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#BeautiesOnFire | Perception of Modern Warpaint

It’s time for another BeautiesOnFire installment, and I’ll be honest with you, this article started as several other things, looks, and concepts. And then I ruled out the things that are heavily infused in pop culture such as Harley Quinn, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc etc, because Harley is my friggin’ GO TO before she was the ‘it’ girl. I’ve also done a look on her before, maybe we’ll do one again soon. Who knows.

This article actually didn’t come to be until this morning, when I started working on my Dothraki Warrior makeup. We’ve been majorly marathoning on Game of Thrones lately since I’d never watched past season 2, but again… Khaleesi is overdone. Society tends to think they’re clever and every year everyone ends up in one overwhelmingly overdone costume. You can usually pinpoint who it will be every year too.

So society is fucked… and we all do the same things… kinda like the Dothraki…

The Dothraki are known as fearsome warriors. Merciless killers. Think the black makeup on their eyes helped to make them look more fearsome? More intense? More soulless?

The Dothraki wear war paint… and so do we

the perception of modern warpaint

Have you ever asked yourself why women wear makeup?

We wear makeup into the every day battle. You might be fighting for a job, to find a mate, to be taken seriously in that big meeting, you might just be battling your own insecurities and making YOURSELF feel stronger. Have you noticed that women that wear makeup are viewed as more professional and more attractive?

A flush to the face can signal youth, health, energy, fitness, arousal… sound like blush to you?

High cheekbones used to be a symbol of noble blood – someone that would be highly educated and intellectual – so we have highlighters.

Bright eyes are another symbol of health and youth… and integrity – cue the mascara AND eyeshadow.

A strong gaze exudes confidence… see that eyeliner? Remember Cleopatra?

Full lips are viewed as more attractive, yes, but they also give the perception of someone that’s more open and honest. Someone with a more noticeable but not garish mouth is also more likely to be listened to, because attention is grabbed when they speak.

Do you know the two key components to why women that wear makeup are proven to be viewed as more trustworthy? Face symmetry (both side to side, and overall features fitting together) is viewed as more attractive – which has a subconscious effect of assuming that person is more attractive (until they hit the Barbie point where we start thinking their head is full of air), but have you thought that the perception of being detail oriented in your appearance… probably also makes you seem more detail oriented in your projects? If you’re presenting your finest work: yourself, not to its fullest, do you Really think an employer or client is going to think you’ll go the extra mile for them?

You can change every part of how you’re perceived by applying makeup in a different way.

Confident. Professional. Trustworthy. Sultry. Cute. Healthy. Intelligent. Dangerous.

Be aware of the image you want to give off the next time you apply your war paint, even if it’s just for yourself.


If you’re interested in reading more about facial perception, you can read about it on YouBeauty, NYTimes, and of course Cosmo.

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8 thoughts on “#BeautiesOnFire | Perception of Modern Warpaint

  1. I always look forward to your posts because they have so much substance and real food for thought! Everything you pointed out in this is absolutely spot on and your warpaint made me chuckle, it were so unexpected and it’s just brilliant! Yet again you’ve made it a pleasure to stop by your blog!


  2. I always enjoy reading your posts!! You made it really yours, loved it!!!!!! I never thought of makeup like this but you’re absolutely right on everything you said. Really gave me something to think of next time I’m doing my makeup


  3. Very interesting post, I never really considered the makeup I wear to be ‘war paint’ but you raise some intriguing points. Great photo as well 🙂 maybe I should be more brave with my makeup!


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