What I Wore This Week | Palette A Week 3

Last week was my GAGA 180 color palette, or rather one layer of it – the brights. This week I spent my time working with the Ulta Gilded Gold palette, AND, due to a change in schedule – moving the posts from Wednesdays to weekends, This will be 1 1/2 weeks. It worked out rather well because the second of the palettes I used this week wasn’t my style, and I dreaded a week with it right now.

ulta gilded gold

I love this palette even though it’s nudes because it’s an even mix of mattes and shimmers and has a blendable base for each shimmer involved. This was the first time that I really took it for a spin beyond a random quick look before running out the door. The only downside… I didn’t wear makeup much this week. 😦

#100DaysOfMakeup: Day 13


semi-reverse halo eye with Bone and Flicker
Ulta Gilded Gold Palette

#100DaysOfMakeup: Day 14


neutral eye
(didn’t really become a fan of this look, more because of my skin)
Ulta Gilded Gold Palette + Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm as gloss

I wish I’d played more with makeup this week. It was a palette that was fun to play with, and that I can get a lot more looks out of, but with breakouts and stress, I just wasn’t into it this week.

For my half week, I used the pastel feeling mini palette that I got as a free gift with the Gilded Gold Ulta palette. While I don’t dislike it… maybe I just don’t know how to use it properly? I’ll try it again in a future week but right now I can’t stand it on it’s own.


#100DaysOfMakeup: Day 15


arched brownie brows
(I felt like a whorish disco ball until I wiped away enough shimmer to get this)
‘moonbeam’ & ‘bayou’, Eyeko FAT liner, with ‘brownie’ on brows & lower lashline

#100DaysOfMakeup: Day 16


nearly naked romance
MILK lip color in C.R.E.A.M., ‘romance’ & ‘give me gold’ from ulta mini

The looks didn’t turn out bad, I did have a little trouble with blemishes on the corner of my lip both days so that sucked, but the palette is hard to work with due to the high shimmer in most of the shades, at least as far as when developing a variety of looks.

This week?


This week I will be challenging myself to use only my Smashbox travel trio in Filter to create as many different looks as possible. I think it’ll both be more simple and more complex because it’ll be all about shadow placement as I will typically use all three colors every day.

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