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The New Vegan Serum for Beautiful Skin

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You might have seen this around a little bit lately. Valentia is becoming quite the trend among beauty bloggers, as they’re launching new products and were nice enough to send me their new Royal Rose Hydrating Serum, launched just this year, to test and share my thoughts with you girls. And the concept behind this serum is pretty amazing.

Valentia took active natural ingredients in skincare and combined them to make a 98% natural, toxin-free, paraben-free serum with an organic base. And it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews that tell you what it says it’s going to do. But does it REALLY do them? I’ve now had time to see what it did for me personally.

I’m going to preface this with a random weird fact about me: I HATE the smell of roses. Like… my guy knows I’d rather have almost any other flower than roses. It’s that big of an aversion for me. So I was worried whether I’d like this initially. But the scent is actually so light and gentle that its really pretty great and doesn’t have that overly heady scent at all.

The other relevant facts about my experience with this:
I have sensitive, freckled, oily AND winter-dry, acne-prone skin.

Now that we’ve gotten to that part, I’m going to add in my personal notes throughout this testing period, along with pictures on Day 1 and Day 10 of my skin.

Day 1 – Initial Reactions: This serum goes on light and smoothly. There’s no glossy or sticky effect and it absorbs so well into your skin in just moments. The box has a clean design with a touch of elegance with the gold trim and it works well for the luxury branding. The bottle itself is a dark amber glass that’s quite drop proof (yep… didn’t even take an hour for me to drop it from about 4 ft), with a pump that always makes me feel better about a product over a jar since there’s little to no chance of contamination inside.

Before/Day 1 Photo:


^^ cue terribly unflattering before picture of my problem area(s)
That’s how serious I am about making sure if I see results, you guys can tell.

Day 3 – First Signs of Progress: Instructions say to use 1-2 pumps, and I’ve been using around 2-3 to leave a little extra on problem areas like dryness or breakouts. I love how soft my skin is feeling. My makeup is applying smoother. I haven’t been using any skincare products outside of this, cleansing wipes, and a hydrating toner, so that I can see how this does on my acne. I had one new breakout that I’d seen coming, but the redness on my preexisting breakouts is down, along with the redness around my nose. I’m excited to see what this is going to do for me!

Day 5 – Noticeable Progress: No more new breakouts, and every blemish I’ve got has started to dry out and some are healing over with refreshed skin. It’s a lot easier to cover the remaining blemishes since the redness is down and they’ve flattened out a good bit. There’s a small amount of peeling on the blemish only, even the areas immediately around it are completely hydrated.

Day 7 – Evening Out: Everything still seems to be clearing up. Between this and the hydrating toner I’ve been using, my skin-tone has evened out and the redness on my chest, chin, and around my nose is significantly reduced. I had one new blemish above my lip last night, but there’s no redness and it already seems to be shrinking. I love treating my acne without that wince before the sting, and it’s nice to know that what I’m putting on my skin is good for it, ingredients AND purpose.

Day 9 – Sensitivity Test: Today is the first day I added back in some other masks and other items to my routine, and it seems to work well with them! This is definitely fine on my sensitive skin and felt great and soothing even after I tried two new masks tonight.

Day 10 – Final Results: OH my gosh! I just looked back at my before picture!!! I’ll definitely be continuing to use this product in my routine and I love it as a night time moisturizer and while it’s not advertised as an acne lotion, it’s definitely a benefit of it that I’m going to exploit and that my skin is benefiting from!

NOTE: I actually received an email from Valentia yesterday sent out to purchasers: The Vitamin C can have the result of purging your pores and causing a temporary increase in breakouts as toxins are released. If you see this, they recommend decreasing usage until your skin has time to adjust to the new level of nutrients provided, and remind you to use a quality cleanser before bed and in the morning to clean your pores and help the serum absorb.
– I think this email is an excellent example of their devoted care for their customers.

Day 10 Photo:


Just looking at this I can see significant reduction in redness, texture, acne spots,
and general complexion. I expected Some improvement, not this much.

So we’ve had 10 days with this serum, let’s look at the ingredients and benefits of Valentia:

Ingredients & Their Benefits:

– Rose Damascena: Nourishing, balancing, moisturizing, and adds vitamins and minerals to skin.

– Niacinamide (Vitamin B): Clinically proven to fade sun spots and acne.

– Rosehip Seed Oil: Natural fatty acids lock in skin’s moisture.

– Evening Primrose Oil: Light, non oily moisture.

– Bearberry: Reduces melanin production – lightening & brightening skin.

– Lavender: Heals the skin, treating pimples, wounds, and sores.

It’s also Vegan Friendly, 98% Natural Ingredients, and Cruelty-Free.

Analysis of Product Benefits:

Moisturizing – 5/5 – Without a doubt this is a good moisturizer for me. It’s light, it’s soft, it absorbs in quickly, even the scent isn’t bad!

Brightening – 4.5/5 – My skin feels brighter and more consistent in skin tone and even texture. Instead of having oily spots and dry spots I feel like I have ‘normal’ skin. It also reduced redness.

Fading Sun Spots – 3/5 – I did notice slight (VERY slight) lightening of a few newer freckles. I would not say that this is meant as a skin lightener but I do think it helps heal their damage.

Reducing Acne – 4/5 – Because of how gentle this is, it doesn’t ‘zap’ acne, but I definitely saw improvement in my current breakouts and a reduction of new ones.

Final Thoughts:

Before & After: 


a side by side comparison
note: yellow color cast in first photo is lighting, not change in skintone

I’m really impressed by this product. I don’t consider myself a luxury beauty brand kinda girl, but this lives up to the hype. I think if you have similar issues to what I struggle with in my skin, that this might be worth trying for you. And the gentle, natural ingredients make it feel safe to put on your skin. This is purchasable in a 1.18 oz bottle (potentially 2-3 months worth of serum for me, based on what I’ve used in my first 10 days) from Valentia, or Amazon.com.

You can try ANY of Valentia’s luxury beauty products at a 20% discount until April 10th if you use the code: GEEKGF20

*I received this product to test from Valentia. This review and my experiences outlined within it are entirely my own. I do not receive any benefit from you using my discount code except hoping that your experiences are as fabulous as mine.*

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