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Balancing Blogging & The Rest Of Your Life


It’s back to school season and of course #BeautiesOnFire needed a take, especially when half our collab is heading back to college or school in general. I’m not currently in classes but have a few left, but I am about to be back in the workforce (fingers crossed) after a year off for health reasons, so here’s the thing?

How the hell do I balance my blog with work/school/life?

I need this as much as you guys. Life gets in the way. You get overwhelmed, or have personal issues, or for girls it might even just be that TOM and you don’t FKING feel like it. Or it might be adding in a new element like work or school back into your routine. So here’s my tips, for you, for me, for anyone that needs them.

My 5 Tips To Balance Blogging, Work, School, and Life

#1: Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

As always with blogging… quality over quantity. For your sanity and the quality of your posts, if you only have time to write one good post a week… just write one good post a week! Retweet out your old posts, maybe interact more on Instagram and other social media to keep your followers interested if you have the time… but don’t force yourself to write every day if you don’t have the time, the energy, or the creativity right now. It’s OK. It REALLY is OK. Even if you’ve been writing daily forever.

#2: Batch It

Just like baking Christmas cookies is sometimes easier to do all at once… blogging can be the same way. There’s a few ways to go about batch writing, you can write start to finish on one post and then start to finish on another and another… or you can spend 15… 20, 30, 60 minutes on one topic, then open a new draft and work on something else. Whether you do this multiple times in a day and finish each post, or you just get the base or skeleton of the upcoming posts set up so you can finish them quicker and easier later, batch writing can be something that saves you time and stress later in the week because once you get in ‘the zone’ (as long as you avoid burnout by working TOO hard for TOO long) you’re able to write in “your voice” a lot faster and longer and you can pull higher quality posts.

#3: Pre-Plan

So what if the problem is you sit down in front of your computer after classes or work is done and you just… don’t have the slightest clue what to write about? Plan your posts ahead of time. Keep a sticky-notes app, a document on your phone, a note in your purse, a checklist,  anything that works for you, filled with any ideas you have for topics. Maybe it’s one that’s not appropriate until Christmas, but writing it down now means you have future ideas ready and you can spark inspiration from something you’ve already thought of. Additionally there’s the benefit of seeing your ideas when you’re in different frames of mind and being able to determine if it was a good idea, or a great one.

#4: Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

So what if someone in a similar situation to you or with a similar blog can post XYZ every day of the week? If that doesn’t work for you? It doesn’t make you any less of a blogger. Compare yourself to yourself. The best you can do, the best you can do right now in this mindset and this situation and with these social and economic commitments.

#5: Take Inventory

Write down ALL of your commitments. Parent, Family, Friends, Work, School, Exercise, Self Improvement, Blogging. All of it. If you want to go into detail, write down the time estimate for anything you know of how much you expect it to take per week. That means the actual class times AND time for homework when it comes to things like school. For this exercise, anything even remotely optional, like blogging, needs to come last. Because you need to decide how much of your time and energy you have left to dedicate to blogging. Remember that things come up, and that cutting time from sleep or studying isn’t an option. The reality is if you have less time to blog, you might even use your time more wisely. If you only have 6 hours a week? If you only have 2 hours a week? Make it work!

How do you balance blogging and the rest of your life?


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22 thoughts on “Balancing Blogging & The Rest Of Your Life

  1. These tips hit the nail on the head, pre-planning is especially an absolute life saver, I always feel much more excited about my blog when I have a plan, batch writing is something I’m really trying to get myself into at the minute too, I currently have the next three Monday’s sorted out for this month, meaning it’s given me more time to focus on the weekly #BeautiesOnFire posts, LIFE SAVER! I could definitely get more organised though, I seem only able to organise one part of my life at once haha, I need a complete overhaul!


  2. Love these tips! I don’t have much time to write as much as I want to which discourages me but like you said every blogger is different and you can’t compare yourself to others. I do keep an on-going list of all my ideas for now and the future so I never run out of content!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know the feeling with getting discouraged. I almost have the opposite problem though, I’m not working a 9-5 at the moment (which I want changed, but that’s besides the point) so I feel like I have so much time that I don’t have the excuse to not blog, but then I want to tackle a big topic and the hours in front of the computer kill me!

      I love keeping an ideas list! It makes it so much easier to sit down and write 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dumnezeule, Groparule, tu esti un sociolog innascut! Ai aplicat chestionar cu intrebare inchisa la cererea in casatorie! Asta da abnegatie prsiloionaea.Verisorfi ei stiu de maniera neortodoxa in care ai cerut-o? Sa nu care cumva sa le spui, caci interlopii nu au o parere prea buna despre sociologi si tinpeniile alea ale lor cu cifre si prostii. Iti spun eu, din experienta proprie si personala. Interlopii nu stie carte, bre, da vrea sondaje, da nu le place ce iese in sondaje, da atunci scoate sabia si capu plecat sabia il taie.:) :rofl:


  3. Another amazing blogger tips post! I needed to hear this one, badly, after ghosting for 10 days due to some insane school responsibilities and other situations that just made blogging tough. My problem is getting photos–I really need to do a batch photo day once a week where I do all of my product shots and swatch pictures because with fall/winter coming I am practically out of daylight by the time I get home from “work” at the hospital! Starting a blog during the summertime definitely spoiled me.

    Good luck with getting back into the workforce and getting back into balance!!

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  4. Great post! I have just started a new job and am currently trying to balance it with blogging, I try not to get blogging in the way of my job as it’s gonna affect my work performance and stuff. So I can no longer blog as much now, which is fine unless I have enough time to draft posts over the weekend! I’m glad that I still have time to continue with the Beauties On Fire collab, lately I have been shooting my outfits after work and I try to get the photos edited and post drafted days before it goes live.


  5. Perfect timing my dear. I can’t even pick a favorite tip because they are all so great! It’s crazy how quickly life picks up during the fall, isn’t it?


  6. You couldn’t have posted at a better time! So perfect! I love all your tips and agree with several. I do batch writing several times a week and it works out quite well! I get SO much done! Lol.
    I will be using #5 when school finally starts. 🙂


  7. Great tips! I can definitely relate to #4 as sometimes I see other bloggers who do so much and still blog everyday while I only blog 3 days. It’s important to remember that we can only do as much as we can handle. Great post! 🙂


  8. I needed to read this. This is the first time really in all my years of blogging that i am W O R K I N G hard at it. I would post today and then a mth later and if I was lucky twice in a week. I’m a role and have posted for 3 weeks straight w/ 3 posts a week and I’m starting to get nervous because I think OH MY GOSH what will I write about. Thanks for these tips I am going to write them down….Before I end up w/no hair from pulling it ha


  9. These are incredible tips girl!! I love it!!!! I definitely batch my work too. I had to totally convince myself that it was okay not to write a post every day. And you are totally right, It really is okay!! Pre-planning is a total life saver! I use Trello to pre-plan all my posts and I love it!! Well done love!

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