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6 Tips For Writing The Perfect Blog Post Title


You just wrote an amazing post. That’s AWESOME… but what do you call it? Is this too generic? Will people read this? Does the title make sense? Is it too long? Too short? UGH THIS IS TOO HARD let’s go eat chocolate.

Welcome to this week’s Better Blogger Challenge. If you can’t tell… we’re gonna tackle titles. Because I went to school (basically) for this, and I still stress over it. So sometimes I can’t actually imagine what I’d do if I was starting from scratch and having no idea of what to do. Chances are a lot of you know the basics of creating titles already! But there’s a thousand tips filled with good and bad advice, and if you care about your content, you’re always looking to up your game a little, or a lot. So I’ve got 6 must-try tips for coming up with titles for your next blog posts.

6 Tips For Writing The Perfect Blog Post Title

6 Tips For Writing The Perfect Blog Post TItle

#1: Start with a WORKING title.

You need a fleshed out topic and a direction for where you want to go. For instance, this article started out as How To Write The Perfect Blog Post Title. Because that’s what it is. It’s a mini guide. But as you work on a topic and flesh out your ideas, almost every time without fail, your writing will divert just a little from what you originally intended, or you might just have a better picture of what you offered about the topic now that it’s done.

Rough draft your title, write your post, read and proofread, and Then choose and polish your final title.

#2: Think about search terms.

I anticipate the biggest search terms for this article to be:

  • blog post title
  • perfect blog post title
  • how to write a blog post title
  • blog title tips

That means these terms… at least some of them, are my keywords. They need to be bound within my post, they  need to be present in my title. Pretty simple, right?

#3: Never try just one.

This comes back to my background in Advertising. We never, and I mean never, only hear one idea. Logo design, 20 ideas. Brand name? 20 ideas. Brochure paper? 20 ideas. The number is arbitrary. But it really boils down to: brainstorm. Think about all the ways you could write the title. Think about all the search terms that someone might use to find your article. Think about what makes the content obvious, but intriguing, and always accurate.

Every time you write a title, and try new wording, you open up possibilities and combinations of words and keywords that you might not have seen before. If you’re writing blog posts for someone similar to yourself, think about the titles for similar article topics that you click on.

I think the absolute minimum for titles you should try before choosing one is 5. 20 is better.

  • How To Write The Perfect Blog Post Title
  • X Tips For Writing The Perfect Blog Post Title
  • Everything You Need To Know About Choosing A Blog Post Title
  • What the hell do I name my article anyway?
  • Tips from an Advertiser: Choosing The Perfect Blog Post Title

#4: Demonstrate Usefulness.

I could just name this “Blog Post Titles” but… what about it? Is it just a list of titles? That still might be helpful to someone, actually quite a few someones, but if I’m going to give tips on how to write a title, and I’m promising you should come away from this article knowing something new, or at least seeing it in a different light, that needs to be shown right in the title. Before you even click, you should know that the time you’re about to spend is useful.

“How to” and  “what is” are some of the most entered words, followed by a topic, into search engines. “Tips”, I will assume, is up there too, at least for people that don’t want as long of a read. No, I don’t have statistical data on that, but I can see it in my own search history more often even than I realized I was typing it.

I do know that many, many websites tell you that including a digit (5, not five) makes people click more often because it creates expectation of how much value will be within it. It can also separate your article. I’ve come across many regurgitated tips copied from one site to another with no real changes, so I rarely click two articles titled “12 tips to ___”. I’m more likely to choose one that says 12, one that says 8, one that says 5, etc etc.

#5: Use “Power” terms.

Power terms come in a few forms. These are single word (or a quick phrases) that add promise of value.

Power Adjectives can create enthusiasm. Words like Amazing, Incredible, Creative, Jaw-Dropping, Savvy, Efficient, Valuable, Unforgettable, Proven, Attention Grabbing, Easy, Epic, Best, and Mouth-Watering all demonstrate how to “up” the perceived value. These words are what separates the normal from the incredible.

It’s not just beef, it’s Kobe beef.

Power Adjectives can also be negative and demonstrate more of a problem. Words like Useless, Serious, Disturbing, Shocking, Terrible, Self-Destructive, and even Gross can have more impact.

and then there’s a word that inspires what you need to do

Power Action Verbs are an action that you Want to do. The words that come after “How to” (though they can start a title on their own too). Words like Build, Create, Illustrate, Design, Grow, Renovate, Maximize, Eliminate, Enhance, Stop, Show, and Prove.

How To Stop Stressing Over Blog Post Titles. (Not the title, but not a bad one!)

#6: Don’t be TOO creative.

This goes back to thinking about search terms too. While you CAN get your blog into the search results without a title that matches the search term… it’s a lot harder. I’m writing this article about tips for writing the perfect blog post. If I don’t have my key words in my title? A lot less people are going to see it. I’m just not “big” enough to get auto-traffic like that (which, on another day, we’ll discuss why I’m HAPPY to not have my blog be viral, and why you should enjoy it while your blog is small).

If I titled this “The thing nobody does just right as a blogger,” this wouldn’t come up nearly as high in search results… and a lot less people would click on it. Well, maybe not. Sometimes fear and negativity can make you click if you’re intrigued, but the search thing? Yeah that wouldn’t work.

A better example of not being too creative is with Unboxing posts. I always title my unboxings (except the first, and last, because those reviews are written very differently) with the Subscription Name/Type {Month Year}. Sometimes with Unboxing in there too.

Why? Why wouldn’t I use my title tips for those? Because if you want to see it: You want to see it.

People that come across the post as followers or visitors to my blog… you’ve likely at least heard of the main subscriptions, or you’ll see “subscription box” in the excerpt/preview of the post, or you’ll see what’s in the photo and want to click even if you’re unfamiliar.

But… hundreds, and thousands, of people search for what other people get in their subscriptions. Whether you’re looking for early spoilers, deciding if you want to subscribe, or just having box/bag envy. It does not add any value for a monthly unboxing to have a strange title in the actual post. It just adds confusion, for people, and Google.

NOTE: You can should share your post with different titles/lead-ins on social media, that’s actually a very good practice to have. I personally try to come up with 20 tweets for almost every single article I write… even for ones I posted before I started this practice. You can check out my twitter feed for some examples of how I’ve made my posts relevant days, weeks, or months after they’re posted by changing up the lead-in.



There is zero excuse for having a typo in the title. If you don’t trust your spelling, YOU ARE ALREADY ONLINE. There are options for spell checking, and you can google words SOOOOO easily. If you make an EASY mistake in the title? There’s a 99% chance I will not click on your post. Even if it says it will answer a problem I’m avidly needing help with. A few little errors in a post is forgivable. The title is NOT. If it’s a typo on a post that’s been up for more than a day? You’ve let it sit there for days/weeks/months/years? I’ve unsubscribed from blogs I’ve loved because of that lack of care demonstrated.

If you don’t care enough to correct an error in the one sentence showcasing your work, I don’t care enough to read the rest of it. I automatically lose respect for your writing. Period. I’m not the only one.

Also if you misspell a brands name…. that brand is probably never going to work directly with you. That’s just disrespectful. Take the time to check the proper spelling for anything you wouldn’t stake your reputation on.

Your reputation and validity as a blogger is on the line every time you hit publish.

6 Tips For Writing The Perfect Blog Post Title - Increase your readership, views, and search standings with these 6 easy blog header tips.

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What’s your best titled blog post!? I’d love to read it!


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