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The $6 Liquid Lippie Cult Faves: ColourPop


So I actually got these over a month ago, but I haven’t had much of a chance to wear them because well… lipstick intimidates me. I have this horrifying fear of being out to dinner with my guy or for a work lunch and having my lipstick end up only around the edges of my lips. It’s probably my only beauty related fear. Well… OK and waxing certain areas. But still.

So I decided I just HAD to get ColourPop’s Ultra Mattes when I fell in love with Jeffree Star’s Androgyny online… and came across a dupe for 1/3rd the price?? StingRaye. Ohmygosh gorgeous. But then of course since there’s shipping too and you can only get it online… I added two more to my cart for colors to experiment with.

I ended up with Trap, StingRaye, and Avenue:


They arrived in just over a week, and the presentation left a little to be desired, but it’s acceptable as the products weren’t damaged. The order comes in a padded envelope and the boxes were squished up, which really only upsets me because I’m OCD enough not to want to take photos of imperfect boxes for you guys.


^sorry for the overly sharp eyes. tried a new camera app. I prefer my default.

I of course tested StingRaye first: the gorgeous “cool toned mauve brown” that looked different in EVERY SINGLE FREAKING PICTURE. It does last pretty well on the lips, even through a DQ blizzard my lips only lost a tiny bit of color towards the last spoonfuls. However, on a kiss test (the back of my hand is miserable at kissing, btw) I did notice a little transfer, it was very subtle, but enough that a guy might not want it on his lips. I really can’t vouch for if this is an Androgyny dupe, because I don’t have that one yet, but I love it even with the minor issues.
Rating: 4/5 due to transfer and flaking if layered improperly during touchups.
Is it worth it? Yes. I don’t regret buying this.


The next thing I was just soo tempted to try was Trap: “a dusty greyed out beige” that I thought would get me a little out of my comfort zone. This ended up being my favorite of the 3 and the one I’ve used most often. It had no noticeable transfer and lasted through eating, drinking, everything, right up until a burger or spaghetti or something else with grease/oil.
Rating: 5/5
Is it worth it? Definitely. I don’t know if the formula is a tiny bit different but its Perfect.


Finally I got into Avenue: a “deep yellow red” that looked like the perfect sultry color. I’m really really in love with this color. There is a bit of transfer onto drinks and your hand if you aren’t careful, and you definitely need to touch up after eating. (also sorry for the crappy application, still learning this liquid lipstick stuff… and lipstick in general – it’s my fault, not the lipsticks)
Rating: 4/5 due to transfer and having to be careful applying to get it even.
Is it worth it? I still really think it is. I’m still very happy with the color.

Tips to get your best use:

  • Moisturize your lips the night before if possible.
  • Dry your lips before applying.
  • Do not add a second coat once its dried, this makes it flake and transfer. If you are going to layer colors you MUST do it when it’s wet.
  • Use a lip liner with the darker colors. It’s probably obvious. But I didn’t own one.
  • If you have a lip stain similar in color or tone, use it under these.
  • Don’t hold them sideways… the formula is very very liquidy and it will drip out. Oops.

Final Thoughts:

I think these are ABSOLUTELY worth the $6.00 price point. I love that ColourPop has some beautiful colors that are more within the traditional family, some that are brilliant dupes of more expensive brands, and some that are gorgeously unique. I’m pretty sure my next one will be Jellies, a really gorgeous royal blue.

Do I recommend ColourPop Ultra Mattes? YES. Definitely yes. Especially if you’re like me and wanting to experiment with colors and figure out if they’re right for your coloring and personality these are a great, quality, budget-friendly way to enter the world of liquid lippies.

I also have one of their highlighters, and those are also pretty damn epic. Worth a look!


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