32
My Value: $4.25
Will I buy it? They’re an option.
Full Size Price: $7.99

Box Summary

Box Cost: $12.00 (I paid $10.00/box w/quarterly billing)
Box Rating: 2.5
Full Size Products: 2   Deluxe Samples: 2   Foils: 1
Total Sample Value: $46.73
Total Personal Value: $16.28
+ Added Value: $0.00
= Total Box Value = $16.28
Opinion: Honestly? I’m disappointed in Beauty Box 5 lately. There was a month where they were my FAVORITE box. I loved EVERYTHING. I still love all of those products and reach for them often. These past 3 months now? If these were my only boxes I wouldn’t be continuing my subscription. The spoiler for May is a full sized bright coral lipstick, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about them talking about layering it if its too bright, kinda feels like an ‘oh well, make do!’, but I suppose since this feels aimed more at beauty newbies and casual makeup lovers that they might not know you can layer lipsticks.

Right now I’d recommend this if you are in a mood for springtime colors, bright lippies, and some basic restocking items for your toolkit from brands you might not have tried. It’s a good box if you are growing your collection or are very eclectic in your tastes. If you are refined in what you like or suffering from overkill, unless this is your only box or 1 of 2 you subscribe to, I’d think about it longer.

NOTE: Boxes ship around the 9th, and you can get that months box up to the 21st of the month, if you watch Instagram and blogs (usually including mine, when I’m not late, sorry!) You can wait for a month where you know you’ll love the contents.

Sign-up for Beauty Box 5, or check out the other Beauty Box 5 boxes I’ve received.

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