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All About LootHoot | Free To Review

Welcome to Week 6 in our all about blogger resources series! A series all about sites and tools that open doors for you as a blogger and reviewer.

Last time we talked about why you need an Amazon review profile. Theoretically you read this and you’re already set up, optimized, and have a few reviews under your belt. That’s great, because you’ll need your profile for this week’s resource:

Week #6: LootHoot


100% free to sign up.

LootHoot is available in most if not all countries that have an Amazon site, deals will vary depending on country and “loot” availability.

Sign up for LootHoot here to follow along!

What You Need:

  • An email address.
  • An Amazon profile. (Prime is HIGHLY recommended, but there are non-prime deals too)

What It Offers:

  • Free products to review.
  • Discounts on products sold on Amazon offered by sellers in exchange for a review.
  • Virtual drawings to win $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards.

So what is LootHoot?

LootHoot is one of the first sites that I came across when looking to get into PR samples, and I almost always have a product out from them. Let’s face it, most bloggers, beauty or otherwise, can’t afford to constantly be buying new things to review, so this is an amazing resource if you’re looking for things to test on the blog and for new content, especially if you’re trying to show companies that you’re good at reviewing products.

But this is also amazing for non bloggers, because you can get deals and the only place you’re required to review it (in MOST circumstances) is Amazon.

What kind of freebies?

LootHoot and the products you can get free or cheap to review

That depends on what brands are currently using them. These are primarily “smaller” brands (aka, you won’t be likely to find Smashbox, but you might discover some amazing cleansers or some super cheap headphones)

This is NOT entirely freebies. There are a lot of deals that are simply highly discounted whether it’s scales. I believe the general “rule” is it’s 40% off or more, and you can sort by discount if you’re looking for just cheaper things.

How many deals can I get at once?

LootHoot - How to get free products to review on your blog and Amazon

You start out with ONE deal at a time. And you need to finish that deal (that means order, wait, review, complete the process, and wait for it to be approved) before you can grab another one. You can get more deals by reviewing items and “points” can be “awarded” somewhat randomly or when you show as a strong member of the community… that’s yet to happen to me but this is a site I haven’t used as often as I’d like.

How often can I get a deal?

Because you can grab one at a time, and you have to order, wait for (typically prime) shipping, give it at least a couple days of testing, etc, etc… That means you can get up to around 4 products a month free at first, depending on if it’s something that takes longer than a few days to test out. My average has been 2-3 products per month for what I COULD claim.

How to grab a deal on LootHoot

You can browse deals easily from the Loot tab, filtering by type/category, sorting by price or even deadline

All About LootHoot - how to claim cheap & free products to review on your blog and Amazon

This is a deal page on LootHoot. This particular one isn’t available at the moment as it reached the maximum amount of “daily claims” (this seems to fluctuate and be set by the buyer, but don’t quote me on that, some never seem to run out).

If this deal was available, all you’d need to do after confirming the price after discount, and whether there’s a shipping charge… is click Grab Promo Code.

Once you’ve grabbed the code, it is available in a slightly strange place to do your updates. You’ll click on your profile photo up in the top bar, then your name from the drop down, and then scroll down your profile page until you hit the section that shows Your Deals.

LootHoot - The free products I've scored lately and how you can get free products to review too

Then you click on the deal, and can finally access the page to start working on it.

LootHoot - Get free beauty product to review

You can copy your code on this page (ctrl+c), and click on Purchase on Amazon to head over to the Amazon product page. Add it to your cart and at check out you’ll paste the code into the Gift Cards / Promotional Codes section. Make sure that it applies properly and that your total is adjusted down to where it should be, then order as normal for way less!

On the confirmation page you can copy paste your order number and pop back to this page to paste it into field number 3. Now you’re just waiting on shipping before you can test it!

How to review & finish a deal on LootHoot

Once you’ve received, and tested/read/used/whatever is applicable for your product, it’s time to review it. Here’s the thing, you absolutely 100% have to be clear in your review that you got this product cheap or free. You can just say “I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review” whether it was free or cheap. Make it short, sweet, and idiot proof, but as long as you’ve used those 3 rules of judgement, you can change up the wording too.

You can use the same page as before to direct back to the Amazon page, or just go back to it from your order history as normal.

After you’ve written your review (and Amazon has approved it) you can either wait for it to automatically sync your reviews, or you can manually paste the direct link to your review into the same page that you confirmed your order number on.

My “Loot” So Far

CoCo Island 3 Piece Blackhead & Earwax Extractor Set ($10.79 Retail)

Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet With Gold Viking Anchor ($12.99 Retail)

Split Heart Pendant Necklace ($19.99 Retail)

LAC Beauty Turquoise & Rhinestone Head Wrap ($25.00 Retail)

Mink Eyelash Trays Eyelash Extensions ($14.95 Retail)

That’s a total of $83.72 retail from LootHoot in just a few months, for anyone that’s caring about the numbers.

Check out LootHoot and start claiming your freebies today!
The sooner you start, the sooner you get your next items.


4 thoughts on “All About LootHoot | Free To Review

  1. I have never heard of LootHoot! Will have to check them out!! Great post love!! I use Tomoson for things like this. They are really good too. You can more than one thing at a time. You just apply for them and there are so many!! I love this series so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha!!! Isn’t it amazing!!! I have received a ton of stuff from there!! One week I had 4 products to review on Amazon lol!! I just received and awesome mirror!! It is perfect for doing my makeup lol! You’re so sweet!! I learn a ton from you too!! Between us…we will find all the best sites for bloggers haha!!!


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