My $128 Ipsy Glambag {June 2016}

About Ipsy: Ipsy is the $10/month beauty subscription known for being more ‘makeup’ based than it’s competitors. They ship you 5-6 deluxe to full size samples every month, inside a cute or chic makeup bag, all wrapped up in a bright pink bubble-wrap envelope. Samples are somewhat customized to your beauty profile, and come from a variety of well known to indie brands, ranging from high end to drugstore prices. You can earn ~85 points each month for reviewing your products and bag, and sharing those reviews on Facebook or Twitter, or by referring friends. These points can then be redeemed for free full or sample sized products available in the points section.

Initial Impressions: I was really confused when I opened the bright pink envelope this month. It had extra stuff in it! I knew I had redeemed points, and I remembered the two lipsticks I was getting free – however I didn’t remember the IT Cosmetics sponge, and I didn’t expect a completely extra item in there as well! That was pretty neat. I got a bag of what should be 5 items, but was really 9! Still for just $10.00. Now that’s a great deal.

What’s In The Box?

ipsy june 2016 unbagging

Cake Beauty Delectable – The Everything Balm
SAMPLE = 0.25 oz tube
This is a pretty cool little balm, it’s meant to do…. Everything. From taming brows to use as a lipbalm or softening rough skin, even soothing sunburn, sealing split ends, or getting rid of frizzy hair. I think this is a perfect little toss-and-go bottle for in your purse and while I’ve only used it on my lips so far, I think I’ll be trying this out as a way to add gloss to eye looks and intensify pigment.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $5.71
My Value: $2.39
Will I buy it? So far it’s not something I’d go out of my way to purchase, but I think it’s a pretty cool little product.
Full Size Price: $16.00


Urban Decay in Fireball, em cosmetics in dewy skin

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Fireball
SAMPLE = 0.03 oz pan
This month with Ipsy you could either get a TheBalm Matte eyeshadow, or an Urban Decay shadow in Lounge or Fireball. I got fireball and it’s this gorgeous duochrome type effect with rustic orange undertones and then a pink sheen in different light. I was almost hoping for Lounge, but I think Fireball will be something I reach for a lot more and that is more wearable. I can’t wait to get back into feeling creative with my makeup and experimenting with my looks. I really don’t have any complaints about this. The pigment is great, the effect is cool, and it’s a very wearable, pretty, and playful color.
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $11.40
My Value: $4.39
Will I buy it? I will DEFINITELY be looking at more Urban Decay shadows.
Full Size Price: $19.00

ColourPop Crème Gel Liner in Swerve
I’ve actually been needing a gel/pencil black liner for my waterline, so when I could get this in a pretty golden shade or this black, I would have been happy with either. ColourPop gave me another hit product with this oh so smooth liner that applies with almost no pressure. It’s so pigmented and easy and I love that it’s so cheap. I’ll have to do a little ColourPop product overview for you guys soon of everything I have from them. Again I really have no complaints about this.
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $5.00
My Value: $5.00
Will I buy it? Yes. This could be my go to liner – the price is perfect.
Full Size Price: $5.00

Crown Brush 3 Tone Bronzer
Ipsy Exclusive?
So I’m going to disclaim this that the prices I’m basing this off of are NOT for this product. The packaging lists an Ipsy coupon code and I haven’t been able to find this particular product available for sale from them or a third party seller, so I based it off of another trio they have that’s a different formulation and shades. That being said… this is a cool but weird little compact. It’s definitely something you’d struggle to get a good brush into, but if you apply with your fingertips, this could work well for you. Otherwise you can take the Ipsy (and obvious) tip and swirl a brush across all the colors for a rosy warm glow and very subtle bronzing effect around the face. I don’t know if I’ll use this or not or if I’ll pass it on. I’m not much into bronzing and I have plenty of blushes and highlighters, even with selling a bunch of them.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $10.25 (based on bronzer trio sold)
My Value: $1.99
Will I buy it? No, probably not.
Full Size Price: $19.99 (based on bronzer trio sold)


UD Eyeshadow in Fireball, Be a Bombshell in Secret, ColourPop Gel Liner in Swerve

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Pout Potion in Secret
I’m a little torn on this. It’s a nice light color, it’s a good formula… but it’s another type of gloss, and I’m just NOT a gloss person! I don’t even know if I’ll keep this or pass it on. I’m trying to keep my lip products curated down to things I really enjoy wearing and just a few playful options, and I’ve got a lot of products right now to test, lip-wise.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $14.00
My Value: $2.79
Will I buy it? No. I’m not a gloss person. I might keep it, but not buy.
Full Size Price: $14.00

and my bonus items…

IT Cosmetics Complexion Perfection Sponge
This is a $24.00 sponge. I’ll never agree to that value for a piece of sponge, no matter how well they work, but I redeemed points for this and I’m really excited to try this. It’s a bit firmer than my original beauty blender – more like my offbrand sponges that I prefer, so I think this was a really good choice, especially for just 250 points!
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $24.00
My Value: $2.99
Will I buy it? Not for $24, but if it’s as good as it feels, I’d redeem again.
Full Size Price: $24.00

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipstick in Try To Be Nice
I got this as a points redemption reward because of the unique color, and it might be a little too cool/light for me. I’ll be playing around with it more, but when I tried it on a low self esteem day, I really struggled to like the way it looked on me. It’s semi sheer but buildable, VERY creamy, but not a super even application. I’m curious to test this with other colors and see how I like it or as a very sheer lilac blush or highlight. I don’t Regret this 500 point item, but I don’t know that I’ll keep it.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $22.00
My Value: $3.99
Will I buy it? I really don’t think I would rebuy this, even as redeeming.
Full Size Price: $22.00

Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude
This is a VERY dark mauve on me, not remotely a nude, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like it. It’s a very thick, harder formula, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable to wear, though it’s very precise to apply with a bullet. I softened it with the Be A Bombshell gloss and that made it a lot more wearable and darkened the gloss up a bit for a different and more 3D look too.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $13.00
My Value: $3.99
Will I buy it? I’m unsure so far. The shade is a bit dark for me, but the formula might be good, and it might have just been my mood that day.
Full Size Price: $13.00

em cosmetics makeup mood enhancer illuminizing skin filter in dewy skin
I honestly have no idea how or why I got this. I did not redeem points for it. But I’m not going to turn it down. It’s a little mixer for with your foundation or over your bare skin to help give it special effects. There’s also ones like golden candlelight, but this is dewy skin. I wouldn’t choose this particular effect for myself because I struggle with acne and some only patches, BUT, it says it can also be used as a highlighter, so that might be more how I would use it personally.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $23.00
My Value: $4.79
Will I buy it? Probably not, but I MAY keep it.
Full Size Price: $23.00


Mellow Cosmetics in Nude, Trust Fund Beauty in Try To Be Nice, Be A Bombshell in Secret,
Crown Brush 3 Tone Bronzer, ColourPop Swerve, Urban Decay Fireball

Box Summary

Box Cost: $10.00
Box Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Full Size Products: 2 Deluxe Samples: 3 Bonus: 4
Total Sample Value: $46.36 ($128.36 with bonus items)
Total Personal Value: $16.56 ($32.32 with bonus items)
+ Added Value: $2.99 for the bag
= Total Box Value = $19.55 ($35.31 with bonus items)
Opinion: I’m really pretty happy with this bag. I mean who can complain with $128 worth of product for $10? But beyond that, every item is something I’m at least glad I got to try, even if I might not keep it because someone else might enjoy it more. If I wasn’t curating my collection down so much, I would likely keep everything anyway. This bag was extra worth it due to all of the freebies – you can get a lot of use out of Ipsy’s point system if you utilize it right, and you can go back and review any product you’ve ever received in a glambag from them!

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