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PSA: Black Friday Lingerie Deals on AdoreMe

If you’re not already on AdoreMe, you can get your first set for just $19.95.

(major love to you if you use my link!)

I got my first set last year and just indulged in another set of the same style in a new color (bright red, check out my Instagram story to see!)

and on top of their normal sign-up deal, you can get $10 off 1 set, $25 off 2, or $40 off 3 – SITE WIDE.

OR you can get BOGO on select styles. I’m a 44G / 42H so this is a maajor awesome resource for odd-sized and busty girls. Lots of styles have multiple matching panty options so you can choose between hipster/bikini/thong in some styles and pick a separate size for bottoms!

You can check out my first AdoreMe review, which is still in perfect condition and I’m still loving.

It IS a subscription set up, and you have from the 1st to the 5th of each month to “skip” (pay nothing get nothing), get credit ($39.99 charged to your account as a credit to pick out a set later) or pick your style ($39.99 charged to your account and you get that set in the mail a week or two later).

You can also cancel at your first month, and your 6th set (non sale, but including the first set price) is free!.

2 thoughts on “PSA: Black Friday Lingerie Deals on AdoreMe

  1. I just read your first AdoreMe review after reading your above post. Both great posts. The commercial I’ve seen for this is a little misleading – the only reason I haven’t jumped on this is because I’m a little skeeved by the idea of being able to return underwear “no problem, no questions asked, send it back after trying it on”. No lingerie store does this, not even department stores. For underwear? I don’t think so. It’s a question of sanitary conditions. Undergarments are the first thing on your skin. While bras may not have the same concerns (although as a “blessed girl” myself I would have a problem if someone else wore the bra before me for a day or two and returned it), I still have a “ew” factor about this. The bra sets are gorgeous, and I wish Victoria’s Secret would get with it about girls who are not a 34 A or B cup. In the meantime, it seems one must be very realistic and really know their bra size – because the company doesn’t seem to provide anything like a tape measure or something to help you find your size beforehand? Every few years I hear a report about how women are clueless about their bra size and don’t realize that age, health, genetics, having kids, gaining or losing weight can change your bra size. Just curious what appears in the box besides the merchandise. You certainly know your bras, as I saw in your first review, there just has to be other companies that provide the beauty AND the support for blessed girls. I also was curious to know how the company keeps track of usage or damage to determine reselling the returned merchandise.

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    1. I was a little worried about the “no questions asked” policy, but both orders I’ve gotten from them have the little safety sticker and I guess I rationalize it as not any less safe than the couple department and clothing stores that let people try on swimsuits.

      That would actually be an amazing idea for them to include a “starter pack” either as a freebie before ordering or with a subscription to help girls find their measurements. Mine was guess work for a long time and then learning from a few articles over the years about breast shape vs bra shape. Balconette seems to be my savior and keep me from quadrouple boobs!

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