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Goals vs Commitments

Goals vs Commitments

I was listening to an audio book this morning, short enough that it’s almost a podcast: The Miracle of Self-Discipline, by Brian Tracy. I’ve listened to this before, and it’s one of the most quotable hours of listening that you could ever experience.

One of the concepts in this ‘book’ involves goals vs commitments. You may have heard one of my favorite quotes of all time: “A GOAL is just a DREAM with a DEADLINE.” But what is that really? If your goal is to lose weight… are you really committing to it?

Brian talks about writing out your goals as commitments. “I weigh x pounds.” “I run 10 miles a day.” “I make healthy choices.” Write “I”, because as he explains, you are the only person that can say I about You – and if you use action verbs, you are mentally stimulating yourself into taking an action.

Every morning because of Brian Tracy’s The Miracle of Self-Discipline, I write out 10-15 goals as commitments. Specifically, ones that I’d like to accomplish in the next year. About weight, about this blog, about communicating with my guy, about conquering anxiety. Anything that is important to me, I can make into an action step. Right now one of my goals is:

“I spend 20 minutes every day networking for my blog.”

It’s that simple.

The last part of this that has worked so far for me is fake it till you make it. Brian’s advice is that if there is a quality that you want to have, act in every situation where that quality is needed – as if you already possess it. You need to make a call that scares you? Tell yourself it doesn’t. You’re brave, you’re confident, and you can do this. Telling yourself that you can do something is proven to help you conquer it.

Positive, actionable commitments can change your life.

I highly recommend that you check out this recording from him. It’s worth listening to, and re-listening to. Pop it in and listen to it on your way to work on Monday morning, or while you’re working around the house, even doing your makeup. He discusses everything from habit forming to goal making and just general life progress. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself this year. You deserve to improve your life to be exactly what you want to be.

You can get this audio CD at, as well as read about some of his nearly infamous other productivity and personal growth books like Eat That Frog, which personally, is next on my list of Must Reads.

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