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6 Apps to Kickstart Weight Loss Right Now!

6 apps to kickstart weight loss right now

So you set a goal to get that beach body… and it’s already into the prime beach season… and already nearing the end, but you maybe dropped a third of what you wanted? If that? Sound familiar? Me too, girl, me too.

But it’s not the time to wait for another season to start. And as someone that’s started and stopped a ton of programs, I wanted to share with you the ones that keep me motivated and excited, and if you DO have a tendency to fall off the bandwagon? Switch between two or more of these to keep your routine feeling fresh…


#1 SparkPeople


Platforms: browser, Android, iPhone

Cost: free, or paid coaching

This is the very first weight loss community I ever joined, and that’s what it is, a community. If you use the browser version, you can join up with groups like 1 lbs or inch per week, or other groups based on demographics, interests, or how much you have to lose. They also have challenges (usually about a month long) with daily prompts and activities (think 30 day challenge style).

The funnest part to me about this besides the community of thousands of other members to back you up, is there’s a points system. You can win points for spinning the wheel every day that you log in, for logging food and exercise, for completing challenges, reading articles, posting, reading, or trying recipes, and all kinds of other things. You can even win free exercise DVDs. I actually have 4 of their workout DVDs and they’re quite good and mostly low-impact but very effective.

And… there’s an emergency button. There’s a part of the forum where you can go if you need help NOW to stop from giving into that chocolate cake or to motivate you to get your butt off the couch. People are dedicated to responding fast and I’ve never come across a mean person. Groups often host contests as well such as the Biggest Loser contests and other more tailored challenges.

SparkPeople also offers meal planning (pre-set or custom – for different diets), workout plans based on your equipment availability, time, and goals, weight and measurement tracking, mood, energy and other tracking, workout videos, and a tracker that syncs just to them for cheap! Plus it works with several other major fitness tracker brands and certain brands of scales that sync automatically.

There’s a Diet and Calorie Tracker app, as well as several challenge apps, a healthy recipes app, and an app to check for the best produce. HOWEVER, while you can track your daily foods and such on the apps, they do not have good access to the forums, groups, and challenges. Keep this in mind. However, they are connected to your browser account, so you can use both in tandom for convenience.

Who should try this? People who are motivated by seeing progress beyond the scale, or that like having a community of people with similar goals and lifestyles. This is the most versatile app to me.

#2 LifeSum


Platforms: browser, Android, iPhone

Cost: Free & Paid Versions (I use free)

This is currently my favorite meal tracker app. This sends lovely reminders like “Just checking in, hope you had an awesome lunch!” with reminders both to eat and to track your meals. You can also track your custom water goals right within the app, and it will show you the macronutrient break down by meal and by day, but the best part? It flexes your calories left to reflect your goals, so if you’re way under your goal, it will reflect a high number for your snack, if you set one, and if you’re nearing the top, it will show you what adjustments you need to make to meet your calorie goal.

IF you pay for this app, you can select different diet ideals such as higher fat, low carb, high protein, etc, and can see a letter grade for how good each food entered is.

Who should try this? People that like notifications and at a glance reminders, with an interactive interface and programmed guidance to keep you on track.

#3 Zombies, Run!

Platforms: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

If you love all the zombie shows going around? How about motivating yourself to walk or run by having a hoard of zombies chasing you? You can hook your playlist up through this app to listen to tunes during single missions such as a supply run where you play as a runner in the apocalypse, and dialogue for the story will cut through your tunes to keep you involved in the mission… and let you know when you need to speed up to out run the zombies!

Who should try this? People that already love to walk or run, or those wanting to start and make it more fun.

#4 Fabulous – Motivate Me



Platforms: Android only

Cost: Free


This is one of the most versatile apps I have EVER come across. Beyond fitness? You need a reminder for your makeup routine? To plan? ANYTHING? This is it. This app is all about setting routines and starting small to build up. You can choose a focus mission and it can even TALK YOU THROUGH IT if you want it to be verbal. I’m not kidding you, you could set your name to Supreme Queen of Everything and it would say “Good Morning Supreme Queen of Everything,” followed by your first task. I used this every day for 4 months, and the only reason I’m not doing it right now, is because I’m in a transition stage an deciding what I want to focus on.

You’ll get weekly reports of your habits, little letters to explain why each habit and goal is a good idea for you, and you can choose not to follow their guidance and just do it on your own. That’s OK too! You’ll get reminders to drink water and every other routine you set, it even has guided activities for when you have spare time. Like guided naps. GUIDED, NAPS. With varying durations and a description of what it’s best to do for you. And meditation!!! And fitness!

I loved this app to help me get up early, take my vitamins. Then I programmed in every step of my skincare routine from cleanser to toner to acne treatment to moisturizer. Then I’d have a new routine to have me start writing out my to do list and my plan for the day. And when I got into The Miracle Morning? This was a GODSEND.

Who should try this? Anyone wanting to start up a routine in their life, for health, productivity, focus, better sleep, or even just scheduling your skincare routine!

#5 Plant Nanny

Best Apps for Weight Loss - Plant Nanny - iPhone & Android

Platforms: Android and iPhone

Cost: free

This should win the cutest app ever award. Your water drinking has a whole new goal: to keep a little plant alive and help it grow! Remember to track regularly throughout the day because your little buddy, which you can choose, name, and check in on, will get sick if you over water him/her at once! Oh noes! But you can grow a whole little army of plants and have that constant motivation to keep hydrated. The more water you drink, the less hungry you are because your stomach isn’t sending pings to your brain that you need moisture content in food.

Who should try this? People who want to make drinking water a priority and are motivated to take care of something or win in a game!

#6 Pact

Platforms: browser, Android, & iPhone

Cost: free… IF you keep your pact!

What’s that mean? This app is all about making a pact with yourself and the community. It might be to work out x times per week, it might be to eat x servings of fruit per week. If you meet your goal… you can win a small amount of money weekly from the pool of people that did not keep their pact. If you lose… you lose the agreed upon amount times however many you were short. It’s risky, yes, but if you’ve tried everything else and you can’t keep yourself motivated on your own? Try risking your hard earned cash and the guilt of truly paying for failing yourself.Prove yourself with photos of doing what you committed to do, and win money. That’s it! If you have an injury, you can contact support to have your pact changed, but beyond that you can only edit it during select times – in order to keep you from cancelling on a commitent to yourself. You will not pay for the app, but if you don’t keep your agreements, you will pay out and that money goes to other members. You can test it without risking your money before adding a credit card.

Who should try this? People that are money motivated, or that want to make a true, hard and fast change in their lives and are willing to risk cash to win cash.

my 6 must try weight loss apps

That’s the apps that I absolutely can’t go without, maybe some switching out for others depending on the current mood and need, but none are far from my phone for long!

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6 thoughts on “6 Apps to Kickstart Weight Loss Right Now!

  1. You know what? I probably should have included some tips for veggie submissions in case anyone is crazy enough to give it a shot.

    1. Green and leafy over starchy. I’m not the only one who has an issue with starches being counted as vegetables, so you’re likely to get downvoted if you submit these.

    2. Utilize the comment feature. If people can’t tell what you’re eating, they’re going to downvote it. Sometimes an explanation helps. Also explain how much of something you’re going to eat if you are showing more than your individual serving.

    3. Avoid people accusing you of repeat submissions by showing your watch and perhaps a different background in the shot of your second daily apple or banana.

    4. Showing a bite taken out of your apple or banana is better than showing you ABOUT to take a bite from your untouched apple or banana. I know they encourage selfies, but you really don’t have to show your face.

    5. Show containers OPEN with bites missing and a fork in the picture.

    6. Show the packaging when submitting juice or soup. There are people who will downvote juice, but if you show that it’s 100% juice you will sometimes get it through. For soup, show the can open (ingredients shown) and the soup in a bowl with a spoon.

    7. If submitting a smoothie, go for halfway. You can’t show yourself drinking it AND show the ingredients in it, so show the ingredients in your blender.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are great tips! I plan on starting up Pact once I start a new 9-5. I’ve seen those damn popsicle posts and pizza just browsing it though. I always wonder if people really legitly think it’s a vegetable… Or if they’re just being jerks trying to take advantage. I love that people vote so you can’t pull crap. And I love your smoothie suggestion! A smoothy can quickly look like an unhealthy milkshake if you don’t know what’s in it. I’m gonna have to use that! Would you mind if I updated the post to include these? With credit and link back, of course 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked PACT okay when I was doing it, but I had to quit it because the Veggie PACT submissions were driving me insane. Not my submissions, mind you… I was seeing everything from fruit-flavored popsicles to hot dogs being submitted, which makes the loaded baked potatoes, corn, and rice (which are supposed to be counted under carbs on the food pyramid) seem like a plate of green and leafy vegetables by comparison.

    Liked by 1 person

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