Birchbox & The Wrong Box: A {July 2016} Unboxing

PLEASE NOTE: Birchbox recently went through a huge change in their points system that changed the value in the eyes of many subscribers. If you have not heard about these changes or have any questions about them remaining, please see my post on it here, and feel free to ask me anything you’re unsure of and I’ll do my best to answer with what I’ve found and experienced since the changes. Countries outside of the US may still have the old points system, and you should check the information for your specific country to be sure. – I will continue to link to these changes in my reviews.

About Birchbox: Birchbox is a $10/month subscription box filled with 5-7 beauty & samples every month, delivered to your door in an adorable and reusable box. You will primarily receive deluxe samples, with a few full size products every month or so. You fill out a profile and your beauty preferences, style, and demographics are matched to a pre-made box combination of products that they think best fits you – that contains items you haven’t received from them before. You can earn points to redeem in their store by referring friends (50 points = $5.00) or making purchases from their store. (1 point per $1.00 spent, 1 point = $0.10). New subscribers can earn $5.00 credit for reviewing their first 5 items.

birchbox wrong box july 2016

Initial Impressions: This… is not the July box design, but it is my correct products (fortunately or unfortunately is still to be determined). I actually emailed them with my confusion about the box design and am being sent a separate box that should be here next week, SO, we will have another double July unboxing if the products are any different, and just a quickie update if they are the same. 🙂 If you’re confused about the plain pink Birchbox design this month: they were doing a small unannounced trial run with a different box. I actually don’t think that the box I received is ugly, but I was looking forward to the July design that was bright and cheerful and am appreciative that they are sending me one, and from the sound of it, filled with products!

What’s In The Box?

birchbox july 2016 different box

*warning, pic lite post*

MDSolarSciences Mineral Cream SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
SAMPLE = 0.25 oz tube
Woah that was a mouthful. I actually have not opened this. I don’t mind receiving sunscreen, and this one is meant to be good for acne, but I have sooooooooooo many samples of sunscreen right now from Birchbox and other places that I absolutely don’t need to open this and have it expire while I’m using up others.
Rating: TBD – match: 4/5 – excitement: 3/5
Sample Value: $4.41
My Value: $1.50
Will I buy it? I will not, wanna know why? Check out the full size price.
Full Size Price: $30.00

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris [Fragrance]
SAMPLE = 0.06 oz vial
I don’t mind receiving perfumes. They’ll last me forever because I almost never use them. This one? I’m really torn on. It all sounds good, little spicy, little fruity, and then you hit the word ‘musk’. Guys… I hate musk smells. Can we just friggin stop with them? You remember those cotton candy and other fruity scents we got as pre-teens? Those were PERFECT. Just grow them up a tiny bit and we’re good to go. Leave this musk crap out. I can attract a man on my own thank you very much. Oh wait, I already did.
Rating: 3.5/5 (still fluctuating on this)
Sample Value: $2.82
My Value: $0.60
Will I buy it? Noooooooot even if I loved it.
Full Size Price: $80.00

birchbox balance me radiance face mask

here, have a goofie product demonstration selfie after waking up

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask
SAMPLE = 0.5 oz tube
Sooooooooooo I tested this basically the stupidest way possible. I read the instructions and did THE EXACT OPPOSITE. “Leave on 5 minutes” = “Leave on all night and wake up sticky faced.” You read it that way too right? No? Oh just me then. But my skin felt super soft and I didn’t have any sort of bad reaction. It’s supposed to gently exfoliate, brighten up lackluster skin, and cleanse to leave your skin more radiant, I’d say it does that. It’s very creamy and doesn’t ‘dry’ so it’s a bit of a different experience with masks for me. It does smell that kind of overly herby bordering on alcoholic way, but it’s not excessively chemically or obtrusive.. and theoretically you’re only leaving it on for 5 minutes, not 5 hours. (Maybe if I slept more, I’d care about directions)
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $6.80
My Value: $2.50
Will I buy it? I have a holy grail mask that beats this, but I will use it up.
Full Size Price: $34.00

Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara
SAMPLE = 0.15 oz mini
I will not open this before my other ones expire I will not open this before my other ones expire I will not open this before my other ones expire I will not open this before my other ones expire… But mysubscriptionaddiction did, and apparently it’s her new favorite, so I’m SO EXCITED for when I finally get to this.
Rating: TBD (But those curls tho!)
Sample Value: $7.50
My Value: $5.00
Will I buy it? TBD
Full Size Price: $14.00

Cargo Blush and Bronzer Duo
SAMPLE = 1/2 pan of each
I’ve had this before and it’s just not super convenient to use, plus I don’t ‘bronze’ because I’m a pale princess and I’m rocking my glow in the dark skin since I have *fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing this* avoided sunburn this year. It’s a very bright powdery pink and not Super pigmented, and a very greenish warm bronzer that in contrast is HIIIIIIIIIGHLY PIGMENTED. I had literally gotten rid of the other one of this the day this came in the mail, before getting the mail.
Rating: 2/5
Sample Value: $17.50ish
My Value: $3.00
Will I buy it? No no no no no. I won’t even unseal this.
Full Size Price: $35.00 for both separate

Box Summary

birchbox july 2016 different box

Box Cost: $10.00 (I paid $7.33 on an annual deal)
Box Rating: 3/5
Full Size Products: 0  Deluxe Samples: 5   Foils: 0
Total Sample Value: $39.08
Total Personal Value: $12.60
+ Added Value: $5.00 in points
= Total Box Value = $17.60
Opinion: Can I just summarize by I’m really hoping for different samples in my replacement box? Nothing here is crap, but I just wasn’t excited about anything in my box this month, except mildly the Marcelle mascara, but I’ve got 3 mascaras open that I really do love, so I’m not in a big hurry to open it.

I’ve been trying to view this subscription without the feeling of points being taken away, and deciding if each month was worth it, and this month? I didn’t feel excited. There’s nothing WRONG with it. I didn’t receive the Cargo duo from Them before. The perfume matches me except for ‘musk’, I do love masks, I do burn to holy hell if I venture near a window during any time of year, and yes it’s nice that the sunscreen is good for acne, and I got to pick the Mascara – though EVERYONE had to pick a mascara or get one anyway… so I don’t know how to feel about it this month. I’m hoping the other box will be different and give me a better idea of where Birchbox is going.

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