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Treatsie Unboxing {March 2016}


About Treatsie: Treatsie is a $19.95 a month subscription that delivers artisan sweets and chocolates from small-batch confectioners across the country to your door. Each month is a curated box, but they do ask for your preferences in order to potentially eliminate things you absolutely wouldn’t try. Each box contains up to $25.00 in value, and features a minimum of 3 different confectioners, and the hot months/regions they package their treats with ice packs and insulation to keep them in good quality, and it just takes a quick email if your treats arrive in bad condition. They are currently continental US only.

The benefit of this box is finding quality treats that you may not otherwise come across and having them delivered to your door monthly. This box is not intended to be a high discount on the products inside, but rather expose you to new indie brands in a surprise.

So What’s In The Box:


This month had 4/6 treats with a type of caramel inside, but still managed to have really great variety of flavors.


Bees & Beans Honey Bar Junior
one bar
This thing is mouthwatering, and basically impossible to share. It’s soft and melty and just substantial enough to feel satisfied with the amount you got. Plus the packaging is unbelieeevably cute. These can’t be around the house because they’d get eaten wayyy too fast.
Rating: 5/5
My Value: $1.99
Will I buy it? Yes.
Retail Price: $1.66


Clairesquares Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Square
one 2.1 oz square
This is one of the most decadent chocolate caramels I’ve ever had. I couldn’t begin to eat all of this in one go, and ended up sharing it with my family over 2 days. Turning this single square into around 4-9 satisfyingly sweet little bites. I’d be so excited to try more from Clairesquares!!
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $2.99
My Value: $2.99
Will I buy it? Totally.
Full Size Price: $2.99

J&M Foods Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies
one 2.5 oz box
This is really the only disappointing thing in this box. The cookies are relatively hard and powdery, and while it may have been from being packaged and shipped… they just weren’t anything extrordinary to me. I feel like I could easily pick up similar or better quality in any grocery store. I’d be interested to try more from J&M Foods to show me something.
Rating: 2/5
Sample Value: $2.90
My Value: $2.90
Will I buy it? No.
Full Size Price: $2.90 (Treatsie lists $5.00)


B.T. McElrath Chocolate Bite in Salted Butter Caramel
one 0.30 oz bite
This is mouth watering. The perfect little bite of chocolate and caramel goodness. I didn’t know what to expect with Salted Butter, but it was freaking delicious. Totally worth it. Just oh so slightly too small to be satisfying, where I’d want a second one.
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $0.75
My Value: $0.79
Will I buy it? I’d pick up one in a check out line or add it to an order, but I would not order it on it’s own.
Full Size Price: $18.00 for 24 bites

B.T. McElrath Chocolate Bite in Dark Chocolate Caramel
one 0.30 oz bite
This one isn’t quite as good. It’s definitely dark chocolate and if you’re specifically in to that, you’ll love it, but the caramel taste was completely lost to me in the midst of the dark chocolate, and after expecting more of a creamy flavor like the first bite, it was a little disappointing.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $0.75
My Value: $0.79
Will I buy it? Not this variety, no.
Full Size Price: $18.00 for 24 bites


Raley’s Confectionary Treatsie Variety Mix Hard Candy
one 3 oz bag
I’d seen these in the (treatsie) store and in past boxes on Instagram, and had Nooo idea what they would taste like. But they’re really fantastic!!! It took me about 6 times of trying little bits of them to notice the tiny fruit pattern in them indicating the flavor. Even the banana flavor is delicious in these. They’re sour and sweet and tarte and you only need a few to give you a little boost. Definitely yummy
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $6.00
My Value: $5.99
Will I buy it? I’d pick these up as a gift or be happy to get them in another box.
Full Size Price: $6.00


Box Summary

Box Cost: $19.95 (I paid $14.75 on a deal)
Box Rating: 4.5
Full Size Products: 6
Total Sample Value: $15.05
Total Personal Value: $15.45
+ Added Value: shipping
= Total Box Value = $15.45
Opinion: I’m definitely pleased with this box. The treats are so yummy and this is basically my trade-off for not currently getting a period box since it’s been coming around the time I need a chocolate pick-me-up. I think this box is definitely worth it due to the curation of sweets you might not find otherwise, and there’s the value of their super fast (legit, 2-3 day) shipping and cooling packs for it in the hot months. This isn’t stuff you could pick up in a store all at once. I’m glad to be receiving my little indulgence each month (and making the boyfriend jealous of my chocolate fix).

View my first unboxing, or sign-up here* and use FRBUCO01 for double the sweets in your first box. *If I’m the one to convince you to try this box, I’d love it if you’d use my link, I am not affiliated with Treatsie, but can get their normal $10 store credit for any referrals.

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