FabFitFun Welcome Box Unboxing!!

I grabbed the Leap Year deal to pick the FabFitFun Welcome Box for just $24.99.



My little helper got tired out after opening this one.

About Fab Fit Fun: FabFitFun is a $49.99 seasonal subscription box filled with lavish full-size products totaling over $200 in value every 3 months. The products range from beauty to fitness to fashion and accessories. The boxes are curated and are known to sell out between seasons. There is also a Welcome Box available containing over $300 in value. If you choose to be a ‘Select’ member (aka: subscribe annually), you can save a few dollars every month and will sometimes have the option to choose one of the variable box items. If you’re interested in FabFitFun, you can sign-up here with my link to get $10 off.

First Subscriber Impressions: I knew what was coming in this box, and I definitely think it’s worth my money, and yes I do think it’s worth the money full-price too. BUT, this box feels incredibly lavish, and that’s actually a feeling I’m a little uncomfortable with. I am not swayed by most brand names, nor trendy and expensive items, so I’m not sure how this subscription would be for me long term, but let’s get into the contents:


The Welcome Box:


Frends Donna Ear Buds
So… expensive headphones. I got these in pure white with silver accent. And I was so, SO skeptical. Like I looked at these and I was like god they don’t even go into your ear tight how are they ever going to have good sound?? BUT… they surprised me. I tried these with both my laptop and my phone, and they are definitely superior to any other headphones I’ve tried (disclaimer: the most expensive headphones I’ve owned are $19.99 SkullCandy earbuds) I am very happy to own these, they will be my go to. I still don’t know if I could justify paying $80 for headphones, but they’re definitely worth paying a little more for this quality. I can’t give a perfect 5/5 until I test them for running and dancing, and it’s too damn cold out Minnesota!
Rating: 4.75/5
Retail Value: $80.00
Personal Value: $29.95 (aka: the maximum I can justify for headphones)
Would I buy them? On a huge sale? Maybe.


Wren 14kt Gold Dipped Necklace (horseshoe)
This isn’t my style, gold isn’t my color, I only wear one necklace and it never comes off, and I don’t know anyone that would wear this. This will go in a giveaway I’ll be hosting in the next few months. It looks like amazing quality, it’s a very deep rich gold, it’s understated and simple but elegant, and I understand the value of it but it’s not even remotely for me.
Rating: N/A
Retail Value: $100.00
Personal Value: $0.00
Would I buy it? It’s just not for me. Too subtle.

FabFitFun x CosmoBody Jump Rope
This seems pretty nice. Waterproof at least to a degree, wipe it clean, swings nicely. It’s too cold to test it out officially yet and I think the dog would get in the way if I tried it indoors. Besides the new puppy factor.
Rating: 4/5
Retail Value: $14.00
Personal Value: $12.99
Would I buy it? I don’t know if you Can buy it again? But it is nice to have a second jump rope once it warms up.

Gorge I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray
I’ve seen samples of this in SOOO many different boxes. But I’d yet to get it? (I know, shocker right, in my whole 3 months of subscription boxes?) Now I know I really wouldn’t mind receiving more of this! Though this may last me for-evah. Or close to it. Because I forget to use it. But it feels AMAZING in my hair. I have like 3 products that do this right now and Gorge is equal to all of them. Plus it’s such an affirming name.
Rating: 4.5/5
Retail Value: $29.95
Personal Value: $9.99
Would I buy it? I’m such a ‘put conditioner in a bottle with water’ girl that even paying $10 for this is a huge compliment. Yes I’m cheap, sorry not sorry! But I *AM* hoping to get this in more boxes.

Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake in Dark Chocolate
I don’t like chocolate milk, and I don’t like protein shakes. This would have gone to the boyfriend except he’s a plane ride or two away, so mom gets this one!
Rating: N/A
Retail Value: $2.99
Personal Value: $0.00
Would I buy it? Not something I’m a fan of in general.


^^forgive my awful nailbeds. But this is how ZOYA in Avril looks on.

ZOYA Polish in Avril
I would have liked either of the pretty pastels that this could come with, but Avril is such a light pretty pale pink shade. It’s just gorgeous. It’s a nude pink that’s almost the same shade as my skin, just a more pink tone.It goes on pretty cleanly in two layers, and while I only wore it for 3 days before testing out makeup remover pads, I had no chipping. I’m happy to have this in my polish collection and ZOYA seems like a quality brand. I’m still looking for that 5 star, one-layer-covered one though.
Rating: 4/5
Retail Value: $9.00
Personal Value: $4.50
Would I buy it? This is a color I would pick, and a brand I would look for again.


^^ this is a picture of over $100

Passport to Beauty Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum
Holy ****… ok let me just get over that there are people that pay $88.00 for one serum. ONE. SERUM. ARE YOU INSANE? It’s HALF A FREAKING OUNCE!!!!!!!! This is over $160 an ounce?!?! I’d faint. I’d seriously faint if someone I knew actually paid for that. NOW. I’m not going to say it isn’t worth it. Maybe if you’re dealing with eye problems it is? I don’t know. I didn’t notice any big magic, but my eyes do feel a little softer and brighter after applying this every night, and I do love the scent, and my eyeliner has been applying a little bit easier. (one side is Always a pain in the damn *** the other one comes out perfect, hence having my hair cover one side of my face e’rry day!) If I do notice bigger magic on this later, I will do a follow up.
Rating: 4/5
Retail Value: $88.00
Personal Value: $12.99
Would I buy them? I am not the type of girl that could ever justify an expensive eye cream.

AND: Shoptiques $25.00 Gift Card

Box Summary

Box Rating: 4
Full Size Products: 4 Other Items: 3
Total Retail Value: $323.94
Total Personal Value: $70.42
+ Added Value: $25.00 Gift Card
= Total Box Value: $95.42
Opinion: I feel like this box is filled with so many luxury products, I don’t think it’s a good fit for me automatically each month, though I may try to grab another box from time to time once I see the contents if they’re still available. I DO think the Welcome Box is more than worth it, even if you totally wont use a few items in it. It’s one of those boxes that for me, I’d rather have a few more smaller items thrown in. Probably the same reason why I do Birchbox and Beauty Box 5 over Glossybox and Boxycharm.

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2 thoughts on “FabFitFun Welcome Box Unboxing!!

  1. I want to try that polish. I do agree polishes should be less expensive. I’ve seen some as high as $50! Kinda crazy if you ask me. Nice box of goodies! Have a great evening.

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