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Treating Your Skin Like Its Your BFF

Valentia Fresh Mist Calming Toner

Have you ever thought about what you put your skin through in a day? I mean like really, really thought about it.

Before you even wake up, your skin is put through absolute hell.

Your face grinds into a pillow full of oils from your skin and hair, as well as any remains of makeup, sweat, dandruff, skin cells, and every other gross bit. You get up and likely use a harsh cleanser, or at least one probably filled with exfoliants and chemicals, then a heavy moisturizer (if you even remember to use a moisturizer) before piling on the makeup which gets ground into your skin with every bit of sweat, dirt, and pollution throughout the day as you head out into the sun, wind, rain, and chafing cold or scalding heat, humidity or horridly dry air… you get the drift, right?

By the end of the day when you take your makeup off with another harsh removal product and leave your skin potentially red, irritated, and vulnerable to hit the pillow again.

If you treated your best friend this badly… you wouldn’t have one anymore. Your skin is just stuck with you. But as we lead into fall and winter in the US, it’s time to take care of your skin like you actually do Care about it, and you can do that with toners.

The same type of product you might have been using that can make your skin red and more irritated if you use the wrong one, can be the most soothing element in your routine.

Introducing: Valentia’s Fresh Mist Calming Toner.

Valentia sent me this toner to review, and if you’ve been around the blog a while you already know that they’re responsible for my holy grail acne-free serum, and one of my favorite mud masks, so I’m always excited when they’ve got something new for me to try and share with you guys.

It’s for all skin types, and like all of Valentia’s products, it’s designed with the best key-ingredients in the industry combined into one highly effective, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, acne-fighting, anti-aging, pH balancing toner. Sound too good to be true? But it’s not.

Look into any of Valentia’s product line and you’ll be met with a typically 98% natural, significantly organic, and cruelty-free line of products all utilizing a combination of the best effective ingredients to provide you with amazing skincare without sacrificing your morals or the quality of products you introduce your pores to.

The Fresh Mist Calming Toner from Valentia combines Witch Hazel as an astringent and moisture sealant, Vitamin C for antioxidants and anti-aging, ALA + AHA for the anti-inflammatory and calming properties, Tea Tree Oil for treating and preventing blemishes, and something I’d never heard of personally: Nano Structured Water, which is enriched with magnesium to balance your pH and clean out your pores.

If you take another look at the ingredients, you’ll also see a bunch of essential oils, aloe vera, and even carrot oil! Who even knew carrot oil existed?

I didn’t notice a major difference in my breakouts when using this as the only acne treatment, but when I added it to my routine after my acne-fighting cleanser and before a moisturizing night cream, as well as before moisturizer and primer in the morning, I saw significant reduction in redness of breakouts, and my skin is definitely clearing up faster than when using the same routine without the toner added.

The 4 oz size means this spray bottle will last you MONTHS of daily use, so the fact that you can snag it for just $20 right now is pretty badass.

If you’re looking for a gentle pH balancing toner good for all skin types, you can check out the Valentia Fresh Mist Calming Toner on Valentia.com or Amazon Prime.

2 thoughts on “Treating Your Skin Like Its Your BFF

  1. Lovely post!! I’m going to definitely check out the product. You really make it sound like Heaven! And honestly, I had no idea Carrot oil existed!


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