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The Importance of Expanding Your Skincare

Have you ever scrolled through your social feeds (ie: Instagram, and Facebook especially) and seen this ever so common discrepancy: the skin on your friends face and chest look like they belong to entirely different people… sometimes even in different age groups?

This isn’t just because of those stupid editing filters (we’ll go into how to properly edit a photo in the next few months, because as a photo editor I struggle not to slap some sense into everyone using a blur effect as anything but a joke in a selfie), it’s also because of one MAJOR issue we as women have somehow neglected to do for… decades. Maybe longer.

We take precious care of our faces. We cleanse, scrub, tone, protect with SPF. We use serums, masks, treatments, moisturizers, makeup, powders… we want to look good. Making our skin look flawless is the absolute ideal. So if this is so important on our face, when there’s other features to distract and break up the expanse of forced flawless skin…

How do we forget to take care of the rest of the delicate skin exposed to the same sunlight and environmental conditions day in and day out?

Unless you’re hyper modest or religious, there’s a chance that your chest and even cleavage has been exposed to the sun. My sun damage appears in a pretty permanent redness, as well as the inevitable freckles. And that’s after treating myself to sunscreen pretty often. The curse of being a ginger I suppose. But my journey into beauty blogging a year ago started teaching me a lot of things, and one of them is that the skin on my chest is just as important, and just as on-display, as the skin on my face.

Valentia Natural Pure Glow

Valentia is one of my favorite skincare brands. Their products are all formulated for optimum effectiveness without harsh chemicals. They’re made largely from natural and organic ingredients, and they’re really gentle on your skin. You can feel good about applying them. So I’ve never turned them down when they offer me a product to test, and the Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer is no different.

See where this is going? Well so do they.

Not only is this a lightweight moisturizer with all of the above benefits, but they bridged the mental gap for us by reminding us right on the bottle that skincare is more than just about your face:

“Directions: Apply all over face, neck, and decollete.”

Now, I can’t say I saw major effects in my face with this product. I moisturize pretty regularly and I do enjoy this moisturizer, but I did notice a significant difference in the way the skin on my own ‘decollete’ looked, and felt.

  • I can see a visible reduction in the redness. It actually LOOKS like it’s reversing sun damage. I don’t know if it “really” is, but lightening up that skin and making it more even isn’t going to be a bad thing.
  • My chest and neck feels very soft, and I notice less dead skin sloughing off in the shower or on my jewelry (because just YUCK).
  • My entire ‘chest’ area, has this kind of pretty glow, and I don’t just mean because my skin is reminiscent of Casper and I glow in the dark. Pure Glow is no joke!

I don’t really have any complaints about this product. I’m hyper critical of everything, and I’m sarcastic and bratty about my skincare especially because there’s sooo many options out there, but I’ve got no issues with this one ya’ll.

  • It’s lightweight.
  • It doesn’t feel greasy even on my oily skin.
  • Even when I intentionally over applied it, it absorbed quickly and thoroughly.
  • It works for sensitive skin.
  • It doesn’t sting on breakouts, bruises, or small cuts.
  • It doesn’t leave stains or marks on even pure white clothing.
  • It’s decently affordable for the size you get and how long it will last you.

As with all of Valentia’s products, you can get this from Valentia.com, or from Amazon.com. This particular bottle is 4 oz (and comes in a luxurious dark glass pump bottle) for $25.00. – I’ve used just over 1/3rd of an ounce in about a month of daily use, but I think the minimum this would last you is around 3-4 months.

With my use (including applying to neck & chest daily) it will likely last me 5-7 months.

So you’re looking at a monthly cost of $8.33 at the most, and $3.57 at the smaller end.

Valentia sent me this product to test it out and share my opinion with you guys, and those posts will always be marked *SPONSORED* in the category at the top of the post.

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