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Futuristic Planning | Charting Out 2017 in Blog & Life

It’s not quite a Thursday… but then again my schedule has been off a bit anyway for the last couple months.

But it IS BeautiesOnFire day again for me, finally, because Futuristic called out to me and I’m FINALLY feeling like myself again. I originally intended to just do a makeup look for Instagram this week and that was it, but it’s futuristic… my mind has been on my 2017 plans for about a month already now and I can totally rock this theme.

Because it’s time. It’s time to plan, and it’s time to set actions.

Before the end of the year, I’m doing a full elimination round and culling of my lip products, (culling = killing, btw, but in this context we just mean getting them out of my collection). I’m doing it through a pseudo 30 day lip challenge in November on Instagram.


(this is AFTER getting rid of a bunch that I had near duplicates of, by the way)

Next month (my 1 year blogiversary), I’ll be doing a year to date stats for the blog, with full accomplishments and goals for the next year of blogging, but I know the one big goal I have for this blog:

Whatever stats I have on January 1st, I’m going to double in 2017.

How? Why? Because I know I can.

Quite honestly… what I’ve done on this blog, averaged out, is only around 30% of what I’m capable of. I can make a lot of excuses – personal issues, stress, anxiety, health issues, frustration, burnout, broken computers… but it comes down to as much as ya’ll compliment me for my organization – I wasn’t prepared to counter all of the everyday human emotions and exhaustions that can interrupt blogging.

Even with getting a “9-5” again soon, I can do way more than I did this year. I can put out my top content with less effort, as well as emotional and mental wear, by balancing my schedule and getting things done in advance which is a goal in 2016 I never quite met.

I’m also going to lose 40 lbs in 2017. Everyone has a weight goal, pretty much, or you’ve had one in the past. Mine’s been around since I was about 14 years old and about 80 lbs lighter than I am now (yep I cringed writing that), and I’m in a place mentally and physically where I can conquer a good chunk of my weight issues and improve my general health too, again, especially when I get that 9-5 and I can control the food around me a little more once I’ve got regular income coming in.

I’m going to finish learning app development in 2017. I know a good chunk of the UIE / UI / UE (User Interface / User Experience also known as front-end) information about creating apps and programs, but I didn’t get a chance to go in depth about coding the back end, and that’s something I really want to learn partially because it will be an amazing resume piece, partially because I think I have an actual addiction to learning, and partially because there is an app that I have been so desperately needing for all aspects of my life that NOBODY has put out.

I’ve checked, I’ve dug around, and quite frankly I think once I learn how to create the app I’m thinking of and I launch it here and in the Google Play Store – ya’ll will LOVE me for thinking of it. I don’t know that the app will or won’t be done in 2017, but I’m going to learn it, fully, by the end of next year.

The other blog goal that I do know about is…

I’m going to launch an email newsletter in 2017. I’m not saying it will be right away, it’s another thing that while I’ve had basic training in it, there’s a lot more I want to know about doing it both in legalities as well as statistical tracking and cohesive useful branding and timeliness before I launch it.

Because of the learning curve I’m placing on it, there’s a 99% chance I’ll be doing a guide to launching your first email newsletter as well as directing to the metric ton of resources I’ve had in my pocket for a while as we move into the launch together. I’m projecting this to be around July, but don’t quote me on that. I’d rather wait longer and produce better content than rush it out for “instant growth!” and not be proud of what I’m producing.

Those are my big goals, and then I’ve got a few projects planned.

I’ve been doing a 365 Project (the normal photo-a-day version, not the selfie version) for the past 2 years now. For year three, I’m going to use “my boys” for every photo. I’ll probably share some of the highlights here and on @thatgeekygf, but for the most part it will be on my personal Instagram and sent back and forth between myself and the bf.

I’m doing the #100DaysOfMakeup challenge in 2017. I’ve tried it a few times and gotten very sick and  had my skin act out and felt like it was better to take a break, but I’m doing it. By the end of the year I’m doing all #100DaysOfMakeup, even if that’s only 4-5 days a week. This will also be on Instagram.

I’m also starting a project on January 1st that I’ve really yet to name. You may already know I’m in a long distance long-term relationship (for the past 3 1/2 years), so obviously a large part of my connection to him is texting, but this would work for someone face-to-face too:

I want to save one special thing he says, or shows, every day for a year. Kind of a Love Log or Romance Journal, like many people do a gratitude journal. I’m such a fan of screenshotting things that make my heart skip a beat that I really want to see what happens in a year and be able to look back through everything I took a deliberate moment to write down.

Now let’s get into the more detailed planning.

My final future planning stage is highlighting the key topics I want to address in 2017. Some of these are continued from or will start in 2016, others will be a few months into the year, but you can be looking for all of them as the geekery grows.

My background is photo editing, advertising, editorial photography, model photography, social media marketing, brand launches, and web design – and I want to use that background more this year to give you guys some info you may not have thought to look for.

Photos & Photo Editing:

  • What not to do when editing a photo.
  • Retouching your photos to make them look untouched.
  • 1 and 5 minute photo edits.
  • Phone apps vs desktop programs for photo editing.
  • Ethics of editing and digital manipulation – where to draw the line & when to disclaim.
  • How to spot editing in advertising.
  • Q&A from a professional photo-retoucher.
  • Walk-through edits on your images. (I’ll be asking for submissions a few weeks early)
  • Tips & Tricks for phonography – Getting the best shot with your smartphone camera.
  • Propping – Free, Cheap & DIY elements to enhance your next photos.
  • Improving your blog photography in one day, with zero investment.
  • If you’re gonna spend, spend it on this: photography tools & accessories.
  • Before it goes public: Photography checklist.


  • More resources on where to link up with companies for items to review.
  • How to make yourself a good candidate for companies to approach & approve.
  • Ethics in reviewing.
  • Legal disclaimers (US law based).
  • How to make your review a long term resource.
  • Determining who you’re writing for.
  • How to remain credible with sponsored reviews.
  • Eliminating the advertising in a sponsored post.

Personal Promotion & Blogging:

  • Optimizing for google search.
  • Identifying and locating your target audience.
  • Utilizing each of the main social media platforms correctly.
  • How to come across as a valued resource.
  • Staying ahead of the trends.
  • How to “BE” creative.
  • Creating effective header images.
  • The science of post structure.
  • The formula for adding value.
  • When to collaborate.
  • Groups & resources for beauty bloggers.
  • How to advertise without advertising.
  • What you didn’t know you can’t do on WordPress.
  • Do you need a disclaimer page?
  • What “PR friendly” really means.
  • The secret method to promote your blog in half the time (or less!).
  • “You can’t use that!” – Copy-written images & why it’s never too small an audience.
  • Routines & rituals to enhance your writing in 15 minutes a day.

I literally have a list of over 1000 topics, but these are ones I majorly want to address, besides the obvious stuff that you’ve already come to see from me. I’ve definitely got some ideas I want to flesh out more including a few things I’m mulling around to promote some of my favorite bloggers, boxes, and products, but these are ones I KNOW I’m tackling in 2017.

No I didn’t count how many there are here. Yes some of these will be broken into multiple parts per sub-topic. And yes… I wrote this post in 13 minutes and 28 seconds.


So that’s my Futuristic outlook on planning, and this, is my “futuristic” look!
(ft. NYX silver eyeliner on lips & eyebrows + on eyes around my typical black liner)


Time to go blog-stalk my favorite girls!
Click the logo above to help me show them some love!

Are you thinking about any projects, challenges, or focuses for 2017?
I’d love to hear about them!

As always if you have any questions or would like any info in advance on a particular topic, especially blog/photography help, you can always ask me here in the comments or email me @

7 thoughts on “Futuristic Planning | Charting Out 2017 in Blog & Life

    1. I was into the themes from the beginning, but my brain melted for a few months. I saw the theme when I was still needing to do my makeup for the day yesterday and committed to just Instagram, it was a nice way to ease back, and then I got inspired :).

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  1. I like the make up look… and your planning skills are amazing… I had planned out a month worth of daily blog posts, lost it and through out October, my blog had been a mess… lol I ended up giving up on that… but I am looing forward to all of the planned posts you have for next year, they sound amazing… also I am intrigued by the 100 days of makeup can’t wait to see that. 🙂

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