The Lippe Box Scam


UPDATE: After doing some comparisons with other ABH and MAC product owners, my Anastasia Beverly Hills is for sure fake, and my MAC is either a VERY good fake, or real. I’m not exactly positive. I will leave the rest of my review as is below so you can see my initial experience along with this update.

Unlike other subscriptions, Lippe Box claim a value amount, not a product number. Their normal subscription price is $15/month, and will contain about $40 in value.

It came in just 3 days, and it’s actually a little white bag with my name on it. And it’s got two of the more prominent names in cosmetics inside.


First up, we’ve got MAC. This particular lipstick is Retro Matte in Relentlessly Red. I swatched it, but haven’t worn it quite yet. I wanted to give you girls a peek as soon as possible if you aren’t already following me on Instagram and haven’t seen, but the reviews from Temptalia show this as being extremely long-wearing, though not transfer proof. It’s sort of a bright corally red and has high pigmentation, but does swatch a little dry, causing it to be buildable and extra matte.


The second product in this mailing is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Milk Shake. It looks like this is a re-release of one of their original colors. I’m a little disappointed in the application of this particular lipstick because it felt like it swatched on a little streaky, BUT… I also forgot to shake the tube. So… there’s that.

I’ll definitely be doing several looks featuring each of the lippes and do a follow up in depth review on each of them.

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15 thoughts on “The Lippe Box Scam

    1. I searched through images to find pictures of the packaging and bottom labels on both products. My ABH has a space where the original doesn’t. Both colors are also slightly off from online swatches. Honestly I’m keeping them for now and still may wear my MAC.

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