My First Project Pan {5 by Cinco de Mayo}

project pan 5 by cinco

If you’ve read my blog for a bit, you might know that I’m aiming for a more minimalist lifestyle. Not 100%, but not having unnecessary items in my life or collection. Because of that, at the end of each month I’m doing a full inventory of my collection, new items, things to sell, and things to use up.

I’ve seen so many Project Pan’s going around and it seemed like the perfect time to start one of mine. Most of my items are from subscription boxes, so every item in this is actually a deluxe sample size. (and my boyfriends fault… cause I showed him a list of what I was considering and he decided on 5 for me)


#1: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
SAMPLE SIZE = 2 oz  |  70% remaining
(from Target January 2016 Renewal Beauty Box)

I got this in the same month I got my NIVEA In-Shower, and while this is nice because you don’t have to rinse off, the almond smell is just not my favorite. I don’t need 2 different products to do the same thing, so I’d like to get this used up first and move onto NIVEA and potentially buying full size of that.

#2: COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer
SAMPLE SIZE = 0.23 oz  |  35% remaining
(from December 2015 Birchbox)

I really like this moisturizer, but it’s currently the oldest in my collection from beauty boxes or otherwise, and I’d like to use up this before moving onto a newer sample, even if it’s only a few months old.

#3: Hemp Nation Kiwi-Mango Body Wash
TRAVEL SIZE = 2 oz  |  80% remaining
(from February 2016 Beauty Box 5)

I really adore this body wash, even though it seems to be from a tanning company? But it smells delicious. I get so many body washes, I’m in the mood for this smell and I can commit to using this until it’s gone.

#4: Milk Makeup Lip Color in C.R.E.A.M.
MICRO MINI = 0.014 oz  |  99% remaining
(from March 2016 Ready For Anything Beauty Box)

Probably the only actual lip color product I can imagine being able to use up anytime soon, since it is so small, but more than big enough to find out if you like it enough to buy it. It’s my current MLBB and I told Max (aka: the boyfriend) he better get used to seeing it. I love the color but don’t think I’ll repurchase due to the price point of $22. (although I am starting to learn that makeup takes FOR-EVER to use up even using regularly, so maybe it’s a little more worth the investment than I feel?)

#5: Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm
SAMPLE SIZE = 0.1 oz  |  30% remaining
(from Customer Favorites Birchbox)

I’m not a big fan of this. It comes out gunky and weird, but it is nourishing on the lips. I have a lot of chapsticks and I’d like to get this awkward little sample out of my collection.

I’ll make a few updates to this project, mostly as I finish an item or make significant progress (or get frustrated and need some other makeup-trapped souls to feel for me), before it’s over on May 5th

This is also riding on the back of a few other projects I’m starting including rotating out palettes and daily little ‘activity’ challenges on r/MakeupRehab that I’ll be completing on and off. Fellow redditor?

If you’re also doing any sort of project pan, I’d love to check it out! 😀

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