Project Pan {7+4 by 7/4}

I could not for the life of me find another project going on that was date specific and incorporated what I wanted to work on. So I got a teeny bit clever and launched the 7+4 by 7/4 challenge.

There’s two ways to do the challenge according to my made up rules:

Option 1: 7 full size/deluxe sample items, + 4 foil/one time use items.

Option 2: 7 items of one type (skincare, makeup, etc) + 4 items of another type.

I (and everyone that grabbed onto this challenge already on Reddit) have chosen to go for Option 1.

So here they are!


My 7 Main Items:

1. Degree Fresh Energy Dry Spray
Full Size | ~30% | GOAL: Empty
I really like this deodorant, but I’d like to move through it to use up some older ones.

2. Derma-e Hydrating Night Cream
0.5 oz Sample | ~15% | GOAL: Empty
Gorgeously creamy, perfect overnight moisturizer for unbelievable makeup application in the morning, but I forget to use it.

3. Promise Organics Ultra Moisturizing Argan Creme Facial Lotion
0.5 oz Sample | ~75% | GOAL: Empty
This smells pretty damn wonderful, it’s my oldest moisturizer sample left and I’ve got a lot more to work through.

4. 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment
1.5 oz Sample | ~85% | GOAL: Empty
I just got two samples of the Protect & Detangle from Birchbox… Besides like 6 other leave-in sprays. This needs to go.

5. Whish Revitalizing Cleansing Oil
0.5 oz Sample | ~40% | GOAL: Empty
Hilariously army-esque makeup removal gel to oil that works great but is messy to continue with. Time to use it up.

6. Maybelline FitMe Foundation Stick in 110
Depotted | ~15% | GOAL: Empty
I’ve had this since 2015 and it’s now in a travel container, with the remains of 2 of its buddies and some Manic Panic to make a creamy perfect concealer in my real shade. I’d like to use this up to indulge in a new concealer since my new found makeup love.

7. Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum
Full Size | ~10% | GOAL: Empty
I legit might cry when this is gone. It’s the only thing that’s just zapped my breakouts away without a burning or drying feeling. And I got it free to review, so there’s that. I’m going to stop letting myself hold onto this and see if there are any alternatives in my collection to handle breakouts until I’m in the 9-5 again.

(psst. here’s the items with visible usage)


My 4 Foil / Single Use Items:

1. Laura Geller spackle under make-up primer
Foil | ~90% | GOAL: Empty
Got this on r/makeupexchange and tried it once for just a few minutes on a makeup look, I want to test ittttt. I love Laura Geller’s blush, so hoping this works just as good.

2. Benefit POREfessional primer
Foil | unopened | GOAL: Empty
I have the tiny sample size of this as well, so I’d just like to get the foil out of my drawer. It came with an Ulta order.

3. Etude House I Need You Korean Strawberry Mask
Sheet Mask | unopened | GOAL: use/Empty
The Etude House masks don’t line up great with my face size and shape, so I need to make myself try another one and my strawberry addiction means this is the one I want to try.

4. Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Primer
Foil | unopened | GOAL: Empty
I again have a deluxe sample of this, and I really love it. I’ll be bringing this along on my upcoming trip to see the BF (finally), since its easier to use up a foil than bring along other stuff.

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