Ipsy Unbagging & Possibly My Best Bag Ever {August 2016}

About Ipsy: Ipsy is a $10/month subscription “box” that is really a bag. In fact it comes with a themed bag designed specifically for that month, and 5+ makeup items ranging from samples to full size. They have a ‘points’ system where you can get 10 points per item reviewed, plus reviewing the bag (15 points per item/bag if you set it to post each review to social media), and you can redeem points starting at ~100 points for rewards that change up every few weeks, including high-end rewards such as full-sized palettes or newly launched products (Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof was available just before launch).

If you are looking to sign-up to Ipsy, I would highly appreciate if you used my referral link. I am not affiliated with the brand, but those little point rewards are super fun.

Initial Impressions: I LOVE this bag. I really wish I had gotten the blue design instead of the purple, but it’s growing on me. Everything in it? WOW. There’s not one single thing that I won’t use this month. My Hacking Ipsy Guide paid off!

What’s In The Bag?

Ipsy August 2016 (2)


Let’s do the reviews in swatch order, top to bottom!
I-LINE, Josie Maran Vanilla Apricot, Lord&Berry Intimacy, NYX Gleam, Organic Surge




Beauty For Real I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner in Black Magic
Disclaimer: My only experience with this is swatching it. I have another black eyeliner open and don’t want to get bacteria starting to grow on this by using it. But it glided on SO smooth. It’s easily the smoothest liner I’ve ever tried. I bet this will be AMAZING on my waterline. I splashed water over the swatch: no budging. I rubbed my finger back and forth over it until my skin kinda felt hot like I was going to start a fire: no smudging. I can’t wait.
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $14.00
My Value: $5.99
Will I buy it? Unsure. It’s at the high end of my price range for any liner.
Full Size Price: $14.00

Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Vanilla Apricot
SAMPLE = 0.24 oz tube
Warning: Do not try this if anyone is around to make fun of you making odd relaxing noises. I will admit to verbal and texted little ‘mmmm’s & ‘my GOD this smells amazing’s.

I hate the price-tag on this. Because OH MY GOD. One use and my skin felt so supple. But the experience starts the second you open the tube and you’re overwhelmed with the vanilla apricot almost mango-ey scent that is just FUCKING AMAZING. I’m using this as thinly as possible because I don’t want to run out. Also like seriously what other bright orange mask do you have??? Anyone know if Josie Maran does any hugely discounted sales?
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $6.77
My Value: $2.79
Will I buy it? Please let this go on sale… please?
Full Size Price: $48.00 :`(

Lord&Berry 20100 maximatte crayon lipstick in Intimacy
SIZE = 0.06 oz
So there’s a size discrepancy. All of Lord&Berry’s other crayons are 0.11 oz, this one according to the packaging and Ipsy is 0.06 oz… Lord&Berry of course doesn’t list it’s size. But it does look like the full sized item in comparing logo placement… so… it’s either $10.60 or $20.00. I’ll include the totals both ways.

Now: This looks very rosy pink when swatched on the arm, but is definitely more of a cool brown nude, at least with my undertones. It’s extremely moisturizing, so great if you have dry lips. It is NOT transfer proof, but will last through a water bottle or two if you’re careful. You will need to reapply after eating if anything even slightly touches your lips, so honestly you might as well take it off, eat, then reapply after. I personally find eating my lipstick to be disturbing. Having a wrap with this was… interesting.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $10.90 / $20.00
My Value: $3.99
Will I buy it? No. I need transfer-proof & eat-proof
Full Size Price: $20.00


Wearing Lord&Berry Intimacy & NYX Gleam

SAMPLE = 0.43 oz tube
Another size discrepency… for some reason I keep seeing reviews saying this is 0.5 oz. Right below their picture showing that it’s 0.43… ya’ll need to up your game and do your homework. I’ve seen over 50 complaints from my fellow pale princesses that this color isn’t for them… Dude have you TRIED peachy colors on pale skin? This looks GUH-ORGEOUS as a blush/highlight duo. Smear it up the cheekbones and blend down and you get this amazing glow. I also use it like a bronzer because of the subtle warmth and because I’m beyond lazy when it comes to cheek products. This has great saying power both over or under powder, or on bare skin. Just on foundation it does smudge a bit if you rest your face on  your hand.
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $5.37
My Value: $2.99
Will I buy it? Potentially. The sample will last a long time and it’s very reasonably priced. Yay NYX!
Full Size Price: $7.50

Organic Surge Perfecting Face Polish
SAMPLE = 1 oz tube
I enjoy Organic Surge. I always enjoy a good cleanser or scrub, and this is a very gentle one that’s mostly liquid with a bit of scrubby in it. I like using this one in the mornings if I’m having a bit of a dry skin issue to get off any roughness without making my skin sensitive or red before applying makeup. It’s not a holy grail but it’s definitely a good product and I have no issue with it being in my bag. I do love the size of the samples they include though.
Rating: 3.75/5
Sample Value: $3.72
My Value: $1.89
Will I buy it? Nah, I do have others I like better.
Full Size Price: $9.31

Bag Summary

Ipsy August 2016 (1)

Box Cost: $10.00
Box Rating: 5/5
Full Size Products: 1 / 2   Deluxe Samples: 4 / 3  Foils: 0
Total Sample Value: $40.76 / $50.16
Total Personal Value: $17.65
+ Added Value: $3.00 personal bag value
= Total Box Value = $21.65
Opinion: Ipsy got an amazing curation for me. I love all of the products and am going to use all of them up, even the eyeliner that I have to wait to use. They got me right on loving Masks, Eyeliner, Scrubs, Lipsticks, and Highlight. With the exception of toner, and brushes (I got a brush last month) they hit EVERY top category of mine. And NYX and Josie Maran were both brand selections, if I remember right. Literally zero complaints.

If you are looking to sign-up to Ipsy, I would highly appreciate if you used my referral link. I am not affiliated with the brand, but those little point rewards are super fun. If you’re currently a subscriber, but not liking your bags as much as you want to, I recommend checking out my How To Hack Ipsy Guide to learn how to utilize your beauty quiz to get YOUR best bag ever.

4 thoughts on “Ipsy Unbagging & Possibly My Best Bag Ever {August 2016}

  1. This bag seems super amazing! I totally know what you mean about ” eating lipstick.” Makeup and burritos don’t mix 😅


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