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Blogging Game Plan: Commitments vs Goals

You know those days where you feel super zen and reflective on your life? Sunday is that day for me.

Every week I do an overall life reflection that I share with my guy, because he’s my rock, and I know that he pushes me to meet all my goals (I finished the Walk To Rivendell this week!!!) So this week I’m applying those reflections to blogging.

Something I’m proud of this week is getting up the courage to grab opportunities that could be something big for me in the upcoming months.

Something I appreciated this week was having the downtime to reflect creatively on where my mind is passionate within my niche.

Something I could have done better this week was… blogging… in general. Yeah. Kinda failed on that point. But burnout is okay. Breaks are okay. And I’m back. And I’m excited. And I have some super cool friggin stuff coming up soon.

Something I can do to improve next week is to utilize the resources I have set up for myself, such as routines and systems that work for me, to gain momentum and consistency.

Something important to me this week consistency in sticking to a schedule

What I want this week to become more consistent Today, not Someday.

I want to make COMMITMENTS, not GOALS. Because a goal feels like someday, and a commitment is now. If this matters to me, I can commit to making it happen, otherwise it shouldn’t even be in my plan.

My Game Plan:

  • I COMMIT TO spending 20 minutes every morning networking and getting inspiration.
  • I COMMIT TO sitting down daily at 8:15 am and write for 25 minutes.
  • I COMMIT TO realigning my schedule to reflect the days I’ll be working on the posts, not the days they are due, to create a sense of urgency mentally.
  • I COMMIT TO drinking a hellova lot of water because my skin hates me.
  • I COMMIT TO setting up a plan to fit in the upcoming sponsored posts.
  • I COMMIT TO sketching out a rough plan of how long each goal & habit is expected to take me this week so that I can get a better grasp on what I’m spending longer than necessary on because of distractions.
  • I COMMIT TO commenting on at least 10 blogs every day, because I hate under-appreciating the bloggers I love.
  • I COMMIT TO starting to go through all of my followers and make sure I connect with people more often.

My Top Priorities This Week:

(in order of remaining time commitment required)

  • PlanWithMe September Walkthrough (next Sunday)
  • Beauties On Fire | Pokemon Color Theory (Thursday)
  • Better Blogger Challenge: Using Categories Effectively (Wednesday)
  • All About Influenster (Monday)

3 thoughts on “Blogging Game Plan: Commitments vs Goals

  1. I LOVE all of your posts about blogging. They always get me so jazzed up to so something, be it get organized, change up my layout, plan my blog schedule, or in this case be more committed to said schedule.

    You are so right, burnout is real and you totally have to take care of you…that being said, glad to have you back in action! Just know you’ve got readers that love your posts 🙂

    Also, there is totally something about putting your commitments out there publicly to make yourself stick to it…so go you! Maybe its a good strategy too, because now I am looking forward to some of your upcoming posts this week and next.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you! You totally made my day! There really is something about putting your commitments up public. I kind of like having my blog schedule up public at least a bit, though I see a lot of people blurring them out with “TOP SECRET”. I’m so glad you love the blogging topic posts! I figured since a good amount of my followers are fellow bloggers that if I’m looking for better ways to do things, everyone else probably is too (and it helps motivate me to get my sh*t together to know I need to learn to do it the right way before I can post!)

      Liked by 1 person

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