My First Adore Me Unboxing {from a DD+++ girl}


MOST girls, have a love/hate relationship with their chest. It’s too big, it’s too small, this one’s bigger, they’re poking out at inappropriate times, bras are expensive, bras wear out, the cutest ones always get discontinued, sometimes your back hurts, clothing is never made perfectly for YOUR chest size… Everything that can go wrong… has. Usually relatively often.

My curse isn’t new, and it sure as hell isn’t something just happening to me. I got ‘blessed’ with a 38-40HH chest. It’s obnoxious as all hell, and since Adore Me has been everywhere with their little deals and gorgeous designs, plus returns and exchanges if anything doesn’t fit? I had to try. Actually I had to try because my back and ribcage hurt so bad after squishing these things into a 42DD that I cried, for an hour.

Adore Me does NOT go up to my size, BUT, there’s a little cheat to that, kinda, and I decided to see if it would work: Balconette bras. Because of the cut, in my experience with the size and shape of my chest, balconette bras can fit me comfortably without the quadrouple boob overspill effect out of a B rated sci-fi movie. They’re more open at the top and so if you widen the band a size or two you can comfortably fit everything ‘in’ there.

So I saw this… and I fell in love with it:


This is the Azura Contour Plus set in a gorgeous shade of blue… in the size 44G. And it fits… gorgeously. And the best part? I got it for $19.95. It sells on their website normally for $49.95.


It’s extremely comfortable and it feels like true high quality. This particular design is definitely not meant to be worn invisibly under a thin or clingy shirt, but the support, especially in a longer line bra design such as this, is just amazing. My back and ribs almost cried in gratitude when I put this on for the first time. I’m already drooling over the designs I’ll be receiving next, though I’m forcing myself to wait a month or two for financial reasons.

Oh, did I mention that? You can customize a month or skip it entirely within the first 5 days of the month. This is a subscription, though. If you don’t select a style, they will charge you $39.95 that will store on your account there as store credit, which is very handy if you didn’t find a style you liked now but know you’re ordering later. If you skip, they will not charge you that month, and there is a 30 day refund policy if they charged you credit but you didn’t want to be. There’s also free exchanges and returns because sometimes a style or size just might not work and they want to make it easy. AND every 6th set is free.

They have lingerie sets, bedroom wear, and swimwear – ‘from petite to plus’ – 30A-46G.

*42 I, and 44H are currently available in 2 styles, the one I received, and a more sheer lace trim. – These sizes were sold out when I ordered.

I 100% recommend Adore Me, and I will be ordering from there regularly when it’s financially feasible for me – and sharing the hauls with you girls! But in the meantime I will be enjoying the decadent lacey blue set that I have now. If you are interested in Adore Me, I would love it if you’d sign-up using my link – it will give you your first set for $24.95, and it gives me a $15 store credit (yay! cheaper lingerie!).

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