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You’ve probably heard about a thousand times by now how important it is to keep hydrated. Water is great for your weight, your health, your energy, and your skin, as well as Basically everything you could ever possibly want to do.

And you know already that lotions can help you hydrate your skin externally by letting moisture seep in from the outside for a more immediately visible effect.

So what about the way to hydrate your skin and feel refreshed and awake and avoid drying out in the crisp fall air?

Introducing: facial mists.



Specifically, we’re talking about the Evian Facial Spray.

As a beauty blogger and a wedding photographer, Evian sent me this spray to test and share with you the ways it can refresh and hydrate you at all the upcoming Fall and Winter weddings, and basically fit into every part of the rest of your routine.

I’ve tried a couple facial sprays now, and I have to say that Evian’s really is my favorite, for one main reason: it works over makeup. Foundation, powder, non-waterproof lipstick and eyeshadow, this didn’t budge any of it. And I tested it under conditions harsher than most weddings! I tested it at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, where sweating your butt off is part of the agenda and you’re likely to wipe at your face with your sleeve a few Dozen times.

I started my Evian routine by using the spray as a Toner replacement, then applying moisturizer and my foundation as normal before wetting my brush with the Evian Facial Spray and dipping it into a gold-pressed-powder eyeshadow to create an intense steampunk-esque melted gold effect across my face. My final step after completing my look and before leaving for the Festival was using it as a setting spray and locking my makeup all together. Just a quick spritz around the face in a circle from about 12 inches away and my makeup looked airbrushed and flawless.

The spray came out again after a 1 hour drive, and another 2 hour bus ride to help refresh and wake up from the monotony of the road. Worked like a charm for both the coolness of the spray and the minerals in the liquid itself helping to wake me up!

The next refresher was heat-induced, and repeated several times, quick spritz, selfie check, and my makeup had stayed put EVEN WITH rubbing my sleeve across my face. How cool is that??

I could repeat this, but let’s just summarize by saying I used this spray 7 times after leaving the house, and I didn’t feel drippy with sweat Or wreck my makeup the entire day. That’s a major accomplishment for me!

Now can you imagine when you’ve tried to do family photos and you or someone else is sweaty? Add that to the stress of a wedding and you can see why this spray will be one of the must-haves in my camera bag for the next wedding I shoot, to refresh the bride, the bridal party, and myself in the hot sun or overly dry air. It’s also an amazing way to freshen up the lips of the bridal party and bride for anyone wearing a not-so-easy-to-reapply formula that could be affected badly by a balm as the hydration comes from a distance and soaks in gently.

Make makeup sweat proof.jpg

I found out how to save my makeup no matter the day ahead of me, will you save yours when it counts? Check out Evian Facial Spray for your next special day.

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  1. I have heard of this mist, wow, i’d like to try it out. Thanks for following my blog, i’m loving yours so far and looking forward to future posts..xo

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