What You May Have Missed So Far

10 Posts You May Have Missed

Plan With Me - Creating An Editorial & Social Media Calendar For Your Blog

A guide and walkthrough for planning your editorial & social media calendars.

5 things you forgot to do today

Little habits and reminders that will make your day, and your life, 10x better.

how to rock a red lip

Every tip and trick I know about applying lipstick that will last all day, in the right shades.

My Boyfriend Explains Makeup Tag

What a perceptive guy thinks about makeup, item by item.

All About Influenster

How in the hell do you get a VoxBox?!? Read this and find out.


What’s the deal with sheet masks anyway?

How To Hack Ipsy - Ipsy Quiz Personalization and Which Stylists to choose

Not happy with your Ipsy Glambag? Update your Beauty Profile with these tips!

2015 year in pictures

A look into my first Year in Pictures, aka 365 Photo Project, before I finish with 2016!


There’s Birchbox vs Ipsy… but what about Beauty Box 5? Check out My First Mystery Box!


Struggling to get on track with your blog? Work? Life? Keep a journal!

3 Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week

The ProBlogger Podcast by Darren Rowse

I LOVE his most recent one, but you might enjoy going back to the beginning and hitting up his 30 day challenge with the first 30 podcasts! I’ve listened to each of them multiple times.


I find so much good blog content here, and I love sharing great images of makeup or great pinnable images. Leave me your Pinterest in the comments and let’s link up!

This FREE 5 Day Pinterest Course!

I JUST started this today! Let’s do it together!

My Favorite Photo This Week

What’s Coming Up

Monday: An amazing resource to get cheap & completely free items to review!

Tuesday: Ipsy vs Birchbox September Spoilers + August 2016 Essence Unboxing!

Wednesday: All my tips, tricks, & tools for writing the PERFECT post title!

Thursday: The evolution of my all-time favorite character in makeup & fashion!

Friday: Why your skin is mad at you and how to make it your BFF again.

Next Sunday: The habits you need in your life for your most productive fall ever!

What Did I Miss?

I love reading your posts, but I know things get lost in the shuffle! What are you proud of that you think I should read? Whether it’s yours, this week, last week, last month, last year, leave your links in the comments if you’ve got something I should read!

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3 thoughts on “What You May Have Missed So Far

  1. These look so interesting and will look into these links! Looking forward to your posts to. And here is a link to my blog if you want to read anything I’ve written xx


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