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Best of January & February

All of the February Favorites videos and posts popping up over the past week made me look back at the month and think about everything that I discovered recently that might not be well known enough to get the discovery they deserve!

*I am not affiliated with any of the products or brands in this post*

Up first…

My Favorite Books of February

Apparently I was in a zombie mood for the past month (or two, actually) but I found some AMAZING dystopian novels. The first of this is Feed.


Feed is book one of the Newsflesh trilogy written by Mira Grant, and the best way I can describe this is a dystopian novel 20 years in our future, where zombies are real and everywhere, bloggers are the most reliable form of news, and we follow a team of bloggers born during The Rising on a zombie-era political campaign with a conspiracy theory come to life. It’s… enthralling. It’s wicked, silly, sad, deep, connecting… I’ve only read the first book of the trilogy so far, but I’m so excited to dive deeper into the series. Even with the twisted ending that left me in tears after getting so connected to this book!!! I listened to the audio book of this and it was just to DIE for. Semi-literally. And it all starts out with an idiot poking a zombie with a stick to see what happens.


The second book (series) I’m in love with right now is the White Trash Zombie series starting with My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland. Have you seen iZombie? That’s based off a comic book, but I’ve read the comics… this is closer to the story. Except our Liv Moore is Angel Crawford, who woke up as a zombie with a 6 pack of chunky coffee drinks, a note, no memory, no injuries…and in a hospital… remembering a car crash? I’m 3 books into this series, JUST starting the fourth. And I cannot recommend this series enough. If you love iZombie, you WILL love this. It’s so parallel in so many ways right down to a zombie movie murder. I can honestly say every book gets better.


The third series isn’t about zombies, I swear! But it is still dystopian. And very girly, or shall I say bubbly-making? I’m two books into the series Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Yep. Uglies. Book #1 is the series tile as well: Uglies. Far off in our future, everyone’s the same! And by that I mean everyone from today’s supermodels to anyone with a deformation is: Ugly. That is until you turn 16. And you’re eligible for a full body surgery to upgrade you to being a Pretty. There’s some pretty gritty, cringe-inducing words involved in this process, ‘bone-sculpting’ ‘bone-stretching’… they mention grinding down your flesh to remove scars and new flesh is grown. Are you shuddering now? Me too. But after all of this, you’ll be left feeling like you’ve got a bad sunburn and… there’s a little side effect. But that’s a spoiler, and you won’t notice it anyway, once you’re pretty-brained. Life’s a party for the pretty people! I’m also into the 3rd book of this series now and it’s a little bit addicting.

The Best of Skincare

I just just just got this product in my BeautyCon Winter box… but oh my gosh. The Murad Hydrating Toner. I didn’t know toners CAME in spray bottles!?! But this feels so niceeeee. And then I don’t feel bad when I’m lazy and don’t want to moisturize.


My holy grail mask: RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Calming Herb – the one you can fall asleep in. Ohmygosh. RE:P may have my favorite product ever, because this mask? SOO gentle, you use SO little. I have used this over 2 dozen times since getting it in my January Birchbox (Korean Beauty edition), and it is legit sitting in my cart right now for when my points build up. Because it’s $41.00 full size. But it brings every impurity to the surface, and it doesn’t dry your skin. It isn’t harsh. It isn’t tight. It isn’t a chemical smell. It’s just… wonderful. I love this mask. I haven’t ever used anything quite like it.

and finally… Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm. I’m a Chapstick lover. But this? Replaces it. I haven’t used my Chapstick even once since receiving this in my Beauty Box 5. I got it in Hemp Blueberry and it smells delicious. It moisturizes and absorbs in so that your lips don’t feel glossed OR dry. And it’s only $3.49?? YES! I want more.

Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask gets honorable mention as well, if not a favorite, simply because what it does is reduce fine lines and wrinkles, AND IT REALLY DOES! but I’m not quite using those products yet. I actually only used part of my sample and am saving it for monsieur boyfriend since I’m (apparently) into older guys and it amuses me to tease him that he needs it first.

I’m also in the middle of testing a new product that could become a March favorite, so keep watching because in about 2 weeks I’ll be revealing it here on the blog!

The Best of Makeup

beautyconbff testing

We only care about the Mascara right now:
left: one coat (and shorter lashes… always) – right: two coats

Another product from my BeautyCon Winter box… Maybelline ‘the Falsies’ Push-Up Drama mascara. I was shocked when I tried this. It’s the only mascara I own that I don’t want to put my Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Tinted Primer on under (another favorite, btw). This goes on beeauuutifully, and fast. It is a little messy if you aren’t careful, but I have that issue with everything because I’m accident prone AF. The fact that this is under $10 just adds to it’s awesomeness in the fact that it adds a ton of volume and length.


Trap on the left, Avenue on the right

ColourPop Liquid Lipstick in Trap. Hello yummy. This is a little drying, but I think most liquid lipsticks are? I haven’t tried others. These lippies are a steal at $6.00 each, and while I had fallen in love with the StingRaye (Jeffree Star Androgyny Dupe), I actually prefer this one on my coloring, though they’re both gorgeous. I purchased Trap, StingRaye, and Avenue. Trap stays on the best. Avenue and SingRaye both have a tiny bit of transfer, but staying on your lips well. All of the colors stay on beautifully through drinking (bottles AND glasses), but eating ‘normally’ or heavier/oilier meals will remove these from the middle of your lips and cause a re-apply. I do think I could kiss my man while wearing Trap without any transfer for him to be wearing out.


Eyeko FAT Liquid Eyeliner (because I was super proud of that wing) + StingRaye on lips
and yes, I know it’s an awkward selfie. I was tired dammit.

Eyeko FAT Liquid Eyeliner became my go-to black liner in ONE try. And I haven’t found anything else to compare yet. So I’m so glad I have an extra (I had 2 extras, but I’m nice and gave one to my aunty-type-person). I know it’s called FAT, but you can get a thin wing when you want to!

psst… there’s a review coming up soon that dupes an extremely popular makeup tool

The Best in Treats

Graze Sour Cream & Onion Cashews. YUMMM. Addictingly yum.

treatsie february 2016 seattle


Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly Truffle Bar is poprocks… in chocolate. Like when it touches your tongue you feel dark chocolate explode to every corner of your mouth. I hate them for one reason: I think they’re a V-Day only thing!?!? I’ve only been able to find them available at the Treatsie shop! (I got mine in my February Treatsie box)

The Best of Apps


The Fabulous is an amazing free app that offers you a few different journeys varying from learning to focus better, to weight loss, feeling more energized, and getting better sleep. It follows you along on this guide, slowly adding steps on your journey like reminders to drink water, plan your day, stretch, and even offers some free time things like guided meditation and quick workout guides with timed reminders both for them and within them. If you follow the journeys, you will also get little letters and motivation throughout it showing and telling you why they suggest xyz. If you aren’t wanting a journey, you can also customize the alerts. And it’s not just morning! By default there are morning, afternoon, and evening routines you can add things into (or deactivate), but I use this both for a lifestyle project I’m working on, and for my skin care routine to remind me of the order, and to motivate me to do it every day. it IS currently Google Play store only, but sign up to get notified as soon as iOS is up!

The Best (new) Brands I Discovered

Colourpop: gorgeous liquid lipsticks in fabulous dupe colors that are amazing for the price-point. Vivid gorgeous creamy highlighter. They also have new Satin Lippies and some extremely pigmented shadow pots, but I haven’t tried those. Fingers crossed!

EpicBlend: fabulously effective gentle lip balms in yummy flavors and varieties.

and finally the Beauty Boxes… oops! That’s in the next post! 😉

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