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All About BzzAgent: Samples & Sharing

Welcome to Week 3 on my series of resources for bloggers. Every week we will discuss a resource to get freebies, collect PR samples to review, networking with other bloggers, connecting with brands, and even earning a bit of cash on the side from sites that I know from personal experience are not scams. I will never recommend a site, app, or resource that I have not personally used and trust.

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Week 3: BzzAgent

is bzzagent legit

100% free to sign up.

BzzAgent is currently available for bloggers in the United States, Canada, and Brazil, with a separate BzzAgent UK for those in, well… the UK, obviously.

BzzAgent is a resource I’ve only used for a couple months, but I wanted to include it because this is sort of a waiting game system and the sooner you’re on there, the sooner you get in line for opportunities.

What You Need:

  • An email account to sign up.
    • A Blog or YouTube Channel
    • An Amazon Account
    • Social Media Channels

This Resource Involves:

  • Filling out a profile and keeping up to date with the ‘surveys’ that they use to determine eligibility.
  • Responding to emailed opportunities in order to accept campaigns.
  • A lot of waiting.
  • Completing activities such as Amazon reviews, BzzAgent reviews, blog posts, social media posts, etc for campaigns you are approved for that you opt into.

What It Offers:

  • PR samples of products that brands want word of mouth advertising from.
  • points to redeem for items through the MyPoints system.

Why Is This Available?

BzzAgent is a ‘hive’ of people that take what a brand needs and connects the opportunities to potential consumers. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most genuinely responded to types of marketing, and just getting the products into the hands of consumers can do AMAZING things for even huge brands.

One of the biggest benefits of BzzAgent is that your activities are rated, and getting good ratings raises your ‘BzzScore’ which helps the more helpful reviewers to get more products.

How To Get Campaigns:

bzzagent my profile

This is very passive. You’re invited to campaigns, and you have the option to decline anything you aren’t interested in, without penalty. You’re hand-chosen based on analytics such as your profile demgraphics, survey answers, BzzScore, and to a lesser extent, your social networks. They actually break down a rough estimate of how much each of these affect if you’ll be chosen in their many FAQs.

It’s possible that you might only get a few invites a year, or you might get them more frequently. That’s why it’s worth it to get set up now and have it sent to an email address that you get alerts for or check daily. There’s also little achievements to keep you interested.

bzzagent achievements

There’s usually a ‘bite-sized-bzz’ campaign or something else going on to keep you involved on the site, and you can check out other people’s submissions for fun.

They add surveys relatively often, and the campaign qualifier surveys are noted under a specific heading, so you should always try to fill those out first if you can only do some at a time as they directly affect whether you qualify.

bzzagent my surveys

DO NOT LIE ON YOUR SURVEYS. There are SO many websites that allow you to get PR samples and other things, please don’t wreck the system by trying to horde free stuff if you do not fit the demographics that the brand is hoping to market for. If too many people do this, brands will be less likely to provide opportunities.

How To Succeed In A Campaign:

bzzagent my buzz

*I learned a fun error in this submission, if you can’t tell, one of mine submitted twice when my internet sucked…*

My favorite element of BzAgent is how you succeed. You don’t get more opportunities by sharing more… you get awarded for HIGH QUALITY content. Photos in reviews, original writing, providing real and genuine information. If you’ve read Anything off my blog, you’ll know that this is something I really strive to do. And there isn’t some computer system rating you.

When you are accepted to a campaign, once you get the items in the mail and the activities open up (my campaign I got the items, and the activities were available a few days later), you can start completing the activities. My activities were to provide an Amazon review for each of the 3 items, and I could also do a Bzz review (a review within BzzAgent) for each item. They gave little tips like including photos, being original, telling consumers what you think they want/need to know.

And then my activities were rated. And I was alerted by email. They were rated BY a staff member. And I got individual commentary on each and every activity I completed. 6 completely different responses, hand-typed.

And they were all rated Exceptional, by the way. (except that stupid duplicate… which was still rated Good)

BzzAgent’s Rating Scale

(with my summary of their reasons, this is all in the FAQ)

REJECTED: posting before you even get the product, or about your experience with bzzagent instead of the product

FAIR: talks about using it, but isn’t actually useful (90% of reviews on the internet)

GOOD: tells consumers what they want to know about the product.

EXCEPTIONAL: an original and thoughtful review that includes photos and/or added value content and is functional as a shareable review by the brand.

BzzAgent encourages you to complete “as few [activities] as you need to engage your friends and fill us in on all of the great conversations you start!”

The higher your rating, the higher your score is boosted. Your social media connections and network also affects your BzzScore.

BzzAgent’s Code of Conduct

(an abbreviated keyword version)

  • Be a Natural Communicator: Be yourself & share your opinions.
  • Be Honest: Bzz is only effective when it’s completely honest.
  • Be Mindful: Everything you do communicates something to those around you.
  • Be Influential: Knowledge is power – and so is Bzz.
  • Don’t Be A Salesperson: Share your opinions, not the hype or sales pitch.
  • Be A Listener: Pay attention to how people are responding to the Bzz.
  • Be In Touch: Stay in contact with ‘Central Hive’ (BzzAgent)
  • Bzz For Fun: Bzz only works when you’re having a good time.

Due to the nature of how invites work on BzzAgent, I don’t have a walkthrough for you this week, but you don’t need one, it’s really very simple, and they give you a starter campaign about spreading the BzzAgent word that you can practice with and that will help you get to know the entire system. I can, however, share with  you what I got from them.

Summary: What I’ve Gotten

I have received 2 campaign invitations from them, but didn’t respond to one, so I have completed 1 campaign for them.

BzzAgent 1

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks: I received all 3 masks in this line, which sell in store for $12.99/each, giving this BzzKit a value of $38.97.



I’m not counting the initial campaign they set you up with where you get a magnet and instruction booklets in the mail so that you have a ‘practice campaign’ to boost your score and learn how everything works.

If you’re wondering, the campaign that I unintentionally passed on was about candy.

What do you think about BzzAgent? Have you tried it? Will you be signing up?

*I receive NO compensation, sponsorship, or benefit from BzzAgent for linking this service*

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5 thoughts on “All About BzzAgent: Samples & Sharing

  1. I can vouch for this site. It took a while (like a year) to really start receiving a good, steady flow of products (but I’m not a huge social media person). I’ve been sent lots of things like makeup, deoderant, face cream, coffee…and an electric toothbrush! Like a real one worth almost $200.


  2. I really like these style of posts. They’re helpful for everyone, not just us new bloggers! Thanks for the advice and the insight! Do you have a specific sample site that you prefer above the rest?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eep! Somehow I missed this. Sorry! I’m so glad you like the series! Ooo that’s hard. I’d have to say that I spend the most time on Crowdtap, because that unless they’re full you get basically everything you apply for. But my favorite might be BrandBacker because I feel like you’re a Little more in control, whereas BzzAgent and Influenster both are more of a ‘set it up and check but mostly wait’. I’m also a really big fan of AmzReviewTrader, which I think is still 2 weeks out for my “All About” series 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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