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7 Deadly Sins of Makeup Addiction

It’s a #BeautiesOnFire day! And this week’s theme was one of my suggestions and something I’d been wanting to do for quite a while. As with every week I want to give you guys something that you’ll walk away feeling different or knowing something new, so we’re gonna talk about:

The 7 Deadly Sins of Makeup Addiction

OK maybe not deadly… but your credit card is crying.


Greed is one of the most prominent sins of makeup hoarding. New palettes come out, new limited edition items, and we have to have them, even if you have enough eyeshadow to last us through the next 10 years… even if you don’t wear eyeshadow often, or you only wear certain colors. Makeup collections quickly become HUGE, expensive… and wasted.

How to combat it: Set yourself a system to use up what you have and make it fun. Use things like Project Pan or other Makeup Challenges to get yourself interested in what you already have so that you can resist the urges to buy more that you don’t need.


Pride is what might be filing your Instagram feed with selfies… pride in showing off hauls, makeup skills, obsessing on getting better not for yourself, but to show off and get more popular. That thought that followers and likes matter? That’s pride.

How to combat it: Do things for yourself. Not for anyone else. It sounds cheesy, but doing your makeup or anything else for YOU, makes a world of difference.


Envy of those perfect blending skills, that amazing makeup collection. Envy of someone having more followers, or someone that does xyz better than you.

How to combat it: Stop comparing yourself. Appreciate people for what they offer. Learn, thank them, ask questions. But don’t be envious. You can learn anything you’re envious of, and that big stash is probably due to Gluttony anyway.


Gluttony shows through in the size of your collection, even moreso if a significant amount of your collection doesn’t get used. Having to have every color of lipstick, in every formula, even ones you’d never wear out? When you run out of storage space, or things expire before you even make a dent in them? Sound about right? Got a bunch of foundations that probably don’t even work for you, but you keep them anyway?

How to combat it: Complete a full makeup destash. Go through your stash and get rid of everything expired, that you have to force yourself to use, or that you have dupes of that you’ll never get through all of them before they expire. Then pull out everything you actually use and ENJOY using, set it aside, and really reflect on what’s left and if you need it in your life or not.


Wrath. Oh the joy of Wrath. Product bashing if we have an allergic reaction to it that a company couldn’t begin to help. Finding one thing wrong with a product and instantly deciding you hate it. 1 star reviews because of ONE thing wrong with it that you expected without reading about what it promised anyway… Getting upset over celebrities or brands doing catty things that don’t remotely reach you to effect your life in any way…

How to combat it: Stop. Take a breath. Celebrities crap doesn’t effect you. Brand crap rarely effects you. Was the problem with the product something you could have researched? Can you just return it? Can you re-sell it or pass it on to someone else that would like it despite the problem? Is it really a BAD product because you had different expectations? Maybe, maybe not.


Sloth is extremely prevalent everywhere you look, especially in millennials. Too lazy to take an in focus photo, too lazy to take off makeup, too lazy to SPELL CHECK (let alone grammar check), too lazy to do research on a product to learn about any issues you might have with it (and then being mad about it later…)

How to combat it: Take Pride in what you do and how you do it. Don’t put up work that you would look back on and be ashamed of whether it’s a photo or an article, it’s like going out with lipstick on your teeth every day for the rest of your life. Use spell checks, zoom in to 100% on a photo to make sure it’s in focus, and find a balance between being prideful, and not putting effort in. If it’s being lazy about a product, remember that you should spend as long considering and researching a purpose, as it took you to make the money you’re about to spend on it.


Lusting after products is another thing that will flood your Instagram feed. There’s food porn, but there’s also product porn. Those Jeffree Star highlighters? All the LE palettes? Even if you don’t end up spending the money on it and being Greedy or Gluttonous, you’re still wasting Lust on it.

How to combat it: Look for dupes in your own collection. Whether it’s mixing two lipsticks, or something you like better anyway. Decide if things are ‘different enough’ that it’s worth spending x dollars and having Another product that starts expiring the second you open it.

7 Deadly Sins of Makeup Addiction & How to stop yourself from committing them

What’s your makeup addiction sin? Collection too big? Lusting after products you might not even use or that aren’t designed for your needs?

Let me know in the comments, and make sure to check out my fellow lovely bloggers 7 Deadly Sins posts in this week’s Beauties On Fire collab through the image below!


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17 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins of Makeup Addiction

  1. I love how you looked at the sins from a beauty point of view, very well done is this post. My beauty sin would definitely have to be sloth, purely due to not washing my make-up brushes as often as I should and sometimes not removing make-up before bed after a night out. Oopsie. 😛


  2. You did an amazing job!! Love your calligraphy and your sayings, you’re absolutely right on every word you say. My beauty sin is me wanting every makeup tools existed, like brushes, sponges and stuff…. I never have enough

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like that with eyeshadow brushes. Especially blendy ones. I have no desire to have to wash my brushes more than once a week, but I also don’t want to use dirty brushes. My brain tries to justify them. It’s probably a good thing that I’m only getting them in Ipsy bags right now!


    1. It tried to do envy in green eyeshadow but it just wasn’t happening xD luckily it still turned out very different from Sloth even being written with the same liner. I love getting to do little advice posts, especially when I can make it fun.
      You should have seen the facial expressions I was making when trying to channel the moods for the sins to write them ‘accurately’


  3. Yay!! I love this post so much!! I think that the one I can relate to the most is envy. It’s just so easy to compare yourself with others and their skills and what not. Even when you know it’s not good to compare, you still do. But I don’t beat myself up about it. 🙂

    I don’t think I have freed, because my collection is fairly small and my husband has helped keep it small by asking “do you need it?” And I answer honestly. I’m very proud of myself of this because I talk myself out of it lol. I really only buy things if I don’t have them.

    I could say I lust after makeup but not that much. If I see it, I immediately think “I want it” because of how pretty it looks. And then I get over it. Lol. I have a friend who actually acts on her impulses and anything she tells me she wants, she gets. And she’s always telling me she’s broke haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I kinda guiltily love hearing that people are broke all the time when they say they buy whatever they want. I definitely lust after makeup sometimes, usually because I want the shade names. But… I have every shade I would need for eyeshadow in a LIFETIME, for like… 8 different skintones and shades. So I can’t justify any eyeshadow palette, and I don’t wear lipsticks enough to buy them outside of subscription boxes!
      Being able to talk yourself out of stuff (with or without help) is a skill that’s Definitely beneficial to learn early 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha omg I low key love hearing that too because in my mind, I tell myself I’m not broke, so I can buy whatever what I want lol. Oh man, I do think I need more eye palettes, because I don’t have a wide range of shades and finishes. Although, I’m lookin into plenty of options so I make the right choice. 🙂 I can’t decide between 5 palettes though lol.
        Yes, it was hard telling myself “you don’t need this, don’t buy this”, but it pays off! 😀
        I think your ideas for makeup challenges are great though, I will have to try them so I can begin using all of my makeup. 🙂 I may do the 100 days of makeup lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. This is wonderful love!!! I totally LOVE your take on this theme and love how you drew the words with makeup! So cool! You are just so creative! Your penmanship is incredible! I am totally guilty of greed with makeup. I have SO many palettes and my makeup collection is so large. I agree it is totally wasteful! I totally love your tips girl!!

    I definitely do my makeup for me! I don’t care what everyone else thinks or if they follow me on IG haha! I just love experimenting with makeup. Sometimes it works out great and other times…not so much haha!!

    Envy is so difficult in the blogging world. It really is hard not to compare! However, it is important to realize that we all are unique and everyone should just blog about what they love!

    I am totally guilty of gluttony too! I really need to go through my makeup and be smart about what I buy lol!

    I don’t feel like I am lazy when it comes to my writing or blogging. However, I am with photography. That totally isn’t my strong suit haha!

    I don’t think I really lust after makeup. If I want it, I get it haha. I don’t drool over it and wish I had it. If I can’t afford it, I simply CAN’T afford it haha!

    Great post! Now I need to reflect on my makeup life haha!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m guilty of the ‘want to try it all’ but not necessarily collect it all. Thank god for subscription boxes!
      Envy gets hard with blogs and social media and everything because someone does a topic and sometimes I know I want to cover it but I just have no idea where to start at ALL.
      I think I’m the most lazy when it comes to social media. There’s days I just really can’t be bothered. Photography is the thing I absolutely CAN’T settle on. Every photo, even a quick ‘show the boyfriend what I made for dinner’ photo is taken at different angles and little adjustments… so maybe Pride is my real sin 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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