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Full Face First Impressions! Ft. Maybelline, Smashbox, Makeup Revolution & L’Oreal!

Soooo I’ve been gone a while, I honestly don’t wanna go back and look and see how long exactly, but I know for sure since about January I’ve been MIA, and before that I was spotty for a few months.

That’s partially been to a big case of blogger burnout, but also because in January I officially started my new job and have been (literally) working my butt off. It’s nothing fancy, I’m working at Dollar General as a full time lead (basically manager on duty, for the non-retail workers) and finally getting some time to rediscover my love of beauty and blogging!

Wouldn’t you know it, right when I’m aiming to get back here with you girls, I got new stuff arriving at my door. And I only knew some of it was coming. So today let’s just play with some of the new stuff and have a few first impressions.

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation in 10 Porcelain Ivory


This is BRAND NEW today! Arrived 10 minutes before starting to take pictures and deciding on this video. It swatches REALLY dark and orange (compared to my ghost white arm) so I was really skeptical to even buy this because I’d looked at swatches, but so many people demonstrated it on YouTube and loved it and it was pale enough or too pale and… they were right! I also do know that my arm is lighter than my face, but it definitely didn’t end up the color that it swatched. It’s a nearly perfect match and it’s got a good medium coverage and it legit feels weightless. It didn’t even transfer onto my phone, which has been a big issue for me with the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless (in 110) and the Maybelline Shine Free Stick Foundation (also in 110).

Maybelline Dream Velvet 10 Porcelain Ivory – Swatched & unblended
(can you tell how fast I swatched this? you can literally can see the box in the background)

Blended into face without a mirror using only fingers (because too excited to go upstairs) in indoor lighting

Another foundation only photo (no idea why I’ve got that expression) with back camera & window light

for reference, this is a photo from a few days ago showing more of what we’re covering up

I will DEFINITELY be getting this again. This was $8.99 on Amazon Prime but currently had a $3.00 off coupon so it was $5.99 + tax.

L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender

This was sent to me by BzzAgent and I’ve got to grade this on 2 different spectrums.

The formula is pretty decent. It’s a little thick for me to want the precise lines since I just like darkening the tail of my brow and doing a fade to darker in the arch, but you can put it in a wide sharpener to get a sharper edge. If you’re needing a general color wash on your brows and not filling in little hairs, this could be decent for you.


But the color… so I got the lightest shade and guys… this is green. Maybe it’s not green on everyone. Maybe the bright neon red of my hair is making it look more green… but its FREAKING GREEN. I know 100% I won’t be keeping this one and will be passing it on to a friend / coworker because it’s not a color that works good on me. I feel like it would look a lot better if you’ve got blonde hair, maybe I should have picked the next darker shade but I’m not a big fan of dark brows SO… that happened. I highly recommend checking out other reviews of this if you’re in the market for a new brow product because I cannot put this on without laughing at my leprechaun green eyebrows.

SMASHBOX! Cover Shot Matte Palette

Swatches on IG @thatgeekygf

I had absolutely no idea this was coming, but it was part of an Influenster VoxBox. I also got a metallic lippie we won’t be seeing today (soon!) and…. I really WANT to be excited. I do. I love the smashbox formula from my little trio I got in Birchbox last year, but honestly I’m not thrilled about this despite the color payoff being great. It’s TOO neutral for me.

The shades ARE named (on the bottom of the palette), which is extra fun when you do makeup inventories or just want to make amusing jokes. For some reason that really ups the value of palettes for me, because I get the BF to pick out combinations and he is SO GOOD at knowing what goes good on me.

Shoutout to those leprechaun green brows.

I applied with my finger for the first application (because my brushes are dirty and I’m lazy on my day off) and it honestly came off a little blotchy, but the final result was pretty good. Not sure if it was my oily lids, but I’d never experienced that with my little trio from Smashbox in similar colors. I’ll try this out a few more times, but I’m so in love with my other new palette and I have more neutrals, so I’ll probably end up passing this on because I have a coworker who is currently enjoying my random makeup (and makeup bag) drops into her purse and would get a lot more use out of it.

PS check out their Smoky palette because that palette would NOT be leaving my makeup desk. Also Metallic… I’d be gushing over Metallic. Basically they sent me the only version I’d like the least but was the most workable.

This retails for $29.00 and comes in a variety of shade sets.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Liquid Lip Lacquer in Vamp

I received this in a swap/makeup sale on Reddit (r/MakeupExchange shoutout) and it was actually free for me because you can’t Really sanitize liquid lipsticks.


I don’t hate it… but I probably won’t wear it as an all day thing. It definitely goes on streaky and needs a couple coats (and my application was SLOPPY!) but it doesn’t feel overly drying. It does crumble off the lips with just talking about an hour or two in, but I don’t regret asking for this little freebie in my shipment.

It retails for around $5.00.

The non-first impressions in this look is an old as hell pen liner from ELF, and the Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl mascara.

Last little peeks, close up of the coverage and finish of the foundation (plus another angle of everything else):

(forgive the non exfoliated skin, its not the foundation its just me being lazy!)

last look with < that eyebrow fixed up to more my normal color,
and > that eyebrow left leprechaun green.

Let me know what you think of these products, if you’ve tried them, and especially if you’ve got any recommendations for a good gingery brow product (preferably more drugstore prices!)

I do plan on being back MUCH more than I’ve been recently and even before that, and I’ve got some super fun stuff coming up including how ADDICTED I am to my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, and an updated listing and comparison of all my current subscriptions!

7 thoughts on “Full Face First Impressions! Ft. Maybelline, Smashbox, Makeup Revolution & L’Oreal!

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