My first TomBox {February 2016}

So… actually ‘getting’ that ‘T-O-M’ issue? Is new to me. Didn’t happen that often on the birth control I was on until the last year or so. I miss those days. So during my last ‘kill-me-now’ week, I caved and decided to try out one of the boxes designed to make that time of the month just a little easier.

About TomBox: TomBox is a monthly period box; aka: it contains feminine products (like all period boxes) of your choice, but also includes a selection of makeup and jewelry, along with a little treat most months. The options are: $16/month standard box w/feminine products, $10/month standard w/out feminine products, $16/month double w/feminine products, $22/month double w/feminine products. You can also add razors to any of the box combinations for an additional $6.00.

I ordered the $22/month box w/feminine products & double makeup/jewelry.

Initial Impressions: This isn’t what I expected. Well… in some ways it is and in some ways it isn’t. I EXPECTED a box with jewelry and makeup customized to me, because I filled out a survey from them in my profile specifying what I do and do not like. What I got? Exactly what everyone else I’ve seen has gotten… that doesn’t seem customized to me. And I don’t think either jewelry piece I got is ‘bohemian’ which is the only style I selected. That’s not to say I didn’t get some cool stuff, but it’s NOT customized, and if you don’t expect it to be, I think you’ll be a lot happier with your experience.

What’s In The Box?

tombox february 2016

Absolute! Nail Polish Remover (pads) in Spring Fresh
I have not yet tried these, but I think they are a good addition to this type of box. It inspires you to do your nails if you haven’t, and to clean them up and re-do them to make yourself feel better if you have. These actually work fabulously well, and don’t leave your nails feeling destroyed. I’m glad to have them and even after taking off 2 hands of makeup, one pad had more than enough that I could have done my toes too, if they’d been painted.
Rating: 5/5
Sample Value: $1.49
My Value: $1.49
Will I buy it? I might grab these!
Full Size Price: $1.49

California Tan Expose Au Naturel Lips (gloss)
The packaging of this is confusing, but after a somewhat extensive google search back to when this was sold, California Tan is the brand, not the color. This is scented with pomegranate lemonade, it smells delicious, and it’s a nice gloss… but I selected in the customization quiz that I do NOT wear lipgloss, because it’s something that I’m NOT excited to get and I do NOT reach for as anywhere near my first options. Ugh. Don’t tell me it’s customized if it’s not!
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $4.25
My Value: $1.99
Will I buy it? No… but I don’t dislike it.
Full Size Price: $4.25

BeChic Eyeliner in Chocolate
SAMPLE = 0.27 oz pencil
This is scratchy as hell. I really don’t have any intention of putting this near my eyes. It hurt my hand to swatch it. I don’t know if it’s dried out or just a bad formula, but again, don’t even think they sell this anymore. The most comparable one from the DISTRIBUTOR, NOT the brand, was worth $3.00 full size…
Rating: 1/5
Sample Value: $1.50
My Value: $0.69
Will I buy it? Absolutely not.
Full Size Price: $3.00

Furlesse lip-sticks
SAMPLE = 14 pc
So… these are to remove wrinkles… basically… my first (yes, somewhat offensive) thought was “if I needed this, wouldn’t I NOT need a period box? I feel like this is for either people that smoke, or a much older crowd. I’m not going to even try them because honestly I don’t see any lines in the places that these are meant to help. Guess I’ll ask mom if they work for her if she tries them?
Rating: IDFK – Why did you send me these???
Sample Value: $4.66
My Value: $0.99
Will I buy it? Not something I need.
Full Size Price: $19.99

Medusa’s Make-Up Body Shimmer in Healthy
This is sort of neat. It’s about the color of my skintone if not a little darker but as a shimmer it could be neat. I could see using this on my chest or even dusting it over legs when I wear a skirt.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $12.00
My Value: $3.99
Will I buy it? It’s not a product I need.
Full Size Price: $12.00

Fan Brush
It took way more research than I liked to have to find what brush this even was. Fan, obviously. But there’s no brand? Apparently it just comes in a “Professional” brush set of 12, 14, or 24 pieces. It’s also available in baby blue with white bristles and blue tips. It’s soft and plush, it came with some strands already pulled partially out. Pretty average brush. Doesn’t seem like they were trying to sell or promote it based on having NO information about it or way to get more of that set without extensive research.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $1.25
My Value: $2.50
Will I buy it? x
Full Size Price: $1.25


Double Strand Infinity Necklace
I chose only Earrings as a selection for what I’d wear. So I’m not entirely sure how that ended up with me getting a necklace if my tastes and preferences do matter. It’s actually a lovely necklace. Similar ones are available on various bulk sites. It’s nice and shiny and trendy and severely over worn since the infinity symbol is in everything now. I wear the same necklace, every single day, because it’s a relationship marker for me. So this is useless to me. I will be adding it to a few other items that I’ve been gathering for a future giveaway.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $4.77
My Value: $4.99
Will I buy it? No.
Full Size Price: $4.77

Square Stud Earrings
I couldn’t find these earrings anywhere. No brand, no information. So if you had allergies to some metals I think you’d be screwed. But they are very pretty and very substantial. I do like these earrings despite them not fitting my profile. I will happily wear them. Although they’re not something that quite fits the rest of my collection they do go with most outfits. My estimate is based on similar looking earrings and the price range for the necklace in this box.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $4.99?
My Value: $3.99
Will I buy it? No, but I will wear them.
Full Size Price: $4.99?

+ U by Kotex Click Super 18 Pack = $3.00

Speach’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Brickle

Box Summary

Box Rating: 3.5
Full Size Products: 6 Deluxe Samples: 2 Foils: 0
Total Sample Value: $34.91?
Total Personal Value: $20.63
+ Added Value: $3.00
= Total Box Value = $23.63
Opinion: I think this box is a very nice essentially curated box for that time of the month. I may try it again in the future, though I think the ‘no flow’ option would be more to my liking or switching it every few months. I did have errors with: trying to switch billing date, trying to switch box type, and trying to cancel my subscription through the link online, however their customer service is excellent and they did cancel me for the time being with no hassle through email in just a few hours after emailing them. I do not have any bad feelings towards TomBox and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a box of pretties if you aren’t super limited on what you like as far as jewelry and makeup go. If that sounds like you, this is their sign up link! Since I’m already getting makeup boxes, having a non customized makeup isn’t something I need Another one of.

I’m currently looking to try different ‘time of the month’ boxes. If anyone has any experiences, recommendations, or referral codes, I’d happily hear/use them! Especially but not limited to Bonjour Jolie!!

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