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Treatsie Unboxing {April 2016}

About Treatsie: Treatsie is a $19.95 a month subscription that delivers artisan sweets and chocolates from small-batch confectioners across the country to your door. Each month is a curated box, but they do ask for your preferences in order to potentially eliminate things you absolutely wouldn’t try. Each box contains up to $25.00 in value, and features a minimum of 3 different confectioners, and the hot months/regions they package their treats with ice packs and insulation to keep them in good quality, and it just takes a quick email if your treats arrive in bad condition. They are currently continental US only.

The benefit of this box is finding quality treats that you may not otherwise come across and having them delivered to your door monthly. This box is not intended to be a high discount on the products inside, but rather expose you to new indie brands in a surprise.

What’s in the box?

Treatsie April 2016

Zlicious Confections Oatmeal Cookie Popcorn
FULL SIZE = 8 oz bag
I really didn’t expect much from this. The preview didn’t excite me. And then… I tasted it. OH, my god. It didn’t last a day. It didn’t get shared. And I have no shame in eating it all up myself. It’s like the best version of caramel corn but with a soothing comfort food oatmeal cinnamon flavor
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $8.00
My Value: $4.99
Will I buy it? I would buy this as a gift or for a party/gathering.
Full Size Price: $8.00

Stay Sweet Macs Coconut Key Lime Macaroons
FULL SIZE = 4 macaroons
I love key lime, but hate coconut, so these got passed on to my mom for Mother’s Day. Since I didn’t try them, I can’t accurately rate them.
Rating: N/A
Sample Value: $8.00
My Value: $6.50
Will I buy it? No. I don’t like coconut.
Full Size Price: $8.00

Treatsie Grasshopper Pie Bar

Ticket Chocolate Grasshopper Pie Bar
FULL SIZE = 2.5 oz bar
This was a pretty cool concept, minty swirl chocolate coating some intentionally broken pieces of dark chocolate cookie that’s almost like a graham cracker.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $6.00
My Value: $3.99
Will I buy it? It’s yummy but probably not.
Full Size Price: $6.00

Glee Gum Gum Pop in Sweet Strawberry
SAMPLE = 1 pop
YES! Strawberry flavor. It tastes so so good. And the best part? Glee Gum created ‘the world’s first and only 100% natural gum pop!’
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $0.45
My Value: $0.99
Will I buy it? I’d pick up a bag of these for Halloween or the office.
Full Size Price: $4.55 for an assorted bag of 10

Glee Gum Gum Pop in Crisp Green Apple
SAMPLE = 1 pop
The green apple was a nice refreshing flavor without a sourness like most green apple flavorings. The gum wasn’t too hard and kept its flavor throughout chewing it. I didn’t try blowing bubbles though, maybe I should have.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $0.45
My Value: $0.99
Will I buy it? I’d pick up a bag of these for Halloween or the office.
Full Size Price: $4.55 for an assorted bag of 10

Box Summary

Treatsie April 2016

Box Cost: $19.95 w/shipping (I paid 14.75 on a deal)
Box Rating: 3.5
Treats: 5
Total Retail Value: $22.90
Total Personal Value: $17.46
+ Added Box Value = $5.00 May Add-To-Box Credit (won’t use)
= Total Box Value = $17.46
Opinion: I wasn’t excited about this box until I got it, but in reality the only thing that was a disappointment was the coconut, just because it’s not a flavor I like. If they didn’t have coconut, this box would be amazing for me. I do wish there had been a bit more chocolate, and I’ve been craving some chocolate peanut butter, or some more fruity chocolate bits ,but my only real complaint is that I was able to eat up my treats so fast.

If you’re interested in trying out Treatsie, I’d love it if you used my link! I can earn a small store credit to add more treats to my next box with each referral. No strings attached. 🙂 Sign-up for Treatsie now and use the code FRBUCO01 to get double the treats in your first box! Or check out my past Treatsie Unboxings!

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