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How NOT to be an Instagram Girl | Finding Your Uniqueness in a World full of Copies

#BeautiesOnFire day, better known to some as Thursdays, is probably one of my favorite days of the week. Because I get to challenge myself. This week is all about Retro, but when I think of Retro makeup… I think of the same things I thought of for Classic Beauty. And I already have a perfect red lip guide, and I’m not good enough with eyeliner to make that guide. (yet!)

But then I realized something. We live in an age where the full face, Kim K, baked, contoured, highlighted, bronzed, tanned, pushed up propped out teased hair bullshit is what “everyone” aspires to.

I’ll use “everyone” loosely, but if you’ve hung out on Instagram for more than 5 minutes, you’ll likely see the same, damn, look, on a hundred people.

So how do you find… and accept… not being that… or if you’re like me? Not even Wanting to be that.


The trend, for YEARS, has been tan. I’m not a tan girl. I’m not a bronze girl. I don’t want to be. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I think in 90% of cases, you’re most beautiful with the skin you’re born with. I love being a “pale princess” and I’m OK with that. (even if the cosmetics world makes it impossible and my color match is literally some of the makeup used to create vampires, zombies, and corpses) I am a lot more fond of almost every single decade than this one when it comes to makeup.


The problem is… what if you’re on a budget? How do you figure out if your “style” is what you really are and want to be, even after you separate it from trends, or if your style is just working with what you’ve got?

I think the key to finding the truest part of your style… is what would you be doing / wearing if money was no object and judgement didn’t exist?


For me… That’s 50’s wear. Part rockabilly, specifically. But with a twist – it’s paired with steampunk. My “true” style is exquisite underbust corsets, leggings or tailored pants, and cleavage baring long-sleeve shirts. Plus some of those A line sweetheart dresses. I like black, I like maroons and dark rich colors.

(seriously, if you’re in the market for corsets, I recommend OrchardCorset‘s level 3 designs for extremely curvy girls like myself – meaning curves but VERY indented -if squishy- waists in comparison, and CorsetDeal for their sales and an AMAZING amount of selections. I have had corsets from both places, they’re both extremely good value. But get steel boned, not that plastic shit but um… don’t wear an underwire bra with an underbust corset. It wrecks the bra. Some bras were harmed in the learning of this lesson… more than I want to admit – if anyone’s interested in more of a wearing corsets in the modern day guide, let me know in the comments!)


I like winged eyeliner and strange highlight with the rest of my face matte, my lashes long, and normally my lips natural and lipstick free. Though I do have a fondness for throwing on a random lippie from time to time for photos, it usually doesn’t last long after because I am Careless with my appearance and I want to be able to be that way every moment after I get up. I could live the rest of my life without eyeshadow and feel like nothing was missing, but I do enjoy playing with it for photos.

I like my hair full, thick, textured, and covering one of my eyes because I feel like my face is asymmetrical and it’s more pleasing to me to be covering part of it and showcasing the better half because my cheekbones are on POINT on that side if I do say so myself.


I like my hair natural, but I like going wild a bit too, so when Dreamlover offered me to review one of their wigs (and then changed the offer and let me pick two more out…) HOLY YES. First time ever seeing myself in black hair. And it feels like a version of me too. I normally really like my hair asymmetrical, extremely thinned and short on one side, and long and angular / chunky on the other. I’ve really, honestly used safety scissors, without a mirror, to chop my hair, and it looked amazing. I don’t go to hairdressers anymore. But these wigs are making me want to grow my hair out longer than it’s ever been! Here’s the long black curly wig from Dreamlover that I used for this look.

TRANSPARENCY NOTE: I did receive this and two other wigs free to review, however they did not ever ask or suggest writing a blog post – that’s purely because I’m having so much fun with it!


And this is just a little sneak peek because I’m off to the Renaissance Festival this Saturday and it’s the first year I’ve been halfway decent with makeup to make something a bit steampunk. Plus I didn’t have to change my eye makeup for any of the looks today.


What’s your main style inspiration combination? What makes your look, Yours?
Let me know in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “How NOT to be an Instagram Girl | Finding Your Uniqueness in a World full of Copies

  1. WOW how different do you look with the wig?! Haha this definitely gave me a shock, it’s amazing playing around with them, isn’t it? I’m a little obsessed with my blonde one I have to admit. I love your looks, it’s really good seeing something different rather than standard Instagram stuff, it most definitely is almost all the same! I feel as though if you like one pic on there you’ve liked them all. I can’t get into this whole ‘themed profile’ stuff they’ve got going, too. Way too organised for me, as we all know anything that requires being organised for me turns out to be utter chaos hahah. Your hair band is so pretty too by the way! I love hair things like that. 🙂


  2. first off, your pictures are gorgeous as always. But what I really want to comment on is your opinions of “todays beauty.” GIRL. I cannot agree more with you!!!!!!!!! I mean yes, beauty and makeup nowadays can be very beautiful but it’s not unique anymore!!! You go out somewhere or search beauty pics on social media and 1000 girls will look exactly. the. same. I even fall victim to that because I’m learning and all the tutorials I see are giving me the same results. I try to add my own style to my makeup, but I gotta admit it still comes pretty close to what everyone else does. Also your comment on budgets and what your style really is, that’s a big fact in style and I think a lot of people don’t understand that or want to admit it. Being able to afford what you want and being forced to buy what you can is two totally different things and honestly it can give completely different results!! Makeup and clothes wise! ugh I’m just really happy to see another person talk on this topic and be open and real about it, without being disrespectful. Sorry this comment is so long lol
    Also I would love a corset guide/tutorial!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For so long I thought I knew my style and then I realized it was just what was available in my size for my budget. Talk about a game changer! I’ve never had the budget to just “go for it” and being plus size and chesty + living in a small town in the middle of nowhere… definitely in a “what’s available” rut for the time being.

      I’m so curious to see what happens to beauty looks in the next years and even next decade, with everyone growing up with tutorials that unless you specify, seem to look like percentages of the same look! I finally gave up watching tutorials for anything except really specialty stuff because learning on my own gave me so much more creativity overall.

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  3. Yeees my instagram feed is full with the same makeup look all over I can’t even handle this anymore…. Everyone ends up having the same face and I’m like this isn’t what makeup is for, how can someone create their very own style without playing with makeup but following the instagram tutorials. This is so wrong, thanks for bringing this up, you have some great points here girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s why I love things like the #100DaysOfMakeup hashtags and challenges on Instagram, I start following those and get these wild crazy looks of people really experimenting and it breaks up the monotony of 3 layer contour and baked under-eyes. Even body contouring is starting to take over my feed. Who has time for that??? And more than that… Who lives a life where they don’t sweat or rub against stuff for that stuff to stay on?!?


  4. Yes, you made some great points! 🙂 I think seeing the same looks over and over in my Instagram feed made me not want to be that. I also think that’s what made me gravitate more towards colors. So…I guess colors make me unique in a way, but not really, lmao. My skills aren’t sufficient enough to separate me from the rest just yet.
    I think it’s great when people embrace their own skin tone. I’m so tired of people wanting to look tan all year-round while I’m over here trying to not be so tan haha.

    Anyway, awesome job with this post! You look amazing with those wigs!!!

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    1. Instagram definitely made me hesitant to even Become a beauty blogger, quite honestly. It felt like such a one dimensional world just searching makeup and like people that were different were the ones with a bazillion and 13 followers. It’s why I can’t let myself do a true “look” or tutorial 99% of the time. I think your looks totally stand out and I absolutely love seeing them. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If I’m being truthful, I’m not all that crazy about following so many beauty guru’s. I follow less than 10. But I totally understand what you mean. It’s one of those things in which you’d rather stand out and be your own person instead of blending in with other people who have the same interest. Or at least that’s how I feel. But I love your blog, the way you run it, the types of posts you share. YOU definitely stand out as well. I like that you think out of the box, I’m still working on that. 😉
        But thank you, doll! It means a lot that people actually enjoy seeing my looks LOL.


  5. Such great points girl!! I always love how you totally go a different direction with the themes! I look forward to reading what you come up with! You are so talented with writing girl!! Love all your looks here! Red lips look amazing on you! I am a total pale girl too and I am proud of it! I don’t like the leather look haha! That wig is so fun girl!!

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