ELF play beautifully subscription box!

Guess what brand launched a beauty box? eyes lips face just got into the beauty box business and it’s $19.99 every two months. Soooo I had to grab one. There’s a few reviews up already with words like “the biggest sampler box I’ve ever received!” How can you NOT sign up if you’re an elf fan? Shipping is extra, so with tax, one box is around $26-$27.

elf play beautifully

Apparently they’ve had this for a little bit but I’d yet to see a review!? Are we all slackers?? Or just not enough elfies? 😀 In the reviews I’ve seen, there’s about 11, ALL full-size products, valuing $40+ in every box.

I’ve currently got a concealer from ELF (the zit zapping one, which is fabulous, if too dark, and really does attack acne), and I’ve had a large eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow primers, brushes, concealer palette, and bronzer trio from them in the past. They are very good quality in my eyes for the price and many of their products are easily as good as higher priced brands.

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