The SlimWay To Slim Down | Topical Oils For Weight Loss?

I know the trend is getting healthy for that “beach bod” for Spring and Summer, but personally? Fall is THE time that I can lose weight. It’s crisp and cool out so I don’t get heat sick or sunburnt or dehydrated nearly as easily. There’s time to get healthy habits in before it’s dark at 4 o’clock and before those feasts and cookie exchanges start so that you can Actually resist all the treats… but I like a jump start.

I’ve tried pills, drops, techniques, and then I came across this: the topical oil called SlimWay.


This is basically an essential oil, one that smells primarily (and quite strongly) like fennel. As someone that regularly makes sausage at home, toasted fennel smell doesn’t bother me that much, though others have reported that other people avoid them due to the smell.


I really love the encouraging little markers along the side to help you judge how much progress you’re making on the bottle and to start to know when to re-order.


I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks since they sent it to me to review, and there’s been a few strategies I’ve heard from the companies materials and from their customers to apply and use it and optimize it’s effects. The main ones are:

Strategy #1: Apply to your neck, shoulders, and chest.

Source: Bottle + Customer Reviews

Effect: The scent and oils seem to reduce appetite.

I definitely noticed hunger pains or a case of the growlies seems to significantly lessen, though not go away entirely, when I apply this way. It made me feel a little (but not excessively) oily, but they say you can rinse it off or shower normally after 30 minutes when it’s absorbed enough, so there’s a way to counter that.

Strategy #2: Apply to your stomach and lower abdomen.

Source: Pamphlet included in the package from SlimWay.

Effect: This is meant to improve digestion and even boost metabolism.

I only tried that a few days, but quite honestly massaging anything into my stomach is such a negative experience for me that my self consciousness skyrockets. I also can’t speak on these effects on those days because it’s not the only thing I’m doing to get healthier this fall.

Strategy #3: Inhaling and/or applying a few drops to the upper lip.

Source: Customer Reviews

Effect: Seems to reduce appetite and hunger pains.

I do notice a reduction in hunger, and I really like doing this method after my last meal or snack so that I don’t mindlessly eat in the evenings.

My only real complaints about the product are these two things:

1 – The applicator tip on the bottle. The way it’s lidded inside the main cap, to get any oil out you have to kind of shake it. I understand why they used this type of tip so that you don’t overspill and waste, but it becomes quite obnoxious (although a bit of a workout?) to get the oil necessary out.


2 – The instructions vary SO wildly. The bottle actually says to apply it over your Whole body… that would use up the bottle in like… a day or two, depending on the surface area of your body. Plus it would take FOR-EV-ER. Then there’s information about just around your neck and shoulders, and then instructions about on your lower belly… and its just kinda confusing.

For my ingredient conscious friends, here’s a closeup of the ingredients:


I’m definitely going to keep using this until I finish up the bottle, but I don’t know that I’ll repurchase unless I see more drastic results in the future. You can order SlimWay Synergy on Amazon.

I received this product for the purposes of trying it and providing a review of my thoughts and experiences.

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