LipMonthly Unbagging {March 2016}


About Lip Monthly: Lip Monthly is a $12.95/month subscription bag focusing on lip products. Each month you will receive 3-4 lip products, as well as a non-lip product, in deluxe samples or full size products with a guaranteed value of $35-$55 in each bag. The products are mailed in an envelope, and are packed into a Lip Monthly mini/travel makeup bag. They ship later in the month and have a variety of boutique to drugstore brands. If you’re a lippie lover, you can try them out here for just $5.00 by using the code LIPLOVER.

Initial Impressions: This isn’t a bad bag. The design is much cuter than last month, and it doesn’t smell like plastic like the first one either. Every product is full size, and they’re all relatively high quality. *Note: I am a cheapskate when it comes to makeup, my values are how much I would pay for this quality and amount of product received.

This month along with two other products, Lip Monthly paired up with a brand new cosmetics line: Camilla Cosmetics (and their website doesn’t seem to be fully functional yet, as they don’t allow a color choice for lipstick/gloss or tell you what the color is). It’s literally 2 products you can purchase. They sent the same color of the lipstick and gloss so that you can choose to wear it matte or vamped up. The only thing is, nowhere on the packaging (box or tube) does it say the size of the products. Which just bothers me for my database.

What’s In The Bag?


Camilla Cosmetics Lipstick (in 23?)
This smells great and applies nicely, 23 (only name or indication of shade that I can find for it) is a wearable purpleish shade. It’s about 3/4ths of the way between sheer and opaque, and is firm enough to go on the lip in one swipe of color, but does layer. It feels soft and moisturizing, but there’s definitely transfer.
Rating: 3.5/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $4.19
Will I buy it? I’m looking for non-transfer long-wear lipsticks, so no.

Camilla Cosmetics Lipgloss (in 23?)
I’m not a big fan of gloss, but this isn’t a bad one. It smells delicious and fruity, and it adds a little depth along with the gloss due to the slightly darker color of the gloss. It’s very well formulated and only mildly sticky.
Rating: 4/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $4.19
Will I buy it? I’ll use glosses I get, but I won’t purchase them.


Top to Bottom: Ecolips in Sugarplum, Camilla Lipstick in 23, Camilla Lipgloss in 23, Cargo Blush/Bronzer

Ecolips Tinted Balm in Sugarplum
I love the way this feels on my lips. Even the sugarplum almost cinnamony flavor is nice, if Christmassy. But my problem with this is how it applies. It’s an oval shaped balm and I have not figured how to get this on without smearing it ALLLL around my mouth. I feel like a 5 year old playing with mommy’s makeup. Tips??? But also just yeah… Sugarplum makes me think of Christmas, can we have some melon or fruity flavors?
Rating: 1.5/5 due to application & wrong season
Retail Value: $4.49
My Value: $0.79
Will I buy it? No. It’s too hard to apply.


Cargo Blush/Bronzer Duo
I’m getting such a collection of blushes when I wear them once a month… But this is actually a very pigmented bronzer for contouring. The blush isn’t nearly as pigmented. I do like that you can use a brush across both of these colors and sheer it out onto your cheeks (at least if you have a face shape where you apply angular blush). This has been my go to for the past few days just because it’s easy. To get noticable blush it would need to be more pigmented, but I’m not a fan of pink cheeks so I don’t mind that much.
Rating: Blush 2/5; Bronzer 4/5; Balance at 3/5
Retail Value: $10.00
My Value: $3.79
Will I buy it? I’ll use it up, but I don’t know that I’d purchase it.


Bag Summary

Bag Cost: $12.95 ($9.73 on a deal)
Bag Rating: 3/5
Full Size Products: 4
Total Sample Value: $42.49
Total Personal Value: $12.46
+ Added Value: $1.79 bag value
= Total Bag Value = $14.25
Opinion: There’s only one product that I won’t use, but nothing that I’d repurchase, and no holy grail finds. I’m content to receive this subscription for 2 more months prepaid, but so far I’m not impressed enough to pay for this subscription monthly as the products aren’t fitting my day-to-day needs, and I won’t need as many lip products as I’d receive long-term. If you’re more of a lip person than me and want various products rather than ones fitting a specific need, I would recommend this bag.

If this does fit your style and needs, you can sign-up for Lip Monthly here, and use LIPLOVER to get your first month for $5.00. View my February bag here.

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