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Is The Beauty Blender Worth It?

For this Friday Favorites, I wanted to talk about the nearly infamous Beauty Blender.

I got my first real life beauty blender in a Birchbox kit, but I can’t IMAGINE the idea of paying $20, just for a sponge? Even a really good one. So I went on Amazon searching for a cheap alternative that would be at least half as good.

This, is the original, official $20 beautyblender:


and these, are the dupes I got on Amazon for <$4 for 4:


So I’m going to clarify this with I like using my beautyblender dry. It works better for me, whether it’s because of the formula of my foundation or just the way I like using it. I like it dry. So I’m comparing both of these dry.

The beautyblender is softer. The color is more vibrant, and it gives a more even SHEER coverage when wet. My skin isn’t currently good enough for sheer coverage, so this isn’t what I’m looking for.

The offbrand sponges from Amazon are firmer, but not rough. They feel sturdier. They give a more even FULL coverage when dry. They also seem to clean a little easier without getting the little pockmarks and tears.


With the exception of the micro.mini green, these are all after 2 months of use. This picture shows them freshly cleaned with as much staining out as I could get, and all of them are wet. The dupes do not swell up in size, while the beautyblender official started the same size, and grew significantly larger.

The offbrands do seem to stain a little more due to the higher density. The dark stain on the light yellow sponge is from a bronzer, the rest have been used with foundation. There is less pigment leakage from the offbrands than the official beauty.blender, though.

I genuinely feel like for my use, the off brand ones are better. I haven’t reached for my beauty blender except to do my face half and half since I got these. My favorite shape to use is the indented ones because they give you a nice place to grip and it feels like you can get more of a defined shape such as for contouring, or for concealing along an overly done contour line… *cough*

I definitely think these are worth grabbing, even just for backups or experimenting with if you like a sponge application. I personally will not be purchasing another beautyblender official in the future, but will be repurchasing these or another offbrand. You can purchase these specific ones through Amazon, though they have many other options for cheap beauty blender type sponges as well if you prefer another color or only one shape.

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