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The Evolution of Harley Quinn

This week (ok, LAST week) #BeautiesOnFire did a Superhero/Villains them… and I knew exactly what I had to do.

Everybody knows Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. You probably also know that her iconic look in the big screen changed vastly from an equally iconic origin appearance – in the cartoons, no less. But… not nearly as many people know about all the changes she went through in between those two unforgettable looks and…

The Evolution of Harley Quinn


Featuring: Eyeko FAT liner (lips & mask), NYX Liquid Suede Kitten Heels (tint on lips)

Introduced in an episode of Batman the Animated Series in 1992, this was, until this year, the most iconic look for Harley. This was also the look she had in her first comic appearance in 1999 in Batman: Harley Quinn (the cover of which was referenced cutely in Suicide Squad (2016)) and in the first Harley Quinn solo comics (Volume 1) released in 2000. (These ones are sentimental to me because I got the Trade Paperback version at a con with my guy)


Featuring: Gaga 180 palette (mask & cheeks), NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels (lips)

Arkham Asylum released in 2009 was the game giving Harley a certifiably insane look in a half nurse, half psychotic clown outfit and sporting bright pink cheeks, red pouty lips and a purple toned mask as she roamed the Asylum.


Featuring: Eyeko FAT liner, ColourPop Ultra Matte in Avenue + NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels

When the Arkham City game released in 2011, Harley became much darker, more of a smokey, sultry eyed badass in red and black leather. Depending on the angle sometimes it was quite light or quite dark but there was always a thick arrogant wing, and the lips were dark red to enhance a sociopathic giggle.


Featuring: ColourPop Avenue + NYX Kitten Heels (lips), Gaga 180 palette (eyes & brows)

Harley Quinn (Volume 2) starting in 2011 introduced Harley’s new red and blue attire, complete with a red tinged nose. I absolutely love this comic series. Especially issue #0 because Harley essentially interviews and tests out different artists and styles for her comic and it breaks the fourth wall amazingly. Plus she’s a derby girl and rescues pets in these comics. She still sported some leather in the form of a bustier. Harley is also separated from Mistah J in this series. She has a TON of other outfits in this series. PSA: there’s a scratch and sniff Harley comic.


Featuring: ColourPop Avenue + NYX Kitten Heels (lips), Gaga 180 palette (eyes & brows)

and finally Suicide Squad (2016) almost guaranteed Harley Quinn to be the most trending costume of the year (maybe with Khaleesi coming up close behind) by painting Harley in a new… but not so new light. Her makeup rain wrecked and psychotically sexy gave her a new trademark, right down to the booty shorts and fishnets. I personally love that she set aside her old outfit before getting dressed into this one. This is the only look of Harley’s to match and potentially beat her original attire with the cheeky bodysuit of Joker’s little lady love. The new look plays off of various elements from almost all of her past looks, while adding in unique new touches that make her come across accurate to personality on the big screen.

Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters because she is absolutely devoted, but snarky and cheeky and flaunts her sexuality like no other female character can, maybe with the exception of Poison Ivy. She’s a true badass and her psychiatry origins just make it all the better when she messes with people and falls for her psychotic murdering lover, The Joker himself.

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