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“My Boyfriend Explains Makeup” TAG!

My Boyfriend Explains Makeup Tag

So I saw this tag of “My Bf/Husband Explains Makeup” and there was no way I couldn’t at least try to get mine in on this. We’ve made it a new game where he’s been picking out colors and products for me, especially on the mornings that I’m too tired or not feeling it. And… I got him to agree! We even added a few bonus questions since he was on his game!

His answers are in “quotations,” my commentary here is in (italics and parenthesis), and my follow up is marked in italics as FOLLOW UP:.


“Is one of the first things to put on to make everything even?”

(I’ll call this a win)


“First application of a color or skin tone blend?”

FOLLOW UP: If foundation is the first application of a color or skin tone blend, what’s the second application?


(Well he’s not wrong)


“To cover blemishes or marks”

(He had to know this, he’s gotten more swatches of “pale skin” makeup in drugstores with frustrated sounds than any man I know otherwise could put up with. HG: Glamoflauge!)


“No idea, smell like baby powder and look like you did coke? Find wet patches to dry up before other applications maybe?”

(Anyone else crack up?)

(I’d say he’s about half right, for the non sarcastic half of the answer)


“Add blush tones and accentuate features.”

FOLLOW UP: What features?


(I use it for this purpose… I can’t exactly say he’s wrong)


“To make a face glow.”

FOLLOW UP: Glow in what way?

(That was fast. At this point I’m really just wanting to see how much he knows – cocky bastard.)

“In a bronze or gold-ish way.”


FOLLOW UP 2: For what purpose?

“Oh, to make look tan? Hence you why don’t use B)”



“Eye stuffs.” (correction) “Eye lash* stuffs.”


“Used on and around eye and lids.” (correction)Β “On lids not on eye.”

FOLLOW UP: For what purpose?

“To bring attention to the eyes?”


“Don’t poke your eyes when putting on!” (mebbe did this recently) “And don’t do in car while driving!”

FOLLOW UP: So you know it’s sharp, do you know why it’s used?

“Another eye/eyelash accentuating thing?”

FOLLOW UP: And out of my curiosity, do you know what it looks like when on?

“Yuh, stupid on guys.”

(I lost it at this point)

Brow Pencil?

“To fill in and make the brow look fuller. And if you’re old, to add brows – but don’t make it look creepy or that you’re angry.”

(Nonstop laughter)


“Add color and bring attention to lips.”

(I feel like that’s almost word for word how I’d describe it)


“To add shine.”

(I would have given him bonus points if he referred to it as oral lube because I went on a tangent once and called it sparkly oral lube)

Liquid Lipstick?

“Isn’t that self explanatory?”

FOLLOW UP: But what’s the difference in what it does?

“Stays on longer?”

(The moment you know 100% that he pays attention)

Sheet Mask?

Exfoliate, reduce oils.

(Yep there’s the laughter again. We recently discussed what masks do)

FOLLOW UP: Are you sure you’re not lumping all masks together? I’d love to hear how a sheet mask exfoliates.

“Oh shut it :P”

REPHRASED: I was gonna give you sheet mask and mud mask, you can explain the differences instead if you like πŸ˜‰

“Sheet is for reducing oils and clearing blemishes?”

(Not so much – I explained after)

FOLLOW UP: And mud?

“Tightens and reduces oils.”

(There he is)


“Umm acne stuff?”

(He’s right about this for me, but I explained after that it can be different)

BB Cream?

“Cream makes it seem kinda moisturizer-y”


This was really fun, and I know he had fun even being barraged with a ton of questions. He did pretty good in my opinion. He knew most of the purposes for my use at least, and with the exception of the sheet mask comment, which I’m mostly attributing to him being tired at the time, there’s few things he was far off from. The coke comment just got me rolling. I’m glad I did this with him over text so I was able to get word for word and not actually have the conscious mind to Β type everything up as he said it verbally.

If you’ve done this challenge, I’d love it if you’d leave a link to your post or similar ones you’ve done down below!

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18 thoughts on ““My Boyfriend Explains Makeup” TAG!

    1. I was surprised at how well he knew some things! Poor guy gets pics every morning and whenever I get new stuff, guess he picked up a bit (and you know, from his mom and sister, but I like claiming this credit πŸ˜‰ )


  1. His answer of what powder is is hilarious! πŸ˜†
    So many of his answer are… not wrong. Just not right either! LOL.
    And um “oral lube” needs to be a new brand of lip gloss now…
    Actually, his answers overall aren’t half bad!
    I’ve already asked my boyfriend to do this. I just have to send him the items.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. His did so well, I lost it laughing at some of his answers! I love his Eyeliner tip β€œAnd don’t do in car while driving!”
    Also I’m going to check out your HG Concealer Glamoflauge, I’m on the hunt for a new one πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought he meant me about the tip. The whole conversation ended with “and who the hell do you know that puts eyeliner on while driving?!?” Glamoflauge has coverage that’s almost Too good, because a tiny bit can cover half your face, and it comes in light enough for my ghostly ancestry so I don’t have dark splotches. Now they just need to never stop making it. Fingers crossed!

      Liked by 1 person

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