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2017 Holidays For Bloggers & FREE Blog Planner


If you caught my post about my first year of blogging, you’ll know I’ve tried so many ways to plan my blog that I lost count, and that’s as someone rather neurotic about counting things. This post is going to be short and sweet, because almost all of the information you need, is in the document.

It’s simple. It’s Excel, and can be used in Google Docs if you prefer.

For everyone that’s asked, this is how I “randomly” know the theme days.

Psst, if you’re impatient, scroll down to the download link!

What it is, is a full year calendar with month by month layouts, and a ton of holidays to write about. If you’ve ever checked out, you’ll know there’s holidays everrry day.

This blog planner doesn’t list all of the daily holidays, because quite frankly there’s 11 holidays some days and no chic way to fit them all and make it easily readable, but it’s a good selection and many are ones that I pulled as ideas for myself this year and in future years.

There’s definitely room for more holidays and you can easily change out, add, or delete themed days that don’t fit with your blogging niche (though some days like Frozen Yogurt day you can also get free stuff from restaurants, just sayin’).

Besides the holidays by date, each day has (typically) 2 sections. This is because I use this template to mark out the holidays, but also to mark out posts on two days: writing day, and publishing day.

At the end of the year, I always go through and mark out the “holidays” that interest me and inspire me, and sometime between Christmas and the first two weeks of January I go through all of these dates and start adding in post ideas for each theme.

By the end of that brainstorming session, the typical month looks something like this:


Holidays are marked with italics, and posts are added in on their publishing day highlighted in the lighter color from that month as well as making the text bold to make it stand out.

I don’t always do posts for every theme day, but most of the time even if a “holiday” doesn’t inspire a full post, you can utilize it on social media for networking, trending content, or promoting some of your older content that fits with the theme.

Once I start getting into a month, it looks a lot more like this:


*word of warning, this schedule already alternated a couple days due to new projects*

  • Holidays are still done in italics with the white background.
  • Posting dates are bold and highlighted, but separated into two shades to keep a balance of content.
    • Free To Review / Brand Collaboration posts are highlighted the darker color of the month.
    • Brainstormed content is still highlighted with the lighter color.
  • Planned writing days have a white background and are neither bold nor italic.

I use this system as an overall guide, because I change my mind so many times that I really hate writing it out on paper. This way things can be moved around quickly and easily and it’s a pretty at-a-glance view.

Download the 2017 Holidays For Bloggers & Excel Blog Planner

2017 Holidays For Bloggers & Excel Blog Planner Tips:

  • Schedule your writing and posting days.
  • Create a balance of sponsored posts and organic content so that sponsored posts aren’t in a row if possible.
  • Use the Tasks section on the left for reminders for social media or posts that you don’t have a set date for yet.
  • Use “Merge Cells” to merge and unmerge the 6 line segments in each day square if you need more than 2 sections, or don’t need the second section.

How do you plan your blog? Do you have post ideas planned out in advance?
Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “2017 Holidays For Bloggers & FREE Blog Planner

  1. I plan my posts out on Excel too. I don’t really care TOO much about the holidays anymore… I mean, there’s just so much I can write about “Easter inspired nail polishes”, year after year, ya know?
    For me, the planning just helps me to space out / allocate posts each month at a glance and also prompts me to take photos as required.

    Here’s what my calendar looks like:

    I colour code the cells by green = entry is scheduled or posted, yellow = entry is in draft mode, and orange = entry is planned but no draft yet. All of the ideas I have floating around are listed on the side in the blue panel. I got my template off which has a Canadian version. 🙂
    I posted this in my Behind the Scenes entry:


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