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10 Challenges for Nerds | From Fitness to Planning in September 2016

It’s Thursday and that means it’s #BeautiesOnFire day again! I had a lot of ideas for this week when I heard it was Pokemon, though to be honest… I’m not really a fan. I do enjoy saying “Pi-ka-chuuu” in various tones to be a dork, and Charmander will always be my favorite, but it’s just nothing I’ve been interested in. I didn’t get into Pokemon Go, either. It only lasted about a day on my phone.

The idea I stuck with all week was to make this the post I did my Color Theory post about. But really… I’ve had those designs in my head for months and they don’t involve Pokemon. It also makes it a little too kitschy for my tastes long term. BUT… there’s something I know quite a bit about, and it involves Pokemon, and geeks in general.

So I bring you…

10 challenges for nerds

10 Challenges For Nerds


1. The Pokemon Go Challenge

You knew Pokemon was coming in this post, so we’ll start out right with it. Besides the gotta catch em all challenge that’s built into the feeling of using the app, you can team up with Charity Miles to earn money for charity. They have their own app as well that you can use with or without Pokemon Go.

2. Walk To Rivendell

This took me WAAAY longer than I want to admit. But I finished my challenge this month! I tried a site hosting an automatic version where you could just enter in your miles, but at a certain number it starts erroring out and listing things WAYYY wrong. You can track your all-day miles easily with a simple  Pedometer app, especially if you’re bad about remembering to wear a real pedometer like I am. I’ve used several, but like Noom Walk at the moment because it tells me when I surpass a past daily step goal.


3. #PlanWithMeChallenge

September Plan With Me Challenge

This is one of my all-time favorite challenges. It’s for everyone that uses any type of planning system, but the majority of posters use the Bullet Journal system. I’ve missed a few months but have done this on and off publicly for a year now, since last August when it first started. I can’t wait to go back full fledged into September’s challenge and the prompts are already up! Also, the entire planner and bullet journal community is SO welcoming, very similar to the beauty blogger community.

4. #StudySeptember

Study September

So many of you guys are going back to school, and even if you aren’t, you can participate in something like this challenge to give you a little daily boost to being organized to optimize your learning and even boost your grades by being on top of your stuff every day.

5. The KonMari Method

This isn’t ‘technically’ a challenge… but it is. I’m in the middle of this for the 2nd round because I got quite sick and distracted during my first round and wasn’t able to finish. But the KonMari method is all about de-cluttering by deciding what to KEEP, rather than what to get rid of. I’ve linked to another blogger’s explanation of the method, and you can get amazingly motivated if you get your hands on the audio book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. – I listen to this book over and over while I clean because with dogs and cats… there is no ‘silence’ to be peaceful in, and hearing only them just frustrates me.

6. Level 10 Life


This one isn’t QUITE a challenge either… it’s from another book. It’s another pretty great book, that leads into a major lifestyle change. The book is The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, and the ‘challenge’ is analyzing and leveling up every area of your life. It’s an ongoing challenge and a lot of people do it monthly to see where their life has changed and to set new goals.


7. The Better Blogger Challenge

How To Use Blog Categories Effectively To Engage Your Reader

Self promotion, I know, but in the next few weeks we’ll be tackling making the most out of your use of Tags, Titles, and Header Images, before we get into how to up your photography game with $0 invested.


8. Capture Your 365


The overall challenge for this is just a 365 Photo Challenge in general. If you haven’t heard of that, it’s a photo a day for a year. I finished my first “year in pictures” last year and in December will be finishing up my 2nd year.

This particular challenge offers prompts and a community shared on Instagram and other platforms using #cy365. I’ve tried this challenge on and off and it’s great for days I’m not feeling creative or don’t see a great photo automatically. This is also a way to test the waters and just try out a month of daily photos.

9. #PTLDoodles

September’s prompts aren’t quite up yet, but if you want to start drawing more, for practice or fun. on Instagram puts out daily prompts every month for a doodle-a-day type challenge.


10. PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge


I did a post on this earlier this year, and I’m struggling with some of the categories, but pushing myself out of my comfort zone with books has been an amazing experience. You can start this challenge at any time and go at your own pace – don’t limit yourself to a year if that won’t work for you.

I’ll be doing the #PlanWithMeChallenge, Better Blogger Challenge, Level 10 Life, KonMari Method, and continuing the PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge.

If you’d like to follow my daily planning posts next week, you can follow my ‘personal’ Instagram @HisTechgirl, + Make sure you’re following @ThatGeekyGF!

What are you starting for September?

Make sure you follow the blog so you don’t miss the September Blog Planning post coming up Sunday where I’ll do a complete walkthrough of my blog planning for next month, along with my resources and editorial calendar!

Check out all the #BeautiesOnFire Pokemon posts through the logo below!



19 thoughts on “10 Challenges for Nerds | From Fitness to Planning in September 2016

  1. I still find it incredible how organised you are, it’s amazing. I seriously need some of your motivation. I absolutely love the idea of the reading challenge, it looks so good, definitely something I’ll have to remember for next year.


  2. Great post! I’m going to have to try some of these (many) challenges haha! I also love how you did something unique! xo


  3. Im bookmarking about 5 things listed for future use! I have tried the 365 callenge, I think i got two months in and just started forgetting lol I do want to try it again though! I think i’ll start it next month! and the reading list is definitely something I want to do. I love books but I haven’t had time lately to read them of free will so I think making it a ‘challenge’ will help me create time to read! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t do the 365 challenge until I set alerts and actually my guy checks in daily to make sure I took and picked one. I failed for 3 years before he offered to help. Having someone to keep me accountable is the Only way I remember!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I still can’t decide if I’m going to do one of the other LOTR walks now that I finished my first one, or find a new challenge. I like switching it up. It was so fun though, Especially when you get to “update” the boyfriends on progress every time you reach a new milestone!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your better blogger challenge! 🙂 as a newbie blogger (and social media person) I get so discouraged because I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing BUT I can always count on those guides to help me out! So thank you *big virtual hug* and KonMari for life. Am going to look into the level 10 thing as it seems like just the thing I need right now. I love that I can always count on your posts!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You seriously always make my day with your comments. It reassures me I’m actually posting useful info and not rambling on (too much). Big virtual hugs right back! Level 10 Life is so fun. There’s an initial twinge to analyzing it and almost a guarantee your number is lower than you thought it would be/wanted it to be in at least one category, but it can go up really fast too 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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