Site Reorganization Notice!

In prelude to tomorrow’s Better Blogger Challenge guide of how to use categories properly… I’ll be taking my own advice and tearing down the majority of my categories!

How better to make sure that I know everything I need to tell you guys than to build it back up from scratch… (ok almost scratch. I know I need my boxes, those are staying.) The main page feed the blog will still function as-normal, and links to the boxes should still be live and active if you’re looking for information on a specific subscription. 2nd update, I will be re-organizing how the boxes are set up as well, these may go down, but will be back up soon!

Please use the search bar if you have trouble finding anything. 🙂

Updates are expected to be completed by tomorrow, but fixing links in older posts may take a few more days. I will take down the main menu graphics in the sidebar for the categories until everything’s back up, but will highlight some of my most popular posts, ya know, in case you get bored ;).


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