Birchbox Can’t Stop Won’t Stop {August 2016}

About Birchbox: Birchbox is a $10/month subscription box that sends out 5+ deluxe and full sized products every month. All the items come inside a reusable box with a new design every month. The products are matched to you roughly on your beauty profile after eliminating boxes with products you’ve received in the past, based on pre-curated box combinations and which option fits best to what they know about you.

You have 3 options every month: go with the box they would pick for you, pick an item from sample choice and receive the box they pick for you featuring that item, or choose the curated box themed for the month and receive the exact products you see featured.

New subscribers can earn up to $5.00 with their first 5 reviews, and all subscribers can earn $5.00 per referral and $0.10 per dollar spent in the Birchbox store.

Initial Impressions: I was pretty neutral this month when I saw the previews. I was excited for the lippie, but beyond that nothing was super ‘oh yay it’s THAT, I wanted that!’ I was curious about what part of the Manna K palette we’d be getting, but I have all the eyeshadows, blush, highlight, and bronzer I could ever need, so that wasn’t too exciting.

What’s in the box?


Manna Kadar Day Dream Palette [Sample]
So… I’ve gotten this sample before. But in better packaging. This is actually a highlight/bronzer duo. I don’t use bronzer well… ever, so this will automatically be rehomed for me. I do use the other one I have of this occasionally with a wet brush for a metallic neutrals shadow look or liner.


NOTE: This is part of the “Day-Dream Palette” by Manna K. It’s also sold on it’s own for $21.00, in different packaging. I have both, and they list the same ounces… so this is actually a deluxe packaging of a full sized product. Since Birchbox made the mistake of under-valuing the product by listing it as a palette piece… we’ll go with their MUCH cheaper value.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $1.17 (vs $21.00)
My Value: $1.59
Will I buy it? No I don’t use it.
Full Size Price: $25.00 (vs $21.00)


stila Stay All Day in Patina
MINI = 0.05 oz tube
This was the one super exciting thing for me in the box, and it didn’t disappoint. The formula wears pretty well, especially through drinking, and only budges a bit when eating around the center. It’s a good bit darker on the lip than in the tube which I don’t dislike because it makes it look a lot more dusty mauve than the dusty pink in the tube. Definitely a great long-wear and the formula is up there with Jouer and Jeffree Star for me.
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $12.00
My Value: $4.50
Will I buy it? Potentially the mini kit someday.
Full Size Price: $24.00

SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless [Foil Set]
1 oz Creme Rinse + 0.5 oz Shampoo foil duo
Fun fact, this also came in my Influenster #ReviveVoxBox on the same day. I actually still haven’t tried either set of them, though I’ve heard good things. I don’t mind receiving these as they’re 2 bonus items besides my other samples.
Rating: TBD
Sample Value: $1.18 + $0.59 = $1.77 combined
My Value: $0.50 combined
Will I buy it? Probably not, I like switching up my hair care.
Full Size Price: $10.99 each

Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel
SAMPLE SIZE = 0.24 oz tube
My skin has been crazy lately, so I’ve only tried this once so far. I did like the texture, but from my initial test I didn’t notice anything remarkable (good or bad) about it, so it’s a short and sweet mention. It matches my skincare preferences so Birchbox did good.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $3.67
My Value: $1.00
Will I buy it? No, too expensive.
Full Size Price: $26.00

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil
ESTIMATED SIZE = 0.25 oz bottle
I really love hair oils, and this one smells… like baking something yummy. I can’t nail it down, it just smells great. It’s definitely one of the heavier oils I’ve used, so I like applying it when my hair is wet so it absorbs and doesn’t look as intense, but it’s extremely hydrating and makes your hair look luxurious. I didn’t choose a sample choice for August, but I’m fine with getting this one.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $1.75
My Value: $1.00
Will I buy it? No, I don’t spend much on hair products.
Full Size Price: $28.00

Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel for Face and Body
SAMPLE SIZE = 0.84 oz bottle
I… haven’t used this at all yet. My cleansers have all been acne based lately, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness. I will rate only on the fact that Birchbox did a decent job at adding this in my curation. I do like Avene products so far, but it’s not exciting like makeup.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $2.48
My Value: $1.00
Will I buy it? I need acne cleansers.
Full Size Price: $20.00

Box Summary


Box Cost: $10.00 (I paid $7.33 on an annual deal)
Box Rating: 3.75/5
Full Size Products: 0  Deluxe Samples: 5   Foils: 2
Total Sample Value: $22.84 ($42.67 if they called it the bronzer duo)
Total Personal Value: $9.50
+ Added Value: $1.50 for the box
= Total Box Value = $11.00
Opinion: I don’t have any complaints about this box, and with the exception of the duo I already have, it’s all stuff I’ll use, it’s just not a super exciting one this month for me. It was worth it to get the Stila though because I almost got the curated box when I had seen that in it. This was more like one of the boxes that seamlessly blends in with your routine.

If you’re wanting to Subscribe to Birchbox, I’d love it if you’d use my link! I am not affiliated with the brand, but do get the referral reward that all subscribers can receive.

Sample choice for September went live for EVERYONE today and I got the Milk Mascara, I think I have a mascara addiction. What are you getting?

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6 thoughts on “Birchbox Can’t Stop Won’t Stop {August 2016}

  1. SheaMoisture is probably one of my favorite brands for my own hair– and that’s saying a lot. I’m extremely picky, considering I have very dry and curly hair. I don’t use the shampoo because I mostly stick to co-washing, but their conditioners and leave-ins have all been a huge hit for me.

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  2. I got the Stila lipstick as well, and I am OBSESSED with it. It stays on so well. Definitely going to buy it in more colors.


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