We Interupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Because… my laptop broke.

You might have noticed some missing posts this week, or well, all of them, and that is because over a year of use my laptops get beaten to hell and all the sudden the one time nothing happened to it for 24 hours, it stopped charging.

Tearing it apart didn’t work, krazy glue didn’t work, but, I got everything backed up and conveniently had a little 2 in 1 I was close to getting rid of that I’ll be able to transfer my information onto. The problem is… this “computer” can’t handle the programs I use for editing and creating images.

So here’s the deal: BeautiesOnFire will be either tomorrow or Saturday, depending on if my 1st or 2nd solution to this problem works, since there’s not much to recap, Saturday & Sunday will be catch-up days for a few posts, but all series (Better Blogger Challenge and the All About Series) will be bumped out a week so we’ll resume regularly Monday and Wednesday.

Sorry for the delays!

PS this keyboard is tiny kill me now my typos are beyond ridiculous.

#FirstWorldProblems: My backup laptops keyboard is smaller than I’m used to because I haven’t had to use it in a year because I usually use it as a tablet.


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