My First Bulu Box!

About Bulu Box: Bulu box has two main subscription options. Original – focusing on fitness and health in general, and a Weight Loss box. Both boxes introduce you to sometimes overlapping product types through 4-7 samples a month in a motivating orange box. This box retails for $10/month, but you can get it on a permanent sale price for just $5/box when using the code 5FOREVER. Like Birchbox, you can earn 10 points per item reviewed, and 50 per referral, and points are redeemed at $1 per 10 points. BUT, these can be redeemed in $2.50 increments! These are good for anything in their store.

This is the Bulu Weight Loss Box.

Initial Impressions: I had seen Bulu Box around on and off and I wasn’t sure about getting it. But then I decided since I’m not the type of person to throw around money on a gym subscription, this little box could help me a lot just to have a small financial commitment to my health while getting to try fun products. I’ve seen full sized supplements and vitamins, so there Can be significant value, but either way it feels like a good deal to me and gives me new things to try and discover without adding to my makeup collection!

What’s In The Box?

$5 Bulu Box Weight Loss May 2016 Unboxing

Smarty Pants Women’s Complete Gummies
SAMPLE = 2 gummies (1/3rd serving O.O)
Can we just talk about how ridiculous it is that you need to take 6 of these every day? SIX. The full sized bottle is 180 gummies… for 30 days. If you have a 31 day month, there isn’t even enough!
The flavor itself was pretty nice and the texture was like a nice DOTS candy
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $0.36
My Value: $0.25
Will I buy it? No. You need to take too high of a dosage and it makes the price awful.
Full Size Price: $32.95 for 180 (1 month)

SmartyPants Mens Complete Gummy Vitamin

Smarty Pants Men’s Complete Gummies
SAMPLE = 2 gummies (1/3rd serving O.O)
See beginning of the women’s gummies review because this has all the same problems. These are like sugar-textured on the outside? It’s not unpleasant but that difference is a little too rough for my tongue to enjoy. The taste is a little deeper and less light and fruity than the women’s gummies, and I’m honestly not sure the differences beyond that because with needing to take 6… I’d never purchase these. They would go too fast.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $0.36
My Value: $0.25
Will I buy it? No. You need to take too high of a dosage and it makes the price awful.
Full Size Price: $32.95 for 180 (1 month)

XyliChew Gum in Fruit flavor
SAMPLE = 12 pk
So these are kinda interesting. They fight tooth decay and are naturally sweetened. But the flavor isn’t very strong, so if you enjoy lighter gums it’s a good option.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $2.59
My Value: $1.50
Will I buy it? No. Just not a big gum person in general.
Full Size Price: $12.99 for 60 pieces

Fru-licious Freeze Dried Grape Real Sliced Fruit

Fru-licious freeze dried Grape sliced fruit pieces
1 bag
This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten. FIRST of all. Sliced means what I think it means right? I would have thought they’d remove the word sliced from grapes, cause these weren’t. But then… it looks like you’re eating pieces of bread. But it tastes like grapes! Like fresh yummy delicious grapes. Seriously this should be what you get someone for April Fools and put it in a mix so they think its like a pretzel/bread bite. (I’m counting this as full size because it’s the retail packaging of what you can purchase in store, even though individually it’s not available on
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $1.00
My Value: $1.25
Will I buy it? If I saw these in a store I would probably pick up another bag.
Full Size Price: $11.99 for 12 bags

Vital 4U Fiber
SAMPLE = 2 pouches
This basically tastes like that orange Ibuprofen. So, it’s not offensive, but not like a craving drink either. I think if you actually needed a fiber supplement in your life that this is a good option. I don’t need it enough to feel like I’m taking medicine.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $2.00
My Value: $1.00
Will I buy it? Nah. Just not for me.
Full Size Price: $12.00 for 12 pouches

Simply Being Simple Diet Pills Garcinia Cambogia Green Coffee Bean

Simply Being Simple Diet [Pills]
SAMPLE = 2 pills/doses
These are formulated with Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee bean as some of their main ingredients, both in supplements I already take semi regularly, so I was excited to get these. They work as an appetite suppressant, and I’ve noticed actual change in my appetite when taking them. These are actually more mild than what I normally take, so I’d recommend them to someone just starting out with ‘diet pills’, since the ones with more active ingredient mg’s can be harsh on the stomach at first if you don’t work up to it. I personally prefer a stronger dose, and have a TON of various brands right now.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $0.66
My Value: $0.50 to try this brand/dose
Will I buy it? Not this dosage, but this product type, yes.
Full Size Price: $19.99

SPORTea Hot Tea
SAMPLE = 1 tea bag
I actually haven’t tried this yet, because I don’t want to fall in love with it when I have a ton of teas already at home. I’m giving it to the boyfriend since he’s more into sports and could give it a real test run.
Rating: TBD
Sample Value: $1.00
My Value: $1.00
Will I buy it? Probably not? But not based on it’s quality.
Full Size Price: $19.99 for 20.

Box Summary

$5 Bulu Box Weight Loss May 2016 Unboxing

Box Cost: $5.00/box for life with 5FOREVER
Box Rating: 3.5
Full Size Products: 1   Deluxe Samples: 3   Foils: 3
Total Sample Value: $7.97
Total Personal Value: $6.25
+ Added Value: $6.00 in store credit
= Total Box Value = $12.25
Opinion: I really enjoyed receiving this box and trying new things, especially because it’s related to weight loss and health and I feel like that’s a good element to keep me motivated as I’m trying to be healthier and so far being very successful in that.

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