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The 5 Minute Fix To This Basic Blogging Mistake Over HALF My Followers Are Making

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So a while back, I went through every, single, one, of my followers. And I did something. I got all your links. They’re in a giant spreadsheet. I’m still working on adding people to different social media. But I found something out. Over half of you make the same mistake in one of three forms, and it has to do with your links.

Mistake Version 1:

You… don’t have them.

WHY? I happen to KNOW some of you have social media channels, because you follow me on mine. I happen to know they’re for your blog, because you have blog in the name. There’s a widget for the sidebar and footer in WordPress (and basically every other host has this option too in one form or another) to add your social media links.

Beauty Bloggers get a ton of exposure through Instagram, a ton of networking through Twitter, and Facebook can act as an RSS feed to your more forgetful (or, sorry for stereotyping, but older, followers, HI MOM!) by promoting your posts. So even if you don’t have a YouTube channel. You can be missing out on a ton of followers. I get daily click-throughs to my social media channels and you will too, if you just HAVE THEM.

FYI, adding them on your About or Contact pages only is a giant pain in the ass, please put them somewhere else. Not that many people look through to your About page, and unless someone Needs to contact you, why do you think they would look at the Contact page?

Mistake Version 2:

You didn’t… ever… customize them.

Without exaggerating: Over 80 of you, have at least one social media link leading to the main page of the social media. You didn’t add your username after it. So you THINK you have this… and you lose credibility every time someone tries to click on it. Are you trying to make relationships with brands? How do you think a brand looks at you if you have had your blog up for X long and you couldn’t even check your links on your own page. Do you think they trust you’ll work hard for them if you don’t do it for yourself? (Psst, the answer is no)

Mistake Version 3:

You left the friggin @ symbol.

NOW… I’ll give you this. Sometimes the link still works like that. But it looks stupid, and it looks unprofessional, and it looks like you can’t follow instructions. As someone slowly planning a few projects that I want to propose to other bloggers, if you made this mistake (or moreso, if you don’t fix it after reading this) I’m probably not gonna want to bring it to you, because I’m a perfectionist and while typos are understandable every now and then in articles, absolutely everything static on your pages should be PRISTINE.

So I’ve got an Activity and a Question for you girls:


Take some time this week, maybe just do it now. It will take under 5 minutes even on slow as hell internet like mine. Go and check your links. Make sure they work. Make sure they look professional. Make sure you HAVE them. And save the changes.


Would you be interested in a short post series with more quick tips to a better blog?

We could cover everything from how to write a disclaimer, to what PR friendly means to you and to brands, and even tips on how to navigate social media to make the most out of every action you make!

Let me know in the comments!

The 5 Minute Fix for this basic blogging mistake. The missing and damaged links making my followers lose repeat visitors every day!

And since we’re talking about links, feel free to link up with me! I always try to visit every page and follow all my fellow bloggers and beauty lovers back, because I love seeing what you guys post and say.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest, and feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook as well!

If you aren’t on WordPress, you can follow this blog and all your other favorites through Bloglovin’.


12 thoughts on “The 5 Minute Fix To This Basic Blogging Mistake Over HALF My Followers Are Making

  1. This is my biggest fail,I’m terribly bad at Internet things, I still don’t know how to add the twitter or instagram word instead of a full link? I’d love just the word, follow my twitter! I’m useless 😦 I think I’ll need to get someone to design my blog for me, I’ve loved reading you’re tips but wish I could do them ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohmigosh I missed this comment! I’m sorry! I actually know how you feel on that. I tried to learn a program last year that just… nope. Can’t learn it. It drives me crazy when I can’t figure something out. In WordPress, if you highlight the word/phrase you want to use, and then click the add link button, you can paste the URL into where it’s directing the reader. :), or click the link button on it’s own and enter the text and URL at the same time, or you can paste the link, then click edit and change what the text says but leave the URL the same. You can also set whether you want it to open in a new tab or direct away from the current page in the link section. Btw if there’s anything else I can help ever, with feel free to ask me here or email me 🙂 always happy to help.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great points and you actually have me looking at my blog to make sure I have all of your points checked off! I love the idea of a short post series! The more information and knowledge the better 🙂 Tal xo


  3. 🤔 I’m pretty sure most of my stuff is on point. I actually worked on my sidebar for a while when I created my blog and have been trying to perfect it when I get the chance. I didn’t have Twitter a month ago so I guess I could add my feed to it now.


    1. I wanted to be able to go through and make sure I had all my favorite people on every network they enjoy sharing on, and with my crappy Internet it’s easier to add the username at the end of pinterest and click refresh than to wait for a whole different site to load from every single person ever. And I was catching links for potential collabs across networks and seeing what sites people liked using the most. Eventually as I get through it I’ll remove the list. But I’d realized I never even visited some people’s pages so it was important to me to get connected.

      Don’t worry, I’m only a crazy stalker for my bf 😉


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