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My Final Treatsie Unboxing & Why I Quit It {May 2016}

treatsie box

About Treatsie: Treatsie is a $19.95 a month subscription that delivers artisan sweets and chocolates from small-batch confectioners across the country to your door. Each month is a curated box, but they do ask for your preferences in order to potentially eliminate things you absolutely wouldn’t try. Each box contains up to $25.00 in value, and features a minimum of 3 different confectioners, and the hot months/regions they package their treats with ice packs and insulation to keep them in good quality, and it just takes a quick email if your treats arrive in bad condition. They are currently continental US only.

The benefit of this box is finding quality treats that you may not otherwise come across and having them delivered to your door monthly. This box is not intended to be a high discount on the products inside, but rather expose you to new indie brands in a surprise.

What’s In The Box?

treatsie may 2016

Raley’s Confectionary Acid Drops
1 – 3 oz bag
These are SUPER sour. I love the old fashioned candies that are rolled out and sliced. They’re varying sizes and make it feel homey. These are definitely sour enough that you can’t just binge on them, which is good but can also be frustrating when you want more of a treat. BUT – they lasted me into June and I still have half a bag. I prefer their Treatsie Assortment though with non-sours. If you love sour patch kids, those are about a 7 if this level is 10.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $7.00
My Value: $2.79
Will I buy it? I’m not that big on SUPER sour candies.
Full Size Price: $7.00


Belgian Boys Caramel Stroopwafels
2 pack
People lovee love love these. For me it was a bit overly sweet and not all that exciting. I wish I’d saved it and let the boyfriend have it instead since he told me 1 bite in that it was more his thing. Oh well. Lesson learned. I don’t DISLIKE them. But they weren’t something I’d go for unless they’re just around.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $4.00
My Value: $1.79
Will I buy it? Not the type of treat I go for.
Full Size Price: $4.00

Finally Ginger – Original Ginger Cookies
2 pack
Again these are just pretty average to me. I definitely don’t dislike them. I think they’d be excellent dipped in hot cocoa around Christmas time. They’ve got 3 kinds of ginger baked into them for a spicy and sweet combination. The texture was a little on the hard side, which isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to ginger cookies. They can stand being a little more substantial than others.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $3.00
My Value: $1.89
Will I buy it? I’m not actually sure. If I was in a mood for them or as a gift, yes.
Full Size Price: $3.00

Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities
1 – 4 oz bag
This is one of the most delicious fruity treats I’ve ever tried. It’s like the best Starburst chews you’ve ever tasted, but guilt free and natural. And their yellow flavor is WAY better. The flavors are Meyer Lemon, Raspberry, Pomegranate and Nectarine, and Blood Orange and Honey. And they’re organic. Neat!
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $7.00
My Value: $3.99
Will I buy it? I wouldn’t go out of my way to order them, but I’d love getting them again. SO GOOD.
Full Size Price: $7.00

Box Summary

treatsie may 2016

Box Cost: $19.95 w/shipping (I paid $14.75 on a quarterly deal)
Box Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Number of Treats: 4
Total Sample Value: $21.00
Total Personal Value: $10.46
+ Added Value: $0.00
= Total Box Value = $10.46
Opinion: I’m not unhappy with this box. But it just wasn’t really what I was wanting from a foodie subscription to indulge myself in. I did enjoy these treats, and it was a nice variety instead of one of the past boxes that had a caramel overload.

Why I Cancelled Treatsie: I’m just not into the type of treats that they are sending right now on a personal level. I’ve been more in a chocolate cravings mood, and when I’m not sure if that’s what they’ll be sending, I cant justify letting it renew when I AM trying to save a little money, especially since I’ll be going to Florida next week. There’s really nothing I have to say about this subscription that has a reason I wouldn’t subscribe again. The retail value isn’t always up to the cost of the box including shipping, but there’s also the excitement of discovery, and knowing that you’ll have a surprise in the mail every month, and finding treats you might not have found otherwise.

My Experience With Treatsie:

Subscription Length: 4 boxes (February 2016 – May 2016)
Most Expensive Treat: $8.00 each – Zlicious Confections Oatmeal Cookie Popcorn, and Stay Sweet Macaroons Coconut Key Lime Macaroons
Cheapest Treat: $0.45 each – Glee Gum Gum Pops
Highest Month [Retail] Value: $22.90 in April 2016
Lowest Month [Retail] Value: $15.05 in March 2016
Highest Personal Value: $17.46 in April 2016
Lowest Personal Value: $10.46 in May 2016
Favorite Month: February 2016
Least Favorite Month: May 2016
Most Treats In One Box: 6 in March
Least Treats In One Box: 4 in February and May
Favorite Treat: Pink Bubbly Bar from Seattle Chocolates, Shotwell Candy Tennessee Toffee, and Bees & Beans Honey Bar Junior
Least Favorite Treat: J&M Foods Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies
Favorite Brand Discoveries: Seattle Chocolates, Zlicious Confections, Shotwell Candy, Clairesquares
Treats I Would Repurchase: Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly Bar, Bees & Beans Honey Bar Junior, B.T. McElrath Caramel Bites, Zlicious Confections Oatmeal Cookie Popcorn, Shotwell Candy Tennessee Toffee

Month Breakdown:

Treatsie February 2016

Retail Value: $17.94
Personal Value: $13.47
Treats: 4
Treats I Would Eat: 4 of 4
Included: Salem Baking Co. Moravian Chocolate Cookies, Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly Truffle Bar and Just For You Truffle Bar, and Shotwell Candy Co. Tennessee Toffee.
Box Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Treatsie March 2016

Retail Value: $15.05
Personal Value: $15.45
Treats: 6
Treats I Would Eat: 6 of 6
Included: Bees & Beans Honey Bar Junior, Clairesquares Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Square, J&M Foods Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, B.T. McElrath Chocolate Bites in Salted Butter Caramel and Dark Chocolate Caramel, and Raley’s Confectionary Treatsie Variety Mix Hard Candy.
Box Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Treatsie April 2016

Retail Value: $22.90
Personal Value: $17.46
Treats: 5
Treats I Would Eat: 4 of 5 (I don’t eat coconut)
Included: Zlicious Confections Oatmeal Cookie Popcorn, Stay Sweet Macs Coconut Key Lime Macaroons, Ticket Chocolate Grasshopper Pie Bar, Glee Gum Gum Pops in Sweet Stawberry and Crisp Green Apple.
Box Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Treatsie May 2016

Retail Value: $21.00
Personal Value: $10.46
Treats: 4
Treats I Would Eat: 3.5 of 4 (I moved the Raley’s Acid Drops into a communal area)
Included: Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities, Belgian Boys Caramel Stroopwafels, Raley’s Confectionary Acid Drops, Finally Ginger Original Ginger Cookies.
Box Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Is Treatsie Worth It?

In my opinion, yes. But only if you get a multi-month subscription. (You can try your first box cheap to make sure you like it, then cancel and resubscribe with a quarterly or longer membership or when they have a deal up). I do not think this box is worth $19.95 including shipping most months. Their annual price drops it significantly down to $16.92 per month

Who Should Get Treatsie?

Anyone that loves sweets. But, unlike my original theory (or maybe just in winter months), it’s not so much a chocolate box. If you like a variety of treats coming to your door, this is perfect, and you’ll be able to experience small and indie brands of candy, confections and treats without having to sort around to discover them on your own.

Was it worth it to me?

I paid $49.20 total for this subscription across 4 months.

(This subscription would have been $79.80 for 4 months without the first box free coupon, and a 30% off presidents day sale.)

I received $76.89 retail value in treats across those 4 months.

The total personal value of the products I received was $57.84.

The retail value of the products I enjoyed was $65.99.

The personal value of the products I enjoyed was $48.44.

I do not regret getting this subscription, despite it being hit or miss. I feel like I got my values worth, and I will consider resubscribing at a future time when money isn’t as tight and I’m in a more variety-of-candy mood.

The cancellation process is easy and online, and can be cancelled any time within your pre-paid subscription (you’ll need to cancel on the billing date BEFORE your last month or sooner) and I had no problem receiving my boxes after my cancellation. You can sign up for Treatsie here and try FBSAVE10 to get $10 off your first box, or use NEWMEMBER to get 25% off your monthly subscription every month until you cancel, making it just $14.96/month, or double the treats in your first box free using FBDOUBLESWEETS, or get your first box for just $4.95 shipping using FREEBOX22. If you try a code and it doesn’t work, feel free to let me know so I can remove it! 🙂

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