Julep Maven Unboxing {March 2016}

Soooo I didn’t really like any of the selections this month… except the eyeliner. So I traded out both of my polishes… and then kinda sorta splurged a little with an add on polish… and an add on mystery polish… and an add on mystery trio… which gave me a free mystery polish. Oops ūüėČ So this is what I ended up with:


note: the most color accurate photo of all polishes together is at the bottom of the post, in the summaries.

About Julep:¬†Julep Maven¬†is a $24.99 per month subscription box featuring (typically) 2 nail polishes, and one cosmetic or beauty item in the box, all full-size. Julep is unique in¬†it’s ability to be almost¬†completely customized, by you¬†– you can swap between curated boxes available that month for different styles, swap out individual polishes or your beauty item, or swap out every item they set you up with to create basically your own box, but only within a window of a few days, or you will get the default box for your style profile. You can also choose to skip a month, or many months in a row.

See my last box, or sign-up for Julep Maven.

I’ll separate my box from the add-ons so you guys can see what’s ‘normal’.

My Box Selections:



pictured from Julep:
electric teal shimmer liner
Brandis and Isabella on nails

Julep When Pencil Met Gel in Electric Teal Shimmer
I fell in love with it because of the color, and honestly I figured I’d just end up using it on my lower lashline because I love a splash of color. But this ended up looking SOOO gorgeous even on the upper lashline, even with blue eyes. This goes on as easy or easier than any other gel or liquid liner. It’s smooth, there’s no tugging, you can rub your finger over it and get no smudging. It will even last most of the way through a bath. I have NO complaints or points of improvement. And if you’re a current Maven, you can get these in the store for $12.80, and with the 30% code in the box… it’s just $8.96 a liner!!!
Rating: 5/5
Retail Value: $16.00
My Value: $7.99
Will I buy it? This is a formula I would definitely get more of.
Subscriber Price: $12.80

julep march 2016 lux magdalene

top: Magdalene, bottom: Luz

Julep Nail Polish in Magdalene
“blue curacao shimmer” from the Boho Glam collection.
Oh this pretty fantastic sparkly blue. It called out to me. I don’t even wear nail polish that often and this makes me want to. It’s currently decorating my toes actually, along with my other pick. This goes on almost perfectly opaque in one coat, and two coats just makes it look extra chic. I’ve had it on for a week (on toes, so a little safer than fingers, for what it’s worth) with no chipping at all.
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $14.00
My Value: $4.95
Would I recommend it?¬†100%. It’s sooo pretty.
Full Size Price: $11.20

Julep Nail Polish in Luz
Experience and opinion
“sunset gold metallic” from the Boho Glam¬†collection
Rating: 5/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $4.95
Would I recommend? Definitely!
Subscriber Price: $11.20

My Add-Ons:

julep march 2016 isabela


Julep Nail Polish in Isabela
“Amparo blue creme” from the Boho Glam¬†collection
This is the one add-on that I picked the color of. I actually got this free because I had Julep points from my last box. It’s streaky with one layer sometimes, but perfect coverage in 2, and lasts pretty well even for someone that tends to pick at their nails.
Rating: 4/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $4.95
Would I recommend? Worth
SPECIAL Price: $5.00
Cost as Add-On: $4.99 (mine was free using 400 points)

julep march 2016 trio

top: Danica, middle: Madison, bottom: Corinne ($9.99)

Julep Nail Polish in Danica (March Mystery Trio 1/3)
“blue violet iridescent creme” from the Boho Glam¬†collection
This one is really pretty, ¬†and my favorite of the trio. And the only one I’m keeping of the trio. This came as a prepackaged set that was given to every subscriber that got the mystery trio and was not random. It feels very fourth of July, and I was hoping for and expecting more springy colors in the trio, maybe even some St. Patrick’s Day greens. But this one is a keeper.
Rating: 4.5/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $4.95
Would I recommend?
Subscriber Price: $11.20
Cost As Add-On: $9.99 for trio = $3.33 each

Julep Nail Polish in Madison  (March Mystery Trio 2/3)
“tropical coral creme” from the Boho Glam¬†collection
So in the bottle it looks pretty red, online it looks more pink/orangey, and on the finger it’s somewhere between the two? This didn’t apply as smoothly for me as the others, and it takes 3+ layers without a base. I’ll probably give this one away.
Rating: 2/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $1.39
Would I recommend? Unless you wear white bases or like sheer, no.
Subscriber Price: $11.20
Cost As Add-On: $9.99 for trio = $3.33 each

Julep Nail Polish in Corinne  (March Mystery Trio 3/3)
“Sandcastle Stardust” from the Bombshell¬†collection
This is just not a polish type for me. At all. It dries feeling glittery over top and like sandpaper. Maybe it’s a trend I’m not into? If the thick glitter sandpaper look appeals to you then this is perfect because it’s exxtremely high quality for what it is. But I’d never have picked it. It could be great for a snow look. Only one coat is needed.
Rating: 1/5 for my tastes, 5/5 is accurate to what it says
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $0.99
Would I recommend? N/A Рhigh quality but not my taste.
SPECIAL Price: $5.00
Cost As Add-On: $9.99 for trio = $3.33 each

julep march 2016 mystery + add-on

top: Brandis ($4.99) bottom: Nayely (Free)

Julep Nail Polish in Brandis (March Madness Mystery Polish)
“taos turquoise creme” from the Boho Glam collection
I LOVE that this was my mystery polish. It’s a color I would have picked out by myself and it’s so creamy and gorgeous and tealll!!! Everything’s better in teal and the fact that it came when I got my other blue nail polish and teal eyeliner is soo perfect.
Rating: 5/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $4.95
Would I recommend? Absolutely.
Subscriber Price: $11.20
Cost As Add-On: $4.99

Julep Nail Polish in Nayely (Free Mystery Gift)
“papaya nectar creme” from the Bombshell¬†collection
This was the bonus mystery gift with the purchase of 3 add-ons.¬†I’m not a big fan of the color, I feel like it washes me out, and I think it’s another one that requires a white base coat and I’m just not that kind of girl. I’ll also be giving this one away.
Rating: 2/5
Retail Value: $14.00
My Value: $1.49
Would I recommend? Not a fan personally.
SPECIAL Price: $5.00
Cost As Add-On: Free w/3 add-on items

Box Summary(s)

julep march 2016 haul

left to right: Brandis, Isabela, Danica, Magdalene, Luz, Madison, Nayely, Corinne

Normal Box

Box Cost: $24.99
Normal Box Rating:
 5. Straight up every product I picked was 5/5.
Full Size Products: 3
Total Retail Value: $44.00
Total Personal Value: $17.89
+ Added Value: $0.00
= Total Box Value = $17.89 ($7.10 less than paid)
Opinion:¬†These particular products from Julep lived up to my standard. I still think 4.95 is a LOT to pay for a nail polish, and that’s really the highest I can justify in my mind. Same with an eyeliner. I’m just not a girl that can stand paying a lot for a product unless I use it every day or it’s like applicable magic. I absolutely love each of the 3 items, but on its own, Julep’s box isn’t a monthly expense I can justify.

Complete Order

Box Cost: $39.97 = $24.99 + $9.99 trio + $4.99 + free
Box Rating w/Add-Ons:
Full Size Products: 9
Total Retail Value: $128.00
Total Personal Value: $37.31
+ Added Value: $0.00
= Total Box Value = $37.31 ($2.26 less than paid)
Opinion:¬†This is another bust for me in pricing, just because only 2 of my 5 mystery polishes appealed to me. It feels like the Julep formulas are really hit or miss. I get great results¬†in the shimmers, the metallic are really great but not always true to color based on my first box. Their lipsticks are a bust for me but their pencil met gel eyeliners are OHMYGOD. Potential holy grail. Just they’re a little pricey in general as a brand, which is interesting since it’s all their own brand. I’m staying a subscriber due to the ability to skip months to watch spoilers and get discount pricing if I do decide to indulge.

Who this subscription is good for: NOTD gals and girls that like a pretty indulgence every month or every few months with some pretty unique colors and formulas, with the option to skip or customize. If you choose to try this subscription out, I’d love it if¬†you’d sign-up using my link.

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